Scam letter(s) from Anna Sevruk to Ray (Italy)

Letter 1
My Sweet Raymond!
I didn't want to make you insulted at all. On the contrary, I thought it would be better. I also do want to meet with you as as soon as possible. That's why I'll be trying to ask the director of my working place to take some days of vacations. I'll try to ask another one assistant in the shop in order she to work instead of me for that time. I do hope I'll succeed in that, because even one a day of communicating to you in the real life will be able to prove us a lot of things, to my mind.
I want to thank you for such a thing that you are ready to rent the separate room in the hotel for me, because I don't think it is a right thins to be in the one a room together with a man before starting with their relations, although we have already the certain feelings to one another. I was taught up in strict rules and traditions, although, of course, I have the modern view to the relations between man and woman. The most important thing I worry about now is our necessity to have the translator. We should solve that a problem. Another one problem is my coming to Kiev. I have one a girl - translator whom I know. I think she won't be against to help us with our communication. Beside that it will cost much cheaper that to hire the translator in Kiev. In order to get to Kiev I'll need to have your financial help, because right now I have run into debts because of all the holidays we had in our country. So I won't be able to pay for my coming to Kiev myself. Of course, I feel very uncomfortable to ask you about it, but the matter is that I have not another way out, but I do want to meet you exactly in the airport of Borispol in Kiev. Please, write me what do you think about all that and write me about it as soon as possible. You know, I think we don't have a lot of time with you. So what should we do in order it to be better?
I'll be waiting for your letter with impatience.
I give you my tender hugs.
Yours Anna.
Letter 2
My Sweet Raymond!
I'd like to tell you at once that I have got your money transfer to me today without any problem. I am very grateful to you for your help and for your understanding to me. It is so very pleasant for me to realize that somewhere for the thousands of kilometers far from me there is the person who thinks about me. You are very attentive to me and I want to thank you for that. Now I feel great easiness and it won't be necessary for me to worry during the 1,5 month about such a thing where to find money in order to pay for our correspondence. Everything depended only on my father and he was helping me always, but one week ago he retired and now we have to refuse in everything, although of course, we wont' die because of hunger. Now some things about the most important things. Sweet Raymond, I have the ad with the photo in the Internet cafe the services of which I use for making the correspondence to you. But it doesn't mean that i want to make the correspondence with anyone else. I am happy that our destiny have helped us to get acquainted. I don't need anyone else but you. All my thoughts are only of you and all my dreams are about such a thing how to proceed with our getting acquainted. I'd like it to be fruitful in future as well. I want we to be together in future. I think it is necessary to judge by our feelings and our relations about such a thing whether you are that very person for me or not. At the present moment I don't want to change anything, I mean I don't want to be back to that life I had before your coming to my life. No, I want to see my future and I do want to hope that you are that very man who belongs to me and I am that very woman who belongs to you. Time will show all that and our meeting in the real life will check our feelings.
Tomorrow it is February, 14th and it is a great pity for me that we can't be together that day, but I want to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart on St. Valentine's Day. I do hope that the next such holiday we'll meet together with you. Honey! With every new day I feel the growing need in you. I miss you always by all my heart! When I think of all the beautiful times we'll share together in love. Walking barefoot on the fields of gold, Watching the rain through the window panes, Listening to music in love's wonderland I realize. No matter how far apart we are
We'll always be together.
Like a river flows surely to the sea.
Darling, my love flows surely to thee.
Take my hand, my whole life too.
'Coz I can't help falling in love with you! I'm giving you my heart and let me consider you to be my Valentine from this moment forever, till the end of our days. As for me, I'll be yours forever. I'm yours already. I love you, My Sweetheart!
Please, write me back soon.
I give you my great hugs.
Yours Anna.
Letter 3
Sweet Raymond!
I was very glad to get such an informative letter from you, but I'd like also to apologize at once for such a short my message to you. But I really don't have anyone else in my life whom I can apply for his help. Darling, if you only know what a difficult period I have now in my life and what great financial problems I have now! My salary is so small that it is not enough to pay for our correspondence. I didn't want to ask you for your help, but I don't have another choice and I don't know what should I do to find money somewhere. If I don't pay for our correspondence my e-mail box will be closed and we won't have the possibility to communicate with each other. If you have such a possibility to help me with the payment for our correspondence I will be very grateful to you. I love you very much and I am constantly thinking about you. I need you very much because you are the part of me and I just can't loose you because my life without you will loose any sense of it. Sweetheart, I must close for now. You must know that I like you very much and miss you every minute of my life and I always look forward to hear from you. I hope you won't have any problems and answer me in a sooner future.
I send you my tender kisses and hugs.
Yours Anna.
Letter 4
My Sweet Raymond!
Today I received your letter. You just can't imagine how much happiness and gladness your letters bring to me. It is so pleasant for me that you already now take care about me and understand me. I felt myself uncomfortable to ask you about your help, but now I know that in sadness and happiness we will help to each other and never leave each other. Thank you very much for your help. In common many men of my country don't care about their women. I got used to take care about me myself, but I need man's attention and warmth. I am so happy that I met such a good man like you. I even didn't dream about such happiness. I feel myself real woman weak and caress. From such a feelings I want to come to you more that you hug me. I will be with you like from the other side of wall to the whole world. I even have no doubts that you are the best man in the whole world. Sweetheart! I should tell you something about the payment for the Internet services. I use the services of the Internet cafe. This organization has some computers and the women who want to find a husband come here and make the correspondence with foreign men. These girls told me that many women have already left my country and there are many girls which are going to leave it. They have a certain man with whom they already met and these girls make all documents. All foreign men pay them the costs of the services of the Internet cafe because it is too expensive for us. The Internet cafe takes the payment for the subscription and using the computer 50$ per month and 5$ for the typing, translating and sending for one my letter. The prices are too high but they know that in any way, the foreign men pay for the correspondence and they think that this price is suitable. I think that as for money, I live in a very crazy country, but you will see it when you will come to me. In a word our correspondence will cost for me at about 100$ per month because we should write each other as much as possible to know each other better before we will meet both of us. We should make everything to be together in the future. In addition, I really want to leave my country and to have thoughtful shoulder of my man, husband and lover near me. Moreover, I want to be sure, calm near my sweet husband in happiness, and sad, to take a half of success and sufferings and to be with him all my life. Oh, yes, I forget to tell you if you transfer the money. It will be better if you do it through the Western Union there is an office in my town and all women from the Internet cafe get money this way. You can transfer money on my full name Anna Sevruk, town- Kremenchug, country-Ukraine.
I will be finishing my letter for now and will wait for your reply with great impatience. Once again I want to thank you for your help,because I don't know where would I find money to pay for our correspondence without you.
With great love to you, Anna.
Letter 5
My Sweet Raymond!
Hello, My Gladness! It was so pleasant for me to find your so long-waited letter in my e-mail box today! It cheered me up and has improved my mood greatly before my going to my working place today. I think I'll have such a mood during some days. You know I feel happy because of such a thing that now I have in my life the person whom I am not indifferent to, who likes me. You know, even if you are not sure in your future with me, I am glad even to such happy days in my life and I am grateful to my destiny that it helped us to get acquainted with you. You just can't imagine what kind of life I had till your appearing in it. Those were just the gray and lonely ordinary days, but now everything has changed for better and I am very thankful to you even for such a thing that now I have the smile in my face and the gladness in my soul. All my relatives and friends can see those my changes and they are very glad for me. I could never even to think that the letters can change me in such a way, that I'd like the man whom I even didn't see ever in the real life yet. But, as they say, spiritual feelings are the real ones and it is not important whether the person is handsome or not, it isn't important how old is he. The most important thing is his inner world. I'll try to follow your request, although it isn't possible to lead by the heart. I hope that in spite of anything, time will make its decision for both you and me and that a decision will satisfy you and me. I am still happy that I have you in my life. Let you are just the friend to me now. The most important thing is that we need one another and bring the minutes of gladness to one another even while being in such conditions. We can share our thoughts and dreams, impressions and hopes with one another and it is a good thing.
And now some words about another thing. It is making me to worry now and it causes me to apply for your help again. The matter is that very soon it will be necessary for me to pay for our making the correspondence. I feel so uncomfortable, but I really don't have anyone to rely to his/her help. I do hope that we'll proceed with our making the correspondence.
I am waiting impatiently for your reply. Please, take care.
I kiss you. Anna.
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