Scam letter(s) from Natalia Yambarsova to Danny (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello Danny.
Thanks that has answered my letter. I am very pleased, that you did not ignore my it. Well, what we shall get acquainted?
First, excuse me if I shall do many mistakes in the letter, I not absolutely well know the English language. So, if something will be not clear to you, you ask me again, well?
I live in the city of Kirov, the Kirov area, small and lovely enough city. My city to be approximately in 970 kilometers from Moscow, this big distance! I can ask you about a difference of time between our countries, probably, you know it? Around of my city very beautiful nature, is the rivers and lakes, you heard about Vyatka? Vyatka is the main and biggest river in our city!
Now it is direct about me. To me of 26 years my birthday, it on April, 20, on a horoscope I Aries. My growth of 174centimeters, and weight of 54 kgs. I like to look comedies. I listen to any music. For entertainment, I like to read books, to play table tennis, to walk with girlfriends. I very much like to be on fresh air, I love the nature. I as like to bathe. I very much like to be on fresh air, I love the nature. I as like to bathe. I do not drink, and I do not smoke.
I have higher education, and I am rather sharp. By a trade the manager on advertising also I work advertising as the agent in company "Transformation". Our firm is borrowed on sale of cosmetic means on care of all body of the person. I am engaged in advertising of the goods which is sold by our firm.
I live together with my mum in a two-room apartment. To mum now 49 years. Mine the daddy does not live with us, and we very seldom see. It has left us when to me there were 15 years, it has other woman. I very much longed and have been upset, when my parents have divorced. It was difficult to grow without the father.
I once am not married and at present lonely, because and could not find to myself the man. Can be to that I communicate a little. And there can be to that I such whimsical. And all I search to myself for prince on a white horse. Ha. Ha.
But if it is fair, ridiculous in it certainly a little.
Tell to me, please, about itself. Well? I shall be very glad to learn about you more. About your work, a post and formation. About your rest. If now at you the woman? If is not present, why you are lonely? The more you will tell about yourself, the better for our dialogue and it is possible the further friendship. I shall try to be with you frank. But also you from me hide nothing. Well?
I want to inform you, that I write letters from the Internet center. Unfortunately, I have no any computer and phone.
I hope, what it will not be a problem for our attitudes? Well, I should finish all. Write, it is good? I shall wait.
Letter 2

Hello Danny!
It is good, that has answered my letter. I very much waited the answer. I would like to speak with you more and I would like to learn you, what person you are? THANKS for your magnificent photo. You look very perfectly.
My main vital principles it - honesty, kindness, decency under the attitude to all people, tenderness and love, and respect for loved to the man. I do not love lie and I do not love false people. I do not respect arrogance in people. I think, that the arrogance worsens a life for all people. In people I respect honesty, compassion to poor people, love and respect for the partner. I as try to not think of the person poorly, I do not like to hide the truth!
Well, my main hope and dream - the search, loved the man and creation with it of family. I search for the man which will support me when support will be necessary for me, the one who will understand me. But as I the man should be strict with me if I choose not a correct way. For me the main thing that the man loved me, I as shall love it and it is necessary for me, that it would pay to me attention! I do not ask, that it sat about me every minute. No, I simply want, that my beloved Did not forget date of our acquaintance, date of our wedding, I want, that it would be interested in my health and mood...
I am sure, that I shall have the happiest family. I shall make everything that my husband, and I lived in harmony and mutual understanding. I would look after for beloved when it will be sick. I would like to carry out every evening with my beloved and to speak it about my dreams, I would like to hear it from him as! I want to help to cope to the husband with difficulties of a modern life.
I do not think, that the age and formation are very important. Distinction in the age of does not play a role in construction of attitudes. The greatest importance is represented with a private world of the person, his soul. The difference in the age of cannot be a barrier in love. As speak at us in Russia " to love all age are obedient ".
And how you think? What is important for you?
I know this life from many parties, and I am ready to that what to make my family happy. I do not know, whether you are ready to answer me and whether you want our friendship but why to not try? I shall regret, if not I shall do it!
I think, that we should use all opportunities to find our happiness. The life is too short to use her only, for ideas and dreams. I sincerely hope, what we shall correspond each other, and probably we shall more than friends?
Certainly, there will be many complexities on our way. It is possible, that we can remain only friends. Probably, between us to appear strong feeling of love, and we cannot live the friend without the friend. However I do not know. The life will show. If we shall be convinced, what we are necessary each other we should to meet you to study, each other, you agree with it?
I very much want to know about you everything, therefore I ask, write to me the letter, and I hope, what we shall continue to get acquainted, if you not against certainly?
Whether your dreams coincide with my dreams? Please, answer sincerely all my questions. Please, if you are not serious in search of serious attitudes which are necessary for me, simply tell it to me, I shall understand and I shall not take offence. I hope, what I have not tired you with such big letter?:)
If you have to me what that questions that, please, do not hesitate to ask me. I shall try to answer all your questions in the maximal degree.
It is necessary for me to go to continue work. I shall write next time. Write, I shall wait, well? With impatience I shall look forward to hearing from you.
Letter 3

Hello Danny!
To receive your letters will soon enter at me a good habit. Thanks for warm words. I'm fine. I hope, that at you also all is fine also I is glad, that at you all ok.
I live far enough from the Internet of cafe, whence I and write to you, but this distance not a problem for me, because I always with pleasure go to see here your letters and to write to you the answer. Yes the Internet of cafe it is far from my house, but it not so is far from my work, therefore I shall write in breaks from work or after work!
Each time when I enter into the Internet of cafe, I - am full of hopes to see the letter from you. I was very happy reception of the answer from you, and now is very glad to answer your letter.
I think what early to speak that in fact we practically do not know that about a meeting each other but if at us all will go well that probably in July we can meet I never was in other countries, I never travelled, but I always would like to see, how people live in other countries!
I would be pleased, if you send me many your photos. I want to study through these photos of you and your way of life.
I very much want to study more from you and your daily life.
Well I want to tell to you about my usual day. I wake up very much early in the morning. Usually I rise at 6:00 - 6.30 (It depends on mood). I clean my teeth, and I accept souls. At 7:00 I start to prepare for a breakfast. My breakfast will consist of a sandwich: oil - bread - a part of cheese, and tea with a lemon. I spend for this purpose 10 - 15 minutes. Sometimes I do fried eggs for a breakfast.
Sometimes I would like to eat with something very tasty, and is very much, but it is impossible. It harmful to my figure. I try to hold my figure in the sports form. At 7:15 I go to put on cosmetics. 30 minutes are required me approximately to make it. At 7:45 I go to street and I go to work. 1 hour of movement is required me approximately to reach to my work. It is not convenient in general, but I have no any choice. I should work at 9:00. When I arrive to work, I drink a cup of coffee with milk, and I start to work.
As I spoke you earlier, I work as the advertising agent. I am engaged in advertising the goods which is sold by our firm. My work is pleasant to me. Not so dusty and I earn quite good money. In roubles I receive approximately from 3700-4600 in a month it approximately $ 150-170 USD, for holidays give the premium. It still approximately $ 50. Certainly, it is a little but
in general I do not complain of the work. This money suffices me to live and this main thing. There is a good Russian proverb « to someone soup is thinnish, and to someone the pearls is fine ». I think, that this very true expression.
At 13:00 I have a break for a dinner. I go to have dinner in a local dining room. Sometimes I take I peep with me directly from my house. Usually I have soup for a dinner, or a potato with meat and we expect. But sometimes for a dinner I eat various pies. I stop at 18:00, and I go home. I come home at 19:00. I get home by the bus or trolley bus. I have no automobile. In Russia not the automobile has everyone. In free and in the days off I like to walk along the street and to breathe fresh air together with my girlfriends. And how you will spend a free time?
Tonight I go to sports a hall. I am engaged in aerobics. Very much tones up an organism. And, in general, in the evenings I am free. In sports a hall I go three times to a week. Very much it is pleasant to me.
Tell to me, please, about the house. In it it is cosy? I live modestly enough. But all the most necessary at me is. Very much I like to receive visitors at home. But they come, to my big regret not frequently. Itself I do not know, how it has turned out. There are at me two close girlfriends Elena and Nadya, with them and communicate. They married girls and at them are children. I like, when they come on a visit. And now I have decided, that it is necessary to arrange urgently private life, while I still young. Also I hope, that I also soon shall, is not lonely.
Well, I finish all. You see, what I write to you the big and detailed letters. Do, as I. Have agreed?! Well? Write more soon. All so long!
Letter 4

Well, hi Danny!
I again have come to speak with you. Well, the truth, that we have started to communicate. It is pleasant for me. At me never was the foreign friend. I want, that you knew about me everything, and I shall speak about myself more! It is very pleasant for me, that we with you continue our dialogue.
The my dear justification, but I have many questions: I believe this part on a marriage; you? General belief of spouses which are members of a body of the Christ - an essential condition for the valid Christian and a marriage of church.
It - only family which belief which can become « church in the house » has one, in which husband and the wife together with their children grow in spiritual perfection and knowledge of the God. Lack of consistency represents serious threat of integrity of the matrimonial union. For this reason the church considers it its duty to convince devoted to marry « only in the God », it that those who divides their Christian belief marry only. You trust this? I believe.
At understanding of a social role of women and greetings their political, cultural and a social equality with men, the Church opposes tendencies to reduce a role of the woman as the wife and mother. The fundamental equality of sexes does not destroy natural distinction between them, and thus does not mean identity of their inquiries in family and a society. In particular the church cannot incorrectly interpret word C-.Paul about the special responsibility of the husband, which call to be « a head of the wife » who loves her as the Christ loves his church, and call wives, to obey the husband as Church obeys the Christ. These words - certainly not about despotism of the husband or slavery of the wife, but about the superiority in the responsibility, care and love. It is impossible to forget anyone, that all name Christians, that « to subject itself one another in fear concerning the God », « any not the man without the woman, any woman without the man, in the God. As, as the woman has the man, even in this case - the man also the woman; but all things of the God ». I believe this also.
Tell to me about your spirituality, in detail, please. What does rescue mean for you? Why you believe, what you go in heavens? You pray? The justification, that I ask you much.
I understand, that your belief differs from Russian, but all the same at us little bit general bases of morals. You do not think, that I am a lunatic concerning religion! Simply to me interestingly your attitude and opinion. Observance of these canons in our life is not necessary. It - simply ideal variant. In a life all much more difficult and ideal observance of these canons is impossible. I simply speak, that I agree with these canons. If you, not such believing person are not confused to speak it. It will not change my good relation to you. In the sacred bible interesting things which are written, simply necessary in a life. There many moral moments without which the mankind will absorb criminality and immorality. I earlier not so trusted the God, but properly understood, that the religion is necessary for mankind.
Has no value what is religion: Moslems or Christians or the Buddhism or the Catholic..., without religion the society cannot exist. Us since the childhood learn to not ****, to not steal, to not tell lies... And so on. If to it it was not taught for us, probably, it would be very simple to take and that to steal or ****! You also think?
For me you is very important opinions and sights at it. I simply want to have own family!!! I want, to meet the man which will be worthy my pure and sincere love. I can love and trust only kind and careful to the man, I want, that it would trust and trusted me and I as I shall always trust and trust it! I always trusted such easy feelings as love, friendship, fidelity, kindness, I think, what exactly on such feelings keeps all world! Only the trust can lead to, in Russia many bad people but as and in Europe it is a lot of violence, therefore I try find kind the man who can to trust and to which as the love is necessary, as well as for me! I could not meet such the man in Russia and have dared to search for second half in other country. Probably you that person of whom I dreamed all life, my second half? But to speak about it still early, in fact we still so are poorly familiar with you.
Well, probably I have already tired you with the letter:-) I finish the letter. I shall look forward to hearing very much from you.
Your Russian girlfriend Natasha.
Letter 5

Hello, dear Danny!
How your affairs, how at you mood? I'm fine. There has now come time of a lunch break and the little girl which work together with me have gone to buffet, but I with them have not gone. Has decided to write to you the letter. I wait with impatience each new letter from you. It is a pity, that I have no opportunity to visit cafe the Internet more frequently!
With your letters I overlook I start to think more of the future. I hope, that us our attitudes will result to that that close and we shall have the fine future. Probably I speak about it early. You see, we know about each other a little. And the further acquaintance is necessary for us. But we have taken the first step. You agree with me?
Last night there came my best girlfriend Nadya. We with it so for a long time spoke, that I have gone to bed late so since morning of fur-trees has risen from bed. But has then taken a shower also to me at once it became better. By the way, I to it told about you. She was glad, that I have found to myself the friend on correspondence. And how you have lead the evening? I like to walk, and has fun with friends.
When I am one I miss, therefore if I have free time, I spend his my best friends! But it not always turns out and sometimes I should while away the leisure, reading books or watching TV.
I am very romantic woman, and I try to do my life more interesting! I am sensitive, kind, thoughtful, and also I the modest girl. In opinion of my close friends and relatives, I - cheerful, clever and intellectual, purposeful, sociable. We know each other very little, but me very interestingly your opinion concerning me. Please, write the opinion on me. Well?
I hope that pictures which I send you not bad? These pictures my girlfriend Nadya did couple of weeks back.
Well all to me is time to go! I shall well wait for your letters, write to me, that you think and that you feel, I shall wait for it!
I wait for your letters
Kisses! Natasha
Letter 6

Hello, my friend Danny!
Thanks that has answered me. Has decided to write to you the letter while there is a free time. How your day? All was good? At me good mood, I am glad today warm weather and the sun shines brightly! And how at you weather?
I so am glad to warm weather and wanted to take a walk in the evening but my girlfriends are borrowed and one it is boring. Even I do not know what now to do in the evening. So the favourite person is necessary for me. The person with whom I can carry out evenings meets new day and see off old, speak about the future and recollect the past. I want to go and feel, that the strong hand of the man holds me.
I, understanding, that was impossible to live without love, necessary to live and be pleased lives, but the love is necessary for this purpose, only then understand that the life is really very beautiful! Well, probably, it is enough about it.
Probably, you tell, that I live in dreams, but all this that at me is also I know, that miracles come true, it is necessary to trust simply in it and consequently I know, and I believe, that everything of what I dream, will come true.
We live in a real life so we cannot spend all time in dreams, what to be happy, we should work and then all to turn out, all in our hands!!! As one Russian poet Sergey Yesenin has told-: "we are given birth, that a fairy tale to make the truth!" Probably, you heard about Russian poets? These are great people and their products be very valuable. When the dream becomes obsession, it can bring only a pain and disappointment. It is possible, what not all love, are able to dream, probably, they do not understand it. Certainly, it happens also such that you do all what to embody dream in a reality, you use all forces, but at you it turns out nothing, probably, it means, that it is necessary to suffer a little more, necessary to wait and all will be good! The dream should be an asterisk in night as a beacon at ocean of a life, the dream should conduct you to a victory!
I, considering, that was impossible to live without dreams and hopes. When there is a dream, the life is filled with sense. Belief and Hope - eternal satellites of our lives. And irrespective of the fact, that the pleasure of victories and conquest of tops waits for you in the end, we remember better, than disappointment and a pain of defeats. You agree with me?
Forgive to me my frankness. But with you I why that is very easy for speaking and would like to speak in increasing frequency. If I have told, something superfluous forgive me, please.
By the way you like, when your friends are in your house? What clothes are preferred by you? I like classical clothes. It is usual jeans, skirts, jackets. I dress what clothes usually depends on my mood. If at me good mood I like to carry bright clothes. Style of footwear depends on that that I put on from above. If it is jeans or sports trousers that I carry sports boots, if a skirt a dress or that that other, it usually footwear on heels.
Well all right, it is time to me to work. Well, all while, I wait for your letter.
Letter 7

Hello, Danny!
How are you doing? How mood? I with pleasure read your letters, and it lifts my mood. It is pleasant to know, that who that thinks of me and writes such letters.
It is good, that could answer you, and that was a lot of work. I thought, that I can not answer you, Danny, but have decided to allocate free 30 minutes and to write to you the letter. I have decided to make to myself a small break and to write to you.
With each letter I understand, that we become more close to each other. I am happy, that we have an opportunity to contact to you. And I am very pleased, that we have met each other.
Today it is a lot of work and I am very tired, and still it is necessary to descend on training. After training I want to go in shop and to buy a few vegetables, what to make to myself salad. And you are able to prepare? Speak, that the man prepares better the woman. And the way to his heart lays through a stomach. If you are able, write, for what exactly you like to prepare. Most of all I like to eat with a fried chicken and Pelmenis. Pelmenis - a national Russian dish from meat.
My favourite dessert - chocolate ice-cream. I am able to prepare well and studied in this at mum much, and I can and I know how to prepare for various dishes. Generally I like to prepare, this that than I am engaged at leisure as!
Yesterday I informed my mum on you. I spoke it that we have got acquainted and now we talk. I have told to my mum a little about you, in the beginning she has considered cautiously our attitudes. But subsequently, mum sends attitudes to you. She hopes, that in the future we can be magnificent pair. I too hope for it, but we know each other very short period of time.
And I think, that early so speak about it. I hope for continuation of our attitudes, that it will lead to that more.
Well, all to me is time to work. I with impatience shall wait for your letter.
Kiss you.
Your Russian girlfriend
Letter 8

Hello my darling Danny.
Today at us big and a holiday "Day of RUSSIA". It is a great and big holiday. Today all people have a rest and celebrate this significant day. I also today have very fine mood and also I shall walk with the girlfriends.
In our recreation park today a celebratory concert and now I and my girlfriends we are going to go there and to look it. I have no a lot of time today to write to you the big letter in this connection a holiday. I hope that you understand me and will not take offence at it. I shall write more to you tomorrow.
Well? Should on what I constantly think of you and I miss. Remember that I not for one minute do not overlook about you.
Well all to me is time to go and that my girlfriends already were tired of waiting me.
Kisse you!
Yours Natasha
Letter 9

Hello Danny!
At last the free time has appeared to write to you, and that recently in our firm addresses many buyers and, hence, it is necessary to work much. So work suffices on all the day. I so have already got used to you, that already I miss on you and I want to speak more often with you, it is very a pity to me, that it not always turns out at me!
The day before yesterday at us the big holiday "Day of Russia" was. I with girlfriends walked and had have cheerfully spent. We walked in our park of culture. There at us specially by a holiday have put new entertainments and we went for a drive on them. The ambassador we have sat in cafe where have ***** a little sparkling and talked much. It was a pity certainly that you not together with us. I am confident that was pleasant to you.
Well and you than were engaged all this time? What did you do? You missed on me? I on you very much missed.
I want to inform you more about my character and my soul. I think, that you should know my private world. I want to inform you about me directly as much as possible, I do not search the Rich person for me directly. I search for the person who will divide with me love, the person with which I can have happy family!!! The majority of people in Russia are not suitable for a marriage because they use set of alcohol, tobacco, drugs. I am very pleased, which has found you. You seem to me the positive person and from you I test, what that the perfect power.
From human qualities I most of all do not love flattery and a deceit of some people. I very much would like, that all people on the ground were happy. I receive many pleasures from dialogue with friends and interesting people.
I very much love flowers, especially red roses. But nobody gives me them already during long time. I dream, that in such beautiful season I shall have my love and to go with it along the street with red roses in hands. It - everyone will be so beautifully and romantically, I already during long time not test such feelings and I want to feel it very much!
Tomorrow promised to pay advance payment for work so after work I am going to pass on shops. I already for a long time did not do it and I want to look for myself something from clothes. Even while I do not know that want. As that with a choice it was not defined yet. I as to the man am pleasant to you, when the girl well puts on or for you it has no value? You prefer to see what clothes on girls? Write about it, it will be interesting to me to listen to you.
Well, again it is time to me to work.
Well, all while Danny. Kiss you.
Letter 10

Hello dear Danny!
How your affairs? You missed on me? I hope you who has guessed to you writes? I again have minute what to divide with you!:))
I cannot understand to you what for to you a copy of my passport? What are you going to do with it? I certainly can send you her but I really do not understand what for she to you is necessary.
I very much regret, I have overlooked to speak you my address! I ask forgive to me it, at me has absolutely taken off from a head! Probably I was very strongly is keen on work. My address, it for that if the Internet of cafe will be for a long time closed also I cannot speak with you! City - Kirov.
Street - Bauman
The house - 20
Apartment - 31
Zip a code - 610030 As my full name, is possible you as will want to know it. My name a full name sounds as Natalia. My surname Yambarsova. It for that that you would know about me the information and I as I want to know all about you! Now you have my post address, but I should warn you, it dangerously what to send something valuable by mail, our mail very much is not reliable also valuable things can be stolen. But you can always send the letter to me and I shall be very glad to this! It is a pity to me, but employees of our mail not reliable people!
Nadya and Elena also enjoyed a holiday together with me. We together walked.
Now as to rather meeting. You know to me it would be desirable if you certainly do not object will meet you where that in other interesting country or I arrive to you because I shall soon have holiday and I would like to lead it outside of Russia and at the same time we can will meet you and further to continue to build our attitudes. How you look at it?
You my real friend, you that person who can replace for me all that interest me in this life. With you I again feel the woman, you my close person. I think, that our acquaintance has already brought to us great pleasure. I very much want to continue it. What your close people and friends concerning our acquaintance think? I hope they not against.
My friends are very pleased, that I have found such wonderfully the friend in your person. You it is similar to me. Many thanks for your attention. I very much would like to have with you serious attitudes and to be the sensitive partner of a life for you. In our letters we should continue to study each other better. With each your new letter I shall study, that you very interesting person. I enjoy the correspondence with you. I think, that we should write each other if it is possible more frequently. As far as the opportunity allows us. Nothing does the person and the woman is closer, than prodriving of time together and is more to communicate.
You with whom I want to spend all time, and I hope, that it is mutual. What your close people and friends concerning our acquaintance think? I hope they not against. You like to visit friends?
I do not know why, but I have woken up in excellent mood. Can because my childhood has dreamed me? I in fact to you did not tell about the childhood? It was the present children's happiness! For me ran all court yard, all ?aayoeoee. And I went very proud and important. I could lead to cinema without the ticket! To pass itself and to lead with itself two or three persons. I till now recollect this childhood. Agree Danny this fine time when we still children. Well and how you Danny have lead the childhood? Write necessarily, well? It will be very interesting to me.
Well all while Danny.
Kiss you.

Letter 11

Hi dear Danny!
How at you an affair? Than you today are engaged? It is pleasant for me to see your letter. I am very glad, that we talk, with each other, I feel very happy. At me still never was such. You the first who could kindle my intimate hopes really. I am pleased, that between us such warm and pure friendly attitudes have appeared. Why we were not familiar with you earlier? I so regret about it.
I understand you why you are very cautious. I shall try to do all that you have understood that I am real also present. But I that that do not understand about what Kiev you speak. I live in Kirov. Or you suggest will meet in Ukraine because Kiev is in Ukraine and Kirov in Russia. Please explain to me it.
You today thought of me? Only tell fairly. I yesterday all the evening long thought of you. Yesterday I at last that have bought to myself a dressing gown. The truth she costs not so cheaply as I wanted, but she very much is pleasant to me. Especially I for a long time did not do to myself gifts. I hope Danny my dressing gown to you too it is pleasant.
I shall soon make a photo and necessarily to you I shall send.
Well and you Danny frequently go shopping?
What do you like to give gifts more or to receive them?
By the way Danny in your wardrobe casually there is no black tuxedo or other strict suit? Simply it is very interesting to me, because I like to see the man in a suit or a tuxedo. In a suit the man at once accepts very important kind.
Dear Danny today I want to talk to you about love. The love for me means freedom. Freedom of a choice of the favourite person. My mum always learned me to be independent. I very much like clever and strong people which have the point of view concerning a life. I try to surround me with honour and sincere people. I think, that creation of family should be based on love. If the marriage is created not on love, it will not be long and happy. For the sake of love the person is ready on much. If two persons really like each other they not when will not cause a pain and suffering each other.
Love - a gift which does to us a life. The love allows to look at the world on new. I also would like to love and be loved. Love this such pleasant feeling what to not describe words. What do you think of all it? What is love in your opinion?
I shall look forward to hearing from you. Well all right dear Danny it is time to say goodbye not for a long time, differently I shall not have time to have dinner. Write to me somewhat quicker.
Kiss you.
Letter 12

Hello my lovely Danny!
I am now very much borrowed. At me today very intense day and is a lot of work. I shall try to write to you more later as soon as I shall receive a free time. I speak it to you because would know that I do not overlook about you that you are in my ideas. Do not miss I shall soon write to you more. Well?
Yours Natasha
Letter 13

Hello my dear Danny!
It again your Russian girlfriend pleases you with the letter. Thanks for your last letter and that has cheered me up on all the day. At me as always everything is all right. I hope, at you too affairs go well? If is not present then tell to me, share with me.
I can listen and support you a difficult minute. So lovely Danny you can expect for me any minute. Well, all will suffice, that it I all about sad. At you, probably, all Ok, and I make up on you for a melancholy. Excuse, even itself it became ridiculous. Ha. Ha.
Your photos are simply charming also to me as always pleasantly them to see. Why you have decided will meet in Kiev in Ukraine? I certainly not against a meeting but was interesting to me why in Kiev.
You know, dear Danny, but time, that we are copied and communicate with you, my life has abruptly changed in the best party. Due to you my life became more interesting, and I even is more often now smile. Even my mum and my friends have noticed, that I began happier and joyful. I am grateful to destiny, that we have got acquainted.
You are unique a man!!! I do not understand, why such good the man is still lonely?!!! Probably, women in your country are silly and do not see that lose? They do not see invaluable riches of your kind soul. I am very successful, that I have got acquainted with you as well as my new photo in a new dressing gown which I have bought promised. Well, how it is pleasant to you? She too very much is pleasant to me.
By the way Danny you can send me new photos. I wait with impatience, it will be pleasant for me. Certainly, will be not so pleasantly as though I have seen you really, but all the same I shall be glad.
You would see Danny, what remarkable weather stands up for a window. For a long time I was not so is glad. As I shall lead today's evening yet has not decided. Girlfriends call at cinema on any new youth comedy. And I would like to take a walk simply. I if fairly would not like at cinema at all.
Most likely, I shall go on a visit to the best girlfriend, and then we shall go to walk to our park “Cultures and rest”. Recently, that that began to get tired strongly on work. I want to have a rest a little, and it will be weakened from only. Well and how you will lead today's evening?
Well, all while lovely Danny. I need to have dinner and make the stayed work still. Write somewhat quicker.
Kiss you. Natasha. P.S.: Send me any cheerful photo.
Letter 14

Hello lovely Danny!
How you? You thought of me? I sit now and I think of you. Free minute was found and has decided to write and send at once to you to you a sweet kiss. You have caught it?:)
If you still sleep lovely Danny well then sweet dreams to you.
You even cannot present, as I today am tired. That that recently began to get tired on work. And in general it will be necessary to take in the near future holiday, very much it would be desirable to have a rest a little. Well and how your affairs? I hope at you all well.
Yes I am ready will meet you in Kiev. I only shall be glad very much our meeting.
My interest becomes all both more and more to you with each letter. My curiosity grows to you every day. Yesterday I have shown the best girlfriends your photos, and you too have liked them. They wanted to esteem our letters, but I him have not allowed, have told, that this ours with you personal. I know you not long time, but you to me to be the fair, kind and sincere person.
I always inform my mum concerning our successful developments of attitudes. She is very glad for us.
By the way Danny I send to you new photos. She is my mum - the remarkable person, I shall be always grateful to it that has brought up and have brought up me such what I am now.
On other photo well you, I hope, has guessed is I.:) Well, how to you my new photos? What can you tell about my mum?
At heart I the romantic person also love romantic conditions. I love walks under the moon and stars. To sit at coast of the river and to observe a sunset. It so is beautiful and romantic. And you the romantic person?
You the excellent guy and seem to me, that we with you shall be good pair. What do you think of it lovely Danny? Write necessarily.
Well, all while Danny to me is time to go.
Your Russian girlfriend Natasha.
Letter 15

Hello dear Danny!
How your affairs? What at you the newcomer?
I am confident, that at you all is wonderful. At me also all is good.
I hope, you do not overlook about me? I so have already got used to you, what even I start to miss on you. And you miss on me? Of what you think, when write to me letters?
Why so my passport is necessary for you? I cannot understand it!!! Well time for you it so important I send a copy of my passport. I hope that you will not use it for bad have put. I trust you and consequently I send a copy of the passport to you.
For a meeting in Kiev 07 - on August, 10 will be good date. I with impatience shall wait for this moment.
You the good guy Danny and I are glad, that we have met you. I have met many people in the Internet and I was written with many people, but I have chosen you. I do not know why... Probably, the reason that your letter very much differed from other letters. Your letter as seemed to me, was sincere. I thought, that you the person who very seriously concerns to a life and has steady life experience, and I have chosen you.
I do not write to other people, and I do not answer on new letters which till now come to me. I have chosen you, and I hope, that we shall do steps at a meeting to each other. I am really confident, that was not mistaken in the choice and mine the attitude to you my dear Danny is mutual.
I want to tell, that I do not search for whom - that especial, I want a simple usual happy life, the big money and glory - are not necessary for me. I also want to inform, that I hate greed. I examine, that this very bad quality in people. I simply hate greedy and greedy people, which not that cannot make simply to deliver pleasantly to the person. Also I do not love weak people.
My dear Danny, I only want to be happy in a joint life with my future husband. And the happiness consists for me in mutual love. I want, that my future husband liked and adored me. In reply to it I shall give all myself and the love directly without the rest. I would like that, I the man loved me such what I am, not trying to alter me and to change to the eaa.
Also I want, that my future husband was true to me in all and did not change to me with other women. Unless all that I want is supernatural? And that you want from the future wife?
Danny write to me soon. At me today it is a lot of work. I am very tired also to me it would be desirable home. It is a pity, that there nobody waits for me.
Your Natasha.
Letter 16

Hello dear Danny!
It again your I Natasha. Thanks for your fine letter. It was very pleasant for me to read it. I have the big interest to you. You very much to like me. Your letters bring to me happiness. Your words kindle fire and hope for real love in my soul. It seems to me, that we with you ideally approach to each other. Certainly, with confidence it is not possible to tell, because we did not see each other personally in a life. And how you think?
Yesterday I communicated with my girlfriends, and they asked me much as at us with you attitudes develop. I him have told, that you remarkable the man and that our attitudes successfully proceed. By the way they send the regards to you.
Well and how at you an affair? I hope better, than at me because at me today it is a lot of work. At all I do not know, I shall have time to make all today whether or not.
I very much regret, I have overlooked to speak you my address! I ask forgive to me it, at me has absolutely taken off from a head! Probably, I have been very strongly keen on work. My address, it for if the Internet of cafe it will be for a long time closed, and I cannot speak with you! My address:
City - Kirov.
Street - Bauman
The house - 20
Apartment - 31
Zip a code - 610030
As my full name, probably, you as will want to know it. My full name sounds as Natalia. My surname - Yambarsova. it of
that you would know about me the information, and I as want to know all about you! Now you have my post address, but I should warn you, it dangerously what to send something valuable by mail, our mail very much is not reliable also valuable things can be stolen. But you can always send the letter to me, and I shall be very glad to this!
I have not understood you have told that send a copy of the passport but with your letter not that was not also I do not see a copy of your passport. It basically is not important for me but if you have asked for me then also you to me came.
Unfortunately I have no passport. I shall shortly do it.
Whether but I want to ask you probably to you to help me to make it. I ask it because as far as I know cost of registration of the passport makes 151 dollar and as you already know my monthly salary makes 170 dollars. Apparently cost of the passport almost all my salary but I cannot spend her for it because this money are necessary for me also to live. You in fact understand it? What will you tell? I not when have not asked you about it if was not compelled to do it.
Concerning that days of a meeting do not worry. Since August, 7-10 will be I'm fine.
It is a pity to me, but employees of our mail not reliable people!
Well, all while to lovely Danny me is time to work. Write to me soon. It will be very pleasant for me to receive from you the letter soon. And if you can it necessary have gone the photo.
Kiss you.
Yours Natasha.
Letter 17

Hello lovely Danny!
How your affairs? I personally very much miss on you. And at once it wanted to me to write to you the letter. I am very glad to receive your letter.
Today in the morning I was late for work, and all that the bus on which I usually go for work has broken. It is good, that our chief was not on a place and I should not explain the delay. Well and so at me all OK.
I as always am glad, lives and I want to meet somewhat quicker you my boy. I hope, you yet have not overlooked, how I look?:)
And I have specially taken a new photo to show you. And now also I wait from you. With each letter I understand more and more, that my feelings to you grow in intensity! And you lovely, test what feelings to me???
I find, that you start to borrow all my spare ideas and dreams. I do not know that starts to arrive atop of me, just I find out, that you are very necessary for my happiness. You are so interesting, intellectual and very nice to me. I think of you frequently.
It is always very good to receive your pictures and letters, it forces my day to go much better. Your letters bring to me pleasure and warm-heartedness. I wait for everyone every day to receive you soft speaking words and pictures. I speak and I think soon, that is very fast, I think, that we should meet. Now I should start to do the passport to be ready to a meeting in
Kiev. I am glad that you are ready to transfer me of money for the passport. I shall go in bank and to learn as it better and easy to make. I shall inform to you all that I learn. I thank you also for your copy of the passport.
Well, all while mine Danny. It is time to me to work.
Yours Natasha.
Letter 18

Hello Danny!
Well at last I can write to you. Though was afraid, that today again I shall not have time in bank, but, thank God, has had time. The manager of bank has advised us to use with you the American company the express train of translations «Western Union». Also has assured, that this campaign the most effective and successful in system the express train transfer money. For transfer neither me, nor you will not need to open bank accounts and all is very simple.
To carry out transfer money, to you my full Name and the Surname is necessary to know. And as my full address. And I should know almost the same, only it is little bit more.
Your full Name, a Surname, the full address, and the sum transfer money.
And as ten-character control number transfer money. You should send these data Danny to me. The clerk in bank has declared, that « the Western Union » world leaders in this sphere. Like and all about transfer money. At first sight all seems not difficultly.
And today I have decided to descend at cinema or still where that. I do not want to sit at home. Though was going to wash. But something is not present mood. And so basically all is good.
How at you an affair? Than you are engaged? You probably are very much borrowed because I 3 days later as have written to you the last letter did not receive from you the letter. Write to me please though a little. It is necessary for me to know that with you all well. Well all right perhaps I shall go.
I wait for your letter.
A plenty of kisses.
Yours Natasha
Letter 19

Hello my lovely Danny!
How your affairs? How mood? I hope, that at you all is good. At me also all is wonderful. I am very glad to your letter! It is always pleasant for me to read your fine letters.
It is a pity to me, that I have not met you earlier. Unfortunately, we have not met each other earlier. But soon I hope, we shall meet!!! We shall walk on streets of your city together, holding hands each other and to speak about us. I hope, that our meeting will take place soon!!! I with impatience wait day of our meeting!!! Dear I, hope, that things will go right for us!!! We have decided to meet you. Both of us want to meet. You know, I never hid from you my feelings and my attitude to you. You very much like me. I feel, that you that the man which I always searched.
Forgive I probably overlooked to send you a photo. But I shall be corrected and I shall send the photo with this mail.
You can arrive to Kiev when to you more convenient because for me there is no difference when we shall meet but it would be desirable certainly faster. I in August will have holiday so I can arrive to Kiev as soon as I receive the passport. Do not worry about it because preparation of the passport borrows only 1.5 - 2 weeks. So I shall have time to make it.
But all the same costs will hurry as soon as you are capable I shall send me 150 dollars I at once to start to make out the passport. I wait with impatience of day of our meeting. I want to hope, that our meeting will change our life in the best party. And this step is very serious for both of us.
Yours Natasha.
Letter 20

Hello lovely mine Danny!
I am very happy, to receive your letter. Thanks for your sincere and warm letters. It is very good, when know, that in the world there is a person Who trusts me. How you? How your days have passed? I hope, that in you all is good. At me all OK. I again sit on work. At us now a lunch break and I have decided to write all over again to you the letter, and already then to go to have dinner.
Each time when I read your letter, I feel, that we all become closer and closer. To me is not suffered to meet any more you and to have our first conversation together. I think, that day of our meeting will be remembered to us for all life. I know, that I can trust you and I hope that you really that person with whom I can divide all life.
I am glad, that you have helped me and have sent money for the passport that I have arrived to Kiev for a meeting with you. I yet have not received your money. Most likely I can receive them tonight after work. I shall inform to you later when I receive your money. As soon as I receive them I not being late I go and I make the passport for our meeting.
At a meeting we can closer learn each other and farther build our attitudes. Whether only so we can find out there is between us really a communication and mutual feelings. I am sure, that they will lead us to happy home life.
Lovely, I very much would like to meet you as soon as possible. I think, it is a meeting will change our life in the best party.
Well, everything, while Danny! It is time to me to work.
I kiss you. Yours Natasha
Letter 21

Hello my darling Danny
I was in the western union but could not remove your money. The matter is that you have not correctly specified my full name. You have entered my patronymic as the second name and consequently I cannot receive your money. Please contact the western union and correct my name. You should specify only a name and a surname. The patronymic is not necessary. It is necessary to correct instead of Natalia Aleksandrovna Yambarsova it is necessary to write simply Natalia Yambarsova. YOU understand?
I hope that you have correctly understood me and to correct a mistake. I shall wait for your letter tomorrow. Well all is time to me.
Yours Natasha
Letter 22

Hi my darling Danny!
I have received the letter from you and to this was inexpressibly glad. Now I hope that I can receive money and at once I shall begin registration of the passport. As soon as all I will be ready shall inform you.
From alcoholic drinks I drink only wine and champagne. But most of all I prefer champagne.
I trust you and I want that you have chosen than we shall be engaged in the first day of our meeting. And it will be even better if you will make to me what that a pleasant surprise in first our day. I very much love surprises and I shall be glad if you to me will make it.
I thought of us much, and all time I continue to think of ours with you attitudes. I do not know, that to me occurs, but you do not leave at me from a head. All my ideas are filled only by you. My feelings to you grow every new day, and I dream of our prompt meeting. And it is a pity to me, that our meeting is prevented by something.
I feel to you warmly when I think of you. I want to test our feelings. And it is a pity to me, that it will take place not now. I hope, that soon we shall meet. I every day think of you. This big distance between us oppresses me. But I shall hope, that we become soon closer.
It is a pity to me to do this letter short. I should go.
I shall wait for your letter.
Yours Natasha.
Letter 23

Hi my darling Danny!!!
How you? What interesting at you occurs? I'm fine, not considering, that I very much grieve without you my dear. I have received your letter. It very much was pleasant to me.
My passport already during processing and me have told that it will be ready to July, 25. Now while I cannot buy tickets on a train because it is required to present the passport. I can buy tickets as soon as I shall receive the passport. Therefore I wait when my passport will be ready and then I buy tickets and I inform the information to you. You understand?
I very much miss and with impatience I wait for that moment when I can embrace you my dear Danny. Today I have woken up with very good mood, with hope, that my life will soon change. My boy will change due to you!!!! I very much want to meet you. I at all do not present, as though I lived further not knowing you. You became for me very much the close person with whom I can divide the to mountain or pleasure. You really good person and my hope for the future. I at all do not know, how words to express my big sympathy to you!!! But the most important know, that you for me person very dear and close to me.
I wait for your letter with impatience. My hot kisses to my close person Danny.
Yours Natasha
Letter 24

Hi my darling Danny!!!!
How you? I'm fine. I have received your letter. I was very glad to your letter.
Registration of the passport moves ahead successfully and soon it will be ready. I learned about possible tickets to Kiev. There is a ticket up to Kiev also road. And and as appeared it is necessary to buy at once two tickets at once - there and back. The total cost of tickets makes about 200 dollars. I again need your help in it. If it is probably that send me this money more likely that I could reserve the ticket and inform you date of the arrival.
Last night I visited to the good girlfriend Elena. Recently we seldom see it, because at me the family and the small child for whom the constant attention and care is necessary is a lot of work, and at it. Elena was very glad, that I have visited her. I was at her place, and we with it drank tea and watched TV. Talked much, joked. Then there came its parents, and we have decided to take a walk a little with it. We have left its child with Elena mum, and have left on walk. We with it went to park of entertainments. We went for a drive on roundabouts and ate a few sweets. We talked to Elena much. She told to me, that with occurrence in it of the child she has very much changed in the best party and began to look on another at a life. Children it always pleasure and our future. They demand the big attention and care. But when there are children a life there is more interesting because children this happiness. You agree with me? I very much love children and when we walked in park I have bought for its child a gift a soft toy - a pink hare. When we have returned from walk back home to Elena, I have given this toy Alain (so call child Elena). She was very glad to this gift. And I was glad to look at its happy person. Children it so is fine. In fact, the truth?
At us remarkable evening has turned out. It was a pity you not with us beside. I would like also will meet you, to walk, talk. The destiny has reduced us and I think, that ours with you acquaintance is a gift which was made to us with a life. And now we should use and not miss all chances that will meet. I very much wait for our meeting my lovely Danny. I constantly think, about you and there is no you. I very much miss on you.
I with impatience wait for your letter.
Huge quantity of kisses.
Yours Natasha.
Letter 25

Hi my dear Danny!!!
I am very glad, that again to you I write the letter in reply to your letter. I wait with impatience of each your letter my dear. I hope with you everything is all right.
At me good news. Tomorrow I go to receive the new passport. You are glad to this? I am very glad! Certainly if it is necessary for you I shall send a copy of this passport to you. Concerning that than we shall be engaged that I think that with it problems will not be. We shall necessarily find than to us to engage together. Now concerning details of arrival that tomorrow I shall receive the passport and shall go on station to learn free flights. If I find I suitable that shall try to reserve the ticket. Only as I also spoke you earlier to me your help is required again. You remember it?
I last night after work watched TV. On the TV showed news.
And after news there was a transfer in which told about one American family. This family of me has interested in that in this family the husband - the American, And his wife - the Russian girl. They told, how well they live. They spoke, that they have got acquainted as well as we through the Internet. And at them all has turned out: at them strong good family. They together go to walk, have a rest, work and lives are pleased. They are very glad and thank their destiny that has reduced them together. The God, probably, wanted, that they were together.
I have thought, that at us with you all too can turn out. In fact we too can be such happy family as they. I think, that we too have chance fortunately, and we should use it. We should use chance to be together. If we have got acquainted, it means destiny, means, to us the God gives chance to be together. To be happy with each other. We too can love each other. We too can travel together, together go to cinema, theatre. We could sit in the evening at a fireplace in our house, and think of us and enjoy the friend the friend and time which we carry out together. We could be the happiest people all over the world.
Our happiness depends on ourselves. We can embody dream in a reality. I think it in our forces. I am sure, that we can try. We already have mutual sympathies, and both of us want to meet with each other. At a meeting I am confident, that at us higher feelings will appear. But it can take place only at a meeting. And you that think in this occasion? You agree with me?
It is time to me. I wait with impatience of your answer.
Hot kisses.
Yours Natasha.
Letter 26

Hi my sweet Danny!!!
How your mood? I'm fine. I have received your letter. I very much waited your letter.
At me pleasant news. I have received the passport and now it is necessary to buy only tickets on a train. As I already spoke you earlier I have no money for the ticket up to Kiev. Well I understand that at you problems and you cannot help me with payment of the ticket. I shall try to borrow money at familiar. I hope that at me it will be possible also we shall meet.
I constantly think of you. Today even dream about us with you dreamed me. It was very beautiful dream. It has very much liked me. In this dream to me has dreamed, that we have met you at the airport and as soon as we have seen each other at once have run towards to each other. We were very happy with you because, at last, that we have met. We were delighted from each other and could not constrain the feelings.
Then we went to cinema. At cinema showed ridiculous family film. Then we have arrived to you home, and had a remarkable supper with candles. We were together and are very happy. It was very romantic evening. You embraced me, and we looked each other in the face and could not see enough against each other. At us in soul it was warm, which we heated each other, and in our hearts the present fire which reason was our mutual feelings was. We were happiest of all.
We understood, that this that happiness which we so strongly wanted. It was very pleasant for me, and I enjoyed this dream. I at all did not want to wake up. All seemed such real and present. But, unfortunately it was only dream. I hope, that it when that will come true. And you to be removed such dreams?
Tell to me about the best dreams. It will be interesting to me. You see me in dream? How you in general see and imagine our future? Your ideas and dreams are very interesting to me.
Write to me about everything, that you think. I very much wait for your letter.
It is a lot of kisses.
Yours Natasha.
Letter 27

Hi my darling Danny!!!
How - you? I am fine. In me all is good. On work also all is good. Has received your warm letter, and it became even better. It was very pleasant for me to read it.
Forgive but I could not answer you earlier because I tried to borrow money for trip to Kiev. Unfortunately I could not make it and consequently I need your help. I have studied possible flights up to Kiev and I have found suitable only on August, 10 at 10.00. Thus I can arrive to Kiev by the evening on August, 10 if you help me. I have no allergy on latex protection so can not worry in this occasion.
Yesterday I went to look at competitions on aerobics. At these competitions one my familiar girl acted. She my neigbour also lives in an apartment on against mine. To it of 18 years. She began to be engaged in aerobics in 10 years and still continues to be engaged in it. She very much loves aerobics. I earlier also was engaged in aerobics slightly but in a consequence have deserted it from for lack of time. This girl has already won some competitions. She further wants to continue to be engaged in aerobics professionally and probably in the future to act on Olympic games. I very much am proud of that at me is such familiar. She in a life also very good and cheerful person. She has won yesterday's competition. And in the evening after competitions have ended we with Tatyana (So call this girl) and still some girlfriends have gone to cafe to celebrate its victory. We have ***** a little sparkling and ate a sweet pie. It was very cheerful. So I have lead yesterday's evening.
But do not think, that I overlooked about you. I constantly think, about you and sometimes when I long time cannot read your letter and write to you the answer I start to miss on you. I constantly search for time that is faster, enter the Internet of cafe and to receive from you which letter I very much wait all time.
All my ideas about you my lovely.
Kisses and embraces.
Your Natasha.
Letter 28

Hello my darling Danny!
I was puzzled yours last letter. Really on a site of fraud there is my photo. I do not understand that she there does. I have written to the manager of this site to learn as there my photo has got. I think that probably who that uses my photos for a deceit. If with me the manager I will communicate shall explain to it all situation and I learn as there my photo has got. It is very unpleasant that my photo is on this site and I am not going to suffer this fraud. How you have found it? I inform you about all to the sincerely and with all the heart that I do not know and I do not understand as there my photo has got. I know what man Junior in Bolivia. You casually did not allow a photo which I to you sent not to whom? I hope that was not present. I heard that some people use another's photos for a deceit. Probably who that as that has received my photos and now uses their deceits. I indeed do not know as it have taken place. I also hope that this misunderstanding will not change your attitude to me and our conceived meeting will take place. I hope that our attitudes will proceed and I shall lead to in what that more.
I very much wait for your letter and I hope for your understanding.
Yours Natasha
Letter 29

Hi my darling Danny!!! ;-)
How you? I'm fine. I think of you. I have received your good and warm letter. I very much to this letter.
Thanks for your trust and understanding. I shall necessarily find out who is covered with my photos and I shall inform in militia. This person should be punished.
Now about travel to Kiev. I can well arrive to Kiev also on August, 6. From Kirov up to Kiev trains do not go and consequently all over again it is necessary for me to arrive to Moscow and from there already by train to Kiev. Time of sending On August, 5 16:38. In Kiev I shall be already on August, 6 05:16. I think that it is a good variant. Now it is necessary to order tickets only. I wait for your help and as soon as I can receive your money that shall book a ticket and I shall inform to you more detailed information. I think that 150 dollars will be enough. At least I hope that it will suffice.
I constantly think and I dream of ours with you of the first meeting. I am confident, that she will be unforgettable. I very much would like, that this moment has come as soon as possible. I very much wait for our meeting my dear.
Well it is time to me to go. Do not miss! Well?
It is a lot of kisses!
Yours Natasha.
Letter 30

Hello my sweet Danny!!!
How - you? How is the weather in you? In us weather, today very warm, such weather of me very much is pleasant. I love warm weather. My mum asked me to transfer you the big and hot congratulations, and also the strongest embraces. Accept and from me my most passionate magic air kisses, and also my strongest and passionate embraces from my heart.
I without problems have received your money. And tomorrow since morning I shall go to order tickets. As soon as I shall receive tickets I shall write to you dates of my arrival and I shall send a copy of the ticket. Well?
I very much wait always for your letters and is especial our long-awaited meeting with you. I finish my letter with ideas on you my prince! Remember, that I think, about you and I miss, my Prince!!!
I with impatience wait your letter.
Your girlfriend
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