Letter(s) from Ekaterina Shirmanova to Kory (England)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Kory. Now as you probably already guess I write the letter to you from Moscow. Now I am in Moscow now at us 10 hours of 25 minutes. I have arrived to Moscow today in 7 o'clock in the morning and I at once have gone to embassy to make documents I at all do not eat that. Kory I do not know as to tell to you it. But when I have found out that to me have told in embassy I was simply in a shock. I am very much upset with it. Because to me not that did not speak in travel agency. Kory I do not know as to inform you it. Now I sit in the Internet of cafe and I write to you the letter from city unfamiliar to me. Kory I shall not hide from you it and I have decided to inform you about it more likely because we still had 3 days. Kory to me have told in embassy that I go abroad for the first time and as the tourist. I very much was delighted it. Then to me have told that my visa will consist for 50 days. That is under this visa I can arrive in your country of exactly 50 days. Kory but that I have found out am farther that I simply was in a shock. To me have told that per every day which is designated in the visa to me it is necessary to have 100 $. You understand it? Kory I have been very much surprised but to me have shown the document confirming it. But I go to you for 50 days and it means that is necessary for me approximately 5000 $ You imagine what it is the sum? To me have told in embassy that I need to show them this sum. To me have told that I should have such sum that I was not gone in your country. For an emergency. That at me was on every day on 100 $. To me have told that it simply formality and that they should see at me this sum to write down in documents. Kory you understand about what I speak you? I once again speak that I need to show only this sum of embassy and I write to you it because I do not know what to tell and where to take this sum. And the unique person which can help me now it you Kory. you understand it? I do not know that to me make. but if you will help me that I I shall give you it back directly at the airport. Because not this money I simply are necessary for me should to show it in embassy. Kory I am very much upset with it because I am now in unfamiliar city. I do not know here not whom and to me it is very terrible. I did not want to speak you it but I do not have choice because I here one. Kory I hope that you will answer me soon because I shall wait for your answer here in the Internet of cafe. Your Ekaterina. Me have lodged in hotel for 3 days so in embassy to me have told that we have time but I think that it not probably. Kory I very much want to see you and to live with you for ever because I know that you that person which are necessary for me.