Scam letter(s) from Maria Bochina to Dennis (UK)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Dennis!
I very much worry for my parents and friends who have remained in my city. I have nobody to talk here, here I one.
I have good and not good news, therefore I hope that you can write to me at once as you will receive the letter. It is necessary for us to speak about it, I do not know that to me to do.
I have received my ticket and other documents. These are very good news, we so for a long time waited for it, and now all is ready. Already tomorrow we shall be together, I am happy.
All documents are ready, we in one step from our meeting.
Dennis, it is good news, but there is one problem. Also it is the big problem which we could not expect.
I have received my visa, and it is valid 15 days. I am glad that I did not take it for longer term. Now when to me have told, that I should have money at myself on this trip. It should guarantee that I shall be in safety in the another's country. We did not have time to prepare all carefully, you know that we have made all for short time. These problems with mail, if not they now at us all would be better.
Yesterday I have not told to you, that I still had part of that money which you have sent me recently. I did not remove a hotel accommodation, I have rented the apartment, it turns out on much cheaper and so I am close to the airport, I should not go far anywhere.
Dear, I should have at myself very big money, it almost 110 Euro per every day of stay outside of my country. It is demanded with the Schengen contract and consequently I cannot ignore this rule. Otherwise me will not start up aboard the plane.
My visa operates 15 days, I could not take it for the smaller period, only so we could make all for small time which at us was.
Dennis, I should have 1650 Euro till today's evening. And I hope you can help with it. This money to me should not be spent, I shall not give them to anybody, they will be with me. I should show only to them that I shall be provided in the another's country. I shall give them to you at once as soon as we shall meet. I understand that it is very big money, but I shall return them to you at once, I shall not spend cent from this money.
I take off to you in 08:50 mornings on Sunday. Also I arrive to you at 10:44 (time in Paris) in Charles De Gaulle the airport. I do not know what it is the terminal, but I should go to 1 terminal to wait there for your arrival. You arrive after me and consequently I should wait for you, and I shall write down your telephone number in Paris. It will be with me that I could call to you at any time.
I have remembered all and tomorrow in the morning I shall already fly to you. But I do not know that to me to do with this money. In Russia all is very difficult, and sometimes I regret that I was not born close to you then we should not pass so much problems.
Dennis, I hope you will receive this letter soon, I shall try to establish here Aol Messsenger then we can speak.
I really very much worry also I am afraid that you will become angry about me.
I love you, I can hope only that tomorrow our dreams will be carried out, we prepared for this.
I shall wait for messages from you
Always yours Maria
Letter 2

Greetings my lovely Dennis!
I want to ask for you a pardon that you worried that I did not write to you! I could not write to you long time because there was something bad...
Yesterday we have resolved a problem with our trip, and we was so is glad. After I have finished conversation with you, I at once have gone to bank, I have received your money. Many thanks to you, I was so is happy that now all well and we shall be together in a day.
After I went in bank I have gone to the Internet of cafe to write to you, but there there were many people and at all there were no free computers. I have been compelled to wait, and have decided that it will be better if I shall go to an apartment where I have stopped. I wanted to have a rest and in the evening again to go in the Internet of cafe. I wanted to speak with you as soon as possible, and now I do not know that to me and to do.
Has taken place awful, how I slept in an apartment of my girlfriend there was a fire. When I have woken up, all apartment was in a smoke, and almost all apartment was on fire... I could not find an output... Then I have lost consciousness... I remember nothing, it was very terrible. Today in the morning I have woken up in chamber of hospital, it was a unpleasant surprise for me. I have not had time on my plane, and I do not know that we shall do now. Under the story of owners of an apartment, this fire was the result the TV. With it that that has taken place also all began to burn. I was rescued by firemen... I am very grateful to them. I have not received any burns, but the head very strongly hurts in me till now. I breathed a smoke and I had easy poisoning. I cannot believe, tomorrow my birthday, and it has taken place with us. At once as soon as I have left hospital recently, I have gone to the Internet of cafe, I wanted to tell all to you. I shall try to call to you soon, but I hope that you will read my letter. I meanwhile do not know, that has taken place with your money, my air ticket, mine visa and the international passport which were in my things... Most likely all this has burned down... But I hope for the best. I shall write to you today still, now I should find out all... I very much wait for your answer... I hope, that you will not be malicious on me... I very much do not want you to lose... You are necessary for me, I love you!
Yours Maria
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