Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Vinokurova to Scott (USA)

Letter 1
Once upon a time there lived a beatiful princess who knew no sorrow no evil... Still she was not happy because her overcharming beaty was fading all away in deadly loneliness she didn't have anyone to whom she could give her heart. But on a nice heather day she met him, a galant young warrior on a white swift horse. The image of that warrior penetrated deep inside her soul and she set her heart on him...
The autumn sun was shining upon them kissing each other passionately beside a purple waterfall and life was seeming beautiful...
But at nightfall the warrior turned into an **** bloodthirsty sorcerer, his horse turned into a poisonous snake. The princess fainted. When she came to herself she found herself chained to the cold castle wall. The sorcerer was standing nearby. He said' Be mine and we will rule this ****** world together,me and you, my dark queen'
But the princess replied'NO. I cant live without this world, without its green woods,without its fresh rivers. I'd rather perish than give my soul to YOU. I was wrong about you but I believe the day will come when a knight of light will defeat you and free me..." The sorcerer hollered "If it is your last word, be cursed forever" After these words the sorcerer vanished.
And the princess was bewitched in a lonely castle waiting for rescue... Hello Scott,
You love my story? It - not only the story, some truth it is latent in it. I like as to inform about mine feelings in the extraordinary form. Life cruel and in stories, it looks much more interesting... Ten-storied gratitude for your answer.
I am happy to find whom - the one who became interested in me. Clouds are dissipating is higher than my head. The sun is appearing and stretching out its hands-beams all around the dead the ground of my bewitched heart which does, all withered roses of my heart to find in blossoming again. Probably it sounds a little bit abstract but it - is valid, as I feel now. Many thanks for your letter. I felt very gloomy today, but When my friend has told me, that you have written to me, back it has really lifted my decreasing mood. Now I see the sun, I hear and I admire with songs of birds.
Now I'm sure that whatever walks in my heart will not walk alone. You know, that my Daddy was in the habit to name me her solar, and I did not love this childish name (name). But now I really feel similarly to the sun giving my heat to people around of me.
I - from Russia. For the first time, that I shall get acquainted through the Internet And I really not absolutely understand this system.
My friend has convinced me to try this way of acquaintance but I did not think, that it will develop. Then I saw your structure, and I loved it that moment. And you see, that I write my first letter to you, and I feel on happy My friend did not explain me all details properly and only has told, " You know the English language well. Fill in the information on you directly, and all will be fine."
It is a little about me it is direct. To me 27. I live to Tolyatti, small city on our big river Volga.
I work in toy shop as the assistant. I do not receive so many money, but I love this work, It - great pleasure for me to see happy persons of children who receive toys. This week very interesting case was, the young pair has arrived to our shop They thinking, very long what to buy for their child as a present. Mum wanted to buy the big soft toy, and daddy insisted on the weapon which shoots plastic spheres, They have asked, that I have helped them to choose, they argued in such fine manner That it seemed to me that they wanted to play with these toys, The most interesting thing is, that they have bought both a toy and the weapon Also were going to buy a railway toy.
They seem to really love each other and their little kid. It was so fun.
If you want to know why I can speak English it's my university years that helped me. I love English. By the way, I graduated from Toliatty State Academy of Service, Service Technology Service Faculty.
I cherish the recollection of my student time especially my teacher of english. She taught me everything, that she knew herself. I feel grateful to her. Now I try to read initial English books, to improve my English language. With the dictionary, certainly.
I think, that we shall not have problems in the communication and understanding each other. By the way, what you think of my English language? It IS GOOD? Write about you directly please. What your favourite kind of music? You prefer which films? Inform me about your city.
And the most important thing, please inform me, that is the perfect relations between the person and the woman, In your opinion. I aspire to know all about you.
I send pic mine to you. I hope, that you will send your photos to me in returning also. Letters are not sufficient to understand soul each other.
For this purpose we should see eyes each other. I am awfully happy to our acquaintance. The hope you has a magic sword to **** the wizard.
While bewitched princess Alexandra
Letter 2
Hello Scott,
I am extremly happy to write my answer to your letter.
The very idea of communicating with you gives me a lot of pleasure. The sun is shining brightly today, perhaps too brightly and it is stuffy outside. I dont like such weather. I enjoy rain. Not heavy showers but warm tender rain which drives away dusty arid weather-sorcerer and creates for a while the atmosphere of complete harmony feeding the tortured ground with new strength. In our life we run across lots of sorcerers who poison your life. But there are also warm rains who will make you say NO to despair, who will make you go on living.
Write to me what weather it is pleasant to you, I aspire to find out about you everything because I think that it will help us to develop our relations, you agree with me? I shall try to ask as much as possible, I hope that you will ask me too I will tell you a story, Once on my way back home from work I saw a white pigeon.
His wing was broken. I felt sorry for him and made up my mind to take him. As my mom used to work as a veterinary and she knew how to help the pigeon. He stayed with us for about a month. My witty Daddy called him Zigzag (perhaps, you saw a Walt Dusney cartoon " Duck Tales".
There was a hero called Zigzag who crashed Uncle Scrudge's airplanes all the time). All three of us took a great care of Zigzag. Time went on and the wing was healed. I will never forget the moment when I took Zigzag out to the balcony and let him go. I saw Zigzag soaring up in the sky, free and majestic. The pigeon didnt return( though I thought it would).
And I was so eager to have Zigzag staying with me forever.
Maybe it sound like a scrypt of a film. But it really happened.
Unfortunately, we have no pet now. My mom doesnt want to have any because as she says when your pet dies or leaves you it gives you much sorrow to you. For that monrh we got so attached to Zigzag and now that he flied away we miss him greatly. You have pets?
In the last letter I have absolutely overlooked to inform you concerning my family I love my parents They are remarkable. Both my parents are already on pension but they do not feel themselves very old , they feel themselves young in heart. They still love each other the same love which found them a lot of years ago.. As I have already said, my mother used to work as a veterinary. Even now our neighbours come to our place if there is something wrong with their pets. Besides my Mom is an excellent cook and I also followed her cooking steps. Mom says I'm especially good at borsht (it's a russian traditonal beet soup) It is really tasty. Maybe someday I will prepare it for you. My Daddy is a wise plump Daddy whose jokes make you laugh any time. My father connected his life with cars.
He used to be a bus driver and knows all types of people pretty well. I love my parents. My parents love me too, I the only child in family and my parents till now look at me as on the small child. Concerning music I can not tell that I like everything, or the separate styles. Separate songs from any styles, especially romantic ballads, it is fine. On work I listen to radio, there basically twist one and too, but sometimes there is something good. I try to keep up the figure, for this I visit aerobics, it do not take away a lot of time, and it is useful, my figure is pleasant to you? In free time from work I like to prepare for something tasty, or read books, I not so frequently go somewhere, In our city it is too many bars, I do not love similar institutions, write to me than you are engaged at leisure and that is your hobby? I have overlooked to inform you that I write you from the Internet of cafe. Now I will stop here because I've been writing rather long and now it is necessary for me to go home.
I promise I will write you tomorrow.
I will attach a new pic of mine. I am standing on the balcony and admire the beauty of russian winter. The snow-capped trees look so great. In summer they are usual. But in winter trees with snow are real queens of nature. Please, write me back. Your letters are much more than just ordinary messages, believe me. I just want to say that I sincerely appreciate you and want to say an infinite Thank You to you for communicating.
I'll be waiting.
So far bewitched princess Alexandra.
Letter 3
I could not send you the letter, I did it constant but unsuccessfully, Now I have the new address of e-mail:
And probably you receive my letter I do not want to lose touch with you, Write to me I shall wait for your letter
Your Alexandra
Letter 4
Hello my dear Scott,
I'm happy to receive your letter. You know I am always happy to receive your letters. I'm writing to you being under such a great impression.
I looked a musical telecast and I liked videoclip very much.
it was made on song, of band "Cranberries." It is fine I not remember name it songs, but I cant find words to express what I feel about this. I'll tell you about it.
So, the solitary woman who lost almost everything in her life is sitting in her shabby house and dying spiritually.
She has two kids who she had to give to a children's asylum because she was not able to bring them up.
So, there she was looking at a dinosaur toy in her fingers.
She remembered her kids playing with this toy. Suddenly something happened to her. She rushed to her old car and made her way to that asylum .
She has taken away them from children's asylum. They were untoldly happy to see each other. They had a lot of happy moments on their way.
They were seeing the sunrise, they were starting up soap bubbles. I will never forget Mom's face when she was driving on a night highway. She looked her sleeping children with love, it was clear that her life without them nothing means. Perhaps, at that time she was thinking about their future, probably she wanted to ask god about their happiness, I think that they will be happy only with the mom.
And I'm sure mom will do all possible and impossible to make her children feel happy, secure. To devote all your life to the one who you really love, that is real love for me. It doesnt necessarily concern mother feelings. Distance and space mean nothing, if you really love. To give all your soul to the one without whom your life will lose any sense, to become one whole with that person, this is love in my opinion. you agree with me? write to me what is your vision of love?
It's a pity I didnt watch that musical program up to the end because my anxious father rushed into the room with shouts," Sasha, switch to Channel 1.
The football is on!!!
" You know my Dad likes football and he is a confirmed supporter of Russia football team. I am not so much of a football fan but I can't but know something about it as my Dad often says "Ugh, they lost again", or "At last, they have won". But he says "Ugh, they lost again" more often than "At last , they won". But he always hopes for a victory.
I and my Mom got used to that. Whenever there is a football on, we give the TV remote control unit to him without any altercation. You know my Mom even keeps his company in watching a game. She worries together with him if our team lose and she feels happy together with him if our team wins. My Mom always supports my Dad on any problem and Dad always give her reciprocity. Maybe I sound naive, maybe the life is too cruel.
But what the use of living then, if we do not want to notice kindness and love around us, if we think only about our profit. Sure, the modern world has deprived almost everybody of desinterested kindness.
But if we just for one second imagine our world without cruelty of lie of a deceit life would be a lot easier.
I hope that you have not got tired to read my letter. I for the first time has found the person with which to me easily to talk, it you Scott! and I can tell you all that I do not tell to anybody, I want to ask you what you gave me your phone number, what I could call you, I have no phone of a house but I can call you from telephone exchange it will be pleasant for me to hear your voice, very much! What you think concerning it?
I shall wait for your answer, with impatience
Your Alexandra.
Letter 5
Hello my Scott,
I ask that you were not angry on me though I think it is impossible, to be angry on person if you have feelings to him, you agree with me?
I could read your letter only today, but it has taken place not on my fault I wanted to write to you earlier, but could not do it. in Internet of cafe there were problems with my letter box, I arrived to the Internet of cafe many times, but I could not write to you and read your letters too.
I am afraid to lose touch with you, I love your letters very much! Letters help us to become close to each other, and with each your letter I understand that you person which I searched.
I thought concerning our meeting on the Internet much and I am grateful that the Internet has helped me to get acquainted with you I am afraid that the history with problems of my letter box can repeat, I do not want to lose touch with you therefore I want to give you my address of correct mail, It: 445008
country: Russia
City: Tolyatti,
Street: Liza Chajkina 73,
apartment 105
Name: Alexandra
Surname: Tsapaeva If you can not write the letter to me with help of the Internet that you can send me the letter with help of correct mail, I give you my home address because I trust you, I think that trust it also very important in relations, you agree with me? I ask you that you trusted me also, give me your full home address that I could write to you the letter with help of correct mail. You not against it? I understand that the Internet is the best way for dialogue now, and the letter with help of correct mail will go to you some weeks, but if we can not speak through the Internet, I shall write to you with help of correct mail necessarily. Yesterday my mum has asked me why I so am upset and I has answered because I can not write to you and I can not receive your letter also. We long talked about it and my mum has told that I should not so torment self. I have told that I do not torment myself that it occurs itself without my participation. I become attached to you very much, and I can not without your letters. Mum has told me that I did not hurry up with feelings she does not want that I have made a mistake, and speaks that we should find out each other better to be sure in the feelings, for it to us is necessary to meet and carry out some time together. What you think of it?
I agree with mum, I think that the screen of the computer can not transfer all feelings of the person, in everyone gesture in a smile in eyes of the person is a small part of his soul it is impossible to transfer it in a words, you agree with me? I understand that will meet not simply, but I hope that we can meet. Write to me as you represent our meeting, you invite me somewhere?
I shall write to you about it in the following letter, ok?
Write to me, I shall wait for your letter with impatience The girl which thinks of you..................
Your Alexandra
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