Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Wayne (USA)

Letter 1

Hi there ;0)
I'm interested in you.And I'm a very family-oriented girl.I think that family is the sense of life of each woman.So I intend to find a soulmate and to create a family.
Please,write me back to the address:
Letter 2

Hello my new friend,

It was very nice to receive your letter! It's always pleasant when someone is interested in you and even made up his mind to send a messege! Thank you much!
So, I'm a common girl living in Unkraine,in Kharkov studing, working and doing the same things other people usially do. I work as a nurse at the hospital. I am from the family of both parents
and I also have a younger sister, her name is Nataly, she is 17. I don't live with them, I rent a flat in the centre of the city. I am in good terms with them but I don't want to exist on their expence, I enjoy being independant.
Surely my father helps me considerably but I try to earn my own money to pay at least my flat, the salary of the medical workers in our country is not high but I try to spare those i get.
I have various occupations, I am intersted in Eastern culture the one of China and Persia in particular. I adore music, it's my obsession, music's always playing whatever I do at home. My favourite time off is going to the Disco club together with my friends and dancing all night long. As a teenager I took dancing classes in a private school and still I can dance very well.
I enjoy everything mysterical in our life, isn't it an enigma to talk to a man you don't see and know nothing about? It's prickling my skin! Actually I haven't got lot's of friends but those I have I trust on 100%!
Intetrnet presents me one more way of getting aqcuainted with interesting people and making friendship too. And who knows, maybe it will help me to find a friend who will become more than just a friend!
Well, and what about you, my mysterical stranger, I still don't know anything about who you are and what are you looking for!
Please correct this mistake in your writing me back! I will be waiting for you letter! and photoes too! Tanya
Letter 3

Hello my dear Wayne,
Kitten I hope I'm the same as you are seeking.
Thanks a lot for your beautiful letter.It gives me the clear picture of your personality.
You look like a sencire,open-minded person.You are also a bright personality,as well.
You know,dear,these first letters from you will remain an afterglow in my mind,my soul and my heart forever!It's so easy to communicate with you,I can share all my deepest feelings and emotions with you!
It's so nice to have a person who can share with you all bad and good days!

I know that our relations can meet some barriers on its way but I think that there is no one too high barrier if we want to be together and even if I don't speak English so well to write you myself I know that if we want to be together we will fight for our happiness and we will overlive this not very big barrier in our communication because the language is possible to learn any time when you ahev such opportunity, right?

Dear,I hope it's interesting for you to know,why the girl in her twenties tries to find her second part via Internet.So,I'll try to explain it to you.First of all,I really believe that it's
not an easy thing to find your destined affinity,moreover if it is so far from you.Now I am just at bay,don't know what to do in my life-I don't speak about work,I am speaking about the person,who will love me,who will understand me and who will remain a real friend for me for the rest of my life.May be I had a bad love experience in life-but after all it was not even love.It was just existence...
And I don't want my future life be the same.That's why I do my best to find my only love here-in Internet.I am ready to struggle for my happiness and to keep my head above water.If you'll help
me with it, my dear,I'll be the happiest girl in this world.I do believe in your support and undestanding.Thank you so much for reading all my thoughts and dreams.I do hope that you'll understand me and share your thoughts and believes up to this question.
Send me a speedy reply and I'll always be,yours
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