Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Belyh to Kirt (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, Kirt. It was very pleasant to me to receive your letter. So it is pleasant, that you have answered to me and has not left my letter without attention. It is very good, that we with you learn about each other ever more and more. Each your letter I wait with the large impatience, because it is interesting to me to learn about you something new. I the man very curious and purposeful, for this reason very much to like to me my trade. As you remember from last my letters I the advertising agent. I can tell about myself, that I the quiet, cheerful woman, which loves to communicate with the people and to learn a lot of new about life, culture and life of the different people. At university we studied the English language and now to me simply enough to write to you. I live in Litva in city Vilnius. The exact date of the basis of city cannot be established. It is known, that on a place already of existing settlement in XIII century the Danes have put in **** a fortress. The area this very beautiful place, which used the status of inviolability. In our city many places were kept which store a history of our city. In city of construction practically all from a brick. I very much love the city, because it pure and beautiful. I am very glad what in 18 century have entered the law, on which now everyone, who does not observe cleanliness in city, receive the penalties. I of the story to my girlfriend, that at me am you, that we are copied. I spoke it, that such simple and honour attitudes at me for a long time was not. We with you so far apart. We can see each other only till a photo and read words in the letter. I can tell you all and I should not hide anything. I very much respect the people, which speak the truth. In days off I also love to go in museums or to visit the lock, which was constructed itself Petr 1. I think, that you know such Russian commander. In territory the lock is park, where it is possible to feed bierd. I very much love to visit this place. When I there go for a walk, I really have a rest and I receive a charge of energy for all working week. In city narrow streets, and consequently the movement of machines is limited. In city is silent and is quiet. Practically in each street it is possible to meet a temple or church. The furnish inside was kept from 17-18 of centuries, but not everywhere. The unique products of arts are stored in cathedrals. Rare icons and sculptures. We have even place, where it is possible to have a rest to float on a yacht or boat. It is not necessary to go by the sea, if it is possible well to have a rest here again. It is difficult only to leave from cares, knowing, that your house so is close. In our city the climate constantly varies, therefore it is difficult for the visitants in such climate. The winter happens warmly, and summer to have sometimes to dress warm clothes. Quite often our city is visited by fogs. It happens even so, that Christmas our people meets under a rain. In the letter I, probably, do mistakes and I want to apologize for them. I had no practice to fulfil rules of your language. I write you the letters from work, while nobody sees. I am very glad, that at me you have appeared. I can correspond with you. Each day I work and I go home, knowing, that for me there nobody waits. But morning when I go on work, I know, that there there is a letter from the man, which is interesting to me. And it wants to learn about me more. And it adds to me sense of life. I hope, that I and further can write to you the letters from work. (I have no a house the computer.) I am very glad, that in my life you have appeared. I shall wait from you of the answer. Your litva friend Ekaterina.
Letter 2
Hi perfect and favourite Kirt!!!
Thank, that you think, how I live. I think, that during That time, that we with you are copied, us very much pulled each other and between us, the feeling another than friendship has appeared. I think, that we are necessary each other. Today I write you And I very much worry. I do not know, how you react to my letter? You have borrowed a place in my heart. I constantly think of you. Mine think are engaged in you all day. At work and house I think of you. The girlfriends speak - I has fallen in love in you. I can think of you. I can hasten?
But I should admit to you! Now I precisely know - I LOVE YOU Kirt!!!. I speak you these words, and I am afraid, that you can not understand me! It seems A it - dream. But I should inform you concerning it! I spoke concerning it with my best girlfriend. She was very glad for me. She Has told, that I shall be happy with you. I to it have told all about you u what letters you to me write. She has told that I the happy man, that that was lucky to me at last in life. That I at last have found that the love, which so long searched for. She has told, It will be better with you. She speaks that we should meet. Too so it seems. The emotions and feelings fall outside the limits my Heart and soul. It is heavy for me to write. I want to meet you and to tell you personally, looking in eyes - that I love you very strongly. We began to understand each other. You such good man! In Estonia I did not meet the men is like you. With you I can speak concerning love. To love it something it is more than to give to its man, it to study happiness in this life. Many people Think, That love - only ***. I think, it not main. Main - Feeling. We together investigate pleasure. We Should be together. It is a pity, that only my dreams. I think if very to want, that, probably, to execute any Dream. The love should overcome anyone Distances. I feel, our hearts are beaten in one rhythm, and you feel it? Soon spring! And in my soul spring also! Spring - time of love! It seems, the time of love has come! I wait your answer to my recognition. It is very important for me to know your opinion. Can be, I have fallen in love too quickly? Answer to me. I want to shine and to allow you to give your love to me. I think, that our Souls are bound, so please do not frought. So write my love, as I should know that you think. You in my dreams and in my Heart. Do not overlook me mine Kirt. I shall wait your answer!! Excuse me, if I Has not answered today your questions. I very much worry!
Yours Ekateerina.
Letter 3
Dear Kirt!!!! How - you today? What new happened today? Where you were today? I now at work, but I can not much write to you today. Today we have a lot of clients and I have chosen free minute to write to you. I shall have more time tomorrow, and tomorrow I am going to make important for us business. Tomorrow I to go in company which reserves airway tickets and I shall learn ticket to you how many will cost. I also to go in embassy and to learn all precisely concerning the visa, how many costs and in what terms she will be ready. So if all is safe that tomorrow I to inform the information you. I love you Kirt!!!! I very much love to read your letters!!! Your kind words - music for mine ears. To know, that you think concerning me, me very much helps in life. I - happy woman. I also think concerning you very much. I would like to know your soul, your internal world, so I can feel close to you, when I am lonely - I think concerning you especially in evening, when I one and need in you a warm hand to bring to me comfort. I want that you were close to me, to feel your body near to me. I want to kiss each other you violently and to give you all my tenderness. Would be so specially to wake up in the morning near to you. To study you of an eye and to see my destiny, I would be wisper pleasant words in you ear. Mine by a road, my dreams ever will be reallity? I hope so Kirt. I have found you. I need in you in my life. A thank for granting of the reason to wake up in the morning and to smile to the light sun. I need in that love and care. What I want from the man? I want love and understanding first of all. I wanted to find it and I has found!!! Kirt I have found you!!! It is impossible to explain in words all my love to you. I very strongly love you!!!!! Do not overlook me!!! Love me for without your love I do not know that to me to do in this life! I never tested of such feeling!! Write to me … Yours Ekaterina.
Letter 4
Hello my love, my dearest Kirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Colour of my eye green Mine birthday of April 1 I so am glad again to receive your letter!!! I so love you, I am very strong you I love and I can not be from you so far. My Kirt, you are my life!!! I want to embrace you each moment, to kiss your beautiful eyes, to feel your care and to feel your protection. I know that all will be very good between us! We shall be happy together! I very much frequently think of you and I present our life together my Kirt. I feel that you such close to me. I am happy when you are happy! I think that our hearts will beat in one rate when we shall be together, because we like each other my love Kirt!!!! I know that it mutually, that you too want with me also to be strong as well as I. I know that you will understand me without words! To me without a difference where to live with you, the main thing is to live with you and to love you, the place has no importance. I thank the God that I have met you and has grown fond. I for a long time expected this feeling!
I never trusted what probably to fall in love on Internet. But all the same it is possible! I so am glad to this! Probably it is destiny! As we could meet in this large world, it is exact destiny! We should be together always!!!
Kirt, my dearest love man!!! I have a good good news for us my darling Kirt!!! I today went in a passport-visa service to learn how many all this costs. Me have told that it is necessary to do the tourist visa B-2. Because other visas now at all do not give. Very many people leave from Estonia and in the ministry are very much excited with it, they lose very many experts. And the people from here leave because here very bad to live, they receive small money for the large work. Visa costs 120 US dollars. But besides the process of registration costs 60 US dollars. To me have told in a service that, for example, the visa the bride costs 660 US dollars, it without any analyses and all rest. It is very expensive! My love Kirt, I want to ask you about one very important for me of a thing, Kirt, I want to ask you about the financial help from your party. I already wrote to you about the salary, it at all does not suffice to make all necessary documents, and money to life here is still necessary to me. This money does not suffice and it is necessary them to save. My dearest, my love Kirt, I have a great desire to come to you, to see you at last and only recourses separate us from each another. I love you so much, honey, and I don't want to lose you. Nobody can help me with it.
My dearest Kirt, in general I'll need for 310 dollars. It's certainly large money, you probably have thought what is it more than the total price of the visa and visa's registration, but I will must to get the foreign passport too of course the price of which is 60 US dollars. Also I will need to pay for medical exams too, it will be 50 dollars. And of course I will need to pay for the coming from Narva to Tallin City, I have learned about the price of the airplane ticket Narva - Tallin, 20 US dollars.
I want to ask you, Kirt, what is the nearest airport (name of the airport) from your city?
Also, please, tell me about the approximate price of the airplane ticket too, ok? I need this information because I will have to find a cheaper air ticket! I so happy from this so happy news! But now I should collect all documents necessary make the visa. 310 dollars are necessary to me. If you will send me this money that you can send them on my bank account. I send you my essential elements of the account in bank:
Snoras Bank
Address: 7 A.Vivulskio
LT-2600 Vilnius
Acc. 336710671
Beneficiary Bank: AB bankas Snoras,
bank code for transfer 260101758
Intermediary Bank: Acc. 2000193009631
WACHOVIA BANK, NA (USA) SWIFT: PNBPUS3NNYC Me have told that it will be better to send money to the account because it safely and reliably. I close my eyes and I am imagining about this so happy picture. My love, I dream as we will live together my darling, to go for a walk, keeping for our hands my love Kirt. I want that you will show me your native land, a places where you like to go for a walk and where you like to spend a more of your time, also I want to get acquainted with your relatives and closest friends so much! I want to be with you very much, so much my love Kirt! I love you Kirt, and I miss you my dearest love Kirt! My dear Kirt, I want to say to you that I have spoke with my girlfriends about us again and again, especially about my coming to you. They are very glad for us. They are so happy because we love each other very much, simply they have said me that we will happy with you and they wish us a large happiness together! They see my feelings and my happiness from our love with you, and they understand me that we with you can't without each other and wish us a great love in this time and our future life too! Well, my love Kirt, let me to end my e-mail my dearest Kirt, I'm waiting for your messages so much my love man Kirt!!! Want to be with you so much my love Kirt, Truly, Kisses and hugs to you, Ekaterina.
Letter 5
Hello my dearest Kirt, my love Kirt!!!!
How are you there? How are you? I was very glad to your last letter. A thank for that that write to me very much frequently both such interesting and warm letters!!! They very much like me. Mine dear Kirt, if can write to a thicket and more! It is very interesting to me to read your letters!!! I very strongly love you, mine favourite Kirt!!! I understand that you now can not send me money to the visa, but I with the large impatience shall wait for them, because I very strongly want you to see, mine lovely Kirt! I hope that our meeting will be very speed because I can not live without you. I thought and what I to you shall tell at our first personal meeting?! And I have thought up! I shall tell to you that waited for this day all life, that I do not want more to live without you, that never I want with you to part, I want to be with you up to the end of the life, to love you, to care of you, to be only your woman, and can be and wife. Interestingly and what you to me will tell at our first meeting or there can be you something will do? Will embrace me, will kiss, will tell as long dreamed of me, that I was near to you always!!!! I dream of our meeting, but you please, do not think that I hurry you, it is simple very important for me, for both of us. I very strongly love you also I consider that this normal phenomenon that I want with you to be direct now. It you see love! I am ready to go behind you on edge of light, to do to you pleasant, to help you with work, to help you on the house. At us everyone will be exact well, I know it also I expect your answer with the large impatience. I think that you too wait for my letters, therefore we to be simply obliged together my love Kirt!!! Today I have checked up the prices for the ticket of the plane to you. I have found the cheap ticket.
His $ 1128.27 + taxes of the airports ($ 105) = $ 1233,27
My girlfriends are very pleased that we have found each other.
And I too am very glad. I too long waited for it and now has waited!!! I am very happy!!!! I am sure that you too are very happy both for me and for yourselves that we at last have found each other!!! My love Kirt, I is very strong you I love. I want to you still much to write, but I can not find words express the feelings. You should know only one thing - that I very strongly love you and I can not without you live! You are the sun among clouds!!! All will be good my love Kirt! But I now should go. Please, write to me more often. I become happy when I receive your letters! Think of me! I very strongly love you. Only yours and forever yours, Ekaterina.
Letter 6
Greetings my love Kirt. I to feel like very well. I was fine to have a rest at the girlfriend per day birth. I to buy to it a dress. It very much to like it and she to go in it all evening. She was simply beautiful. It was very cheerful, but I all to think of you, my love. To dream of us. On my person there was a smile, but it only for my girlfriend. My soul was filled grief. I all to think of you and may not present myself without you. I to leave about a holiday very much early as I am very strong to get tired. I am very strong to want to be with you and to not bear without you so long. I to want to go in Moscow and to make out the visa. I to dream, that you to meet me in the airport in 11 days. If I to have money to the visa might be together through this small time. But you to speak, that it is necessary to wait and to me it is very bad without you. I to not know, that I shall do all these days without you. I miss on you, i love you, I believe, that you to want me and can the help to me. I shall wait your letter. I love you. Yours Ekaterina.
This correct account Intermediary Bank Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas,
New York, USA
SWIFT code: BKTRUS33 Beneficiary`s Bank Acc No. 04-416-804 Beneficiary`s Bank A/S "Akciju komercbanka "Baltikums"" M.Pils iela 13, Riga LV-1050, Latvija
Beneficiary`s Acc No. LV81CBBR1310165100010
Letter 7
Dear Kirt I am glad to receive from you the letter in this morning I to want you to tell if you to want me that me money is necessary what to make the visa and to fly to you on wings of love I to want you to tell that I Love you. I can not without you live I Love you. Ekaterina
Letter 8
Hi my love Kirt !!!!!!!! I am happy to receive your letter. I constantly think of you and I can not constrain my love to you. To me is very lonely without you. Kirt , I want to arrive to you faster and I can not because I do not have visa. I hope that you will help me, please help to me mine favourite. There came to me please money to the visa, I can not live without you, I do not know that to me to do here by one. I hope that you will understand me and will help me. I very much love you and I want to be with you now and always. In my heart to be created that that not clear, it is broken off from that that I not near to you. My mum speaks that I should go to you, but unfortunately she not can to me help and she hopes and is asked that you will help me. I too hope that you can to me help. I love you my prince and I dream only of you. I shall write to you soon again and I wait for your letter mine favourite. Your love Ekaterina.
Letter 9
Dear Kirt I am glad to receive from you the letter today in morning. I hope that you yet have not sent money I to want you to tell that my bank account I have changed to want you to send the new account A/S
AKB BALTIKUMS LATVIA, RIGA. SWIFT CBBRLVXXXX MFO CBBRLV22XXXX EKATERINA BELYH ACCOUNT NO LV81CBBR1310165100010 I to you more to write to me it can not is necessary to go on work I Love you Yours forever Ekaterina
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