Scam letter(s) from Olga Polkovichenko to Wayne (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Wayne,

It is Elen here. First of all I want to thank you for offering me your friendship; it is very important to me. My full name is Elena,but my friends and family call me Elen because it is a french variant and they tell I have some resemblance to French women with my grace. I don't think so but you can judge. It will be interesting to hear your opinion.:) Anyway I like how "Elen" sounds and I don't mind if you call me so. Well, I suppose you are eager to know more personal information about me. I was born in a small village Panchenkovo. It is in Ukraine,the East of Ukraine,Sverdlovsk region. Panchenkov was a great person in Ukraine, he was well-know in the past,that's why my village was called after him,in his honor. Now I live in another city,Chervonopartizansk,200 kilometers from my village. When I finished school I went to this city to enter the university and when I graduated from the university I found a job here in this city and decided to stay here because it is rather difficult to find a job in my village if not to say impossible. So I rent a room in the apartment and live here with the hostess. Though it is not so convenient to live with the hostess I don't complain because I can't afford to buy my own apartment and my hostess is a friendly amiable woman of 51 years. We go along well with her so I am rather satisfied to live here. And I am happy that I found a job here which was so difficult in my native village. My profession is interior designer. I work in a building firm as a constructor-designer. My work consists of forming of interior of rooms and offices. When for example a persons buys an apartment they call me and ask how it is better to organize everything in their rooms,where to put furniture,what chandelier will look better,how to decorate kitchen or dining-room. So, this is my speciality. I adore my work though it is not high-paid. But I get some kind of spiritual inspiration of it and I do everything with pleasure and responsibility. I try to take great pains to do the best of the worst. I hope one day you'll be able to value my work. Anyway,I am very devoted to what I do.
I see we are both expecting to find our soul mate to be happy in marriage and to lead together a happy family.
I'm a very romantic person, so I like romanticism, and I surely appreciate the romanticism in men;
I was born in 1978, and I'm 28 now.
I'm 1,69 m tall. How tall are you?
A little about my life. I'm single.
I have never been married. I had serious relationship with a man but it resulted in nothing. My former boyfriend never loved me, and that was my pain in my relationship. The fact that since he really didn't love me he was never able to be a lovely man for me; he was never able to show how happy he was to have me, nor things like that. I'm a very warm person and he was always cold to me; warm to friends, warm to children, and an ice cube to me. He did do it on purpose, nor like with the only intention of hurting my feelings, but still the fact that he couldn't be a loving man to me always felt like having a knife stuck in my back and passing through my heart. I supported it over four years expecting that someday he'd learn to love me. Late I realized that you don't learn to love someone; you either do or don't!
Right? Then finally I stopped caring too, and the flame of my love disappeared, but it took me too long to accept that I'd have to choose to separate. I felt so lonely but I didn't want to talk to any Ukrainian men. Why? Because my relationship proved they all Ukrainian men are not family oriented and all they want is empty(without feelings) *** and drinks. I felt very lonely. I had my parents and friend whom I loved but still their love for me never compensated the emptiness my heart feels for a loving companion on my life, for my soul mate, my life partner, my best friend. That¦s why I think that LOVE is the most important thing for me. I would never allow myself again to a relationship that is not based on truly mutual love. But the main thing is that I learned not to desperate my self, to keep calm, and to accept so much the good as the bad, and to learn experience from it, and to be more spiritual and honest than materialistic and cold. I'm a very ambitious woman, and I expect to earn good money, but I never loose my mind over it, and I like to use it as a tool gain freedom. I like to have the freedom to be able to travel every once in while, to provide for the people I love, to help others when I know they need it, it is rewarding for me to be able to lend a hand. But I care more about the simpler things in life, like family and health, or loyalty and friendship, rather than to dream on Hollywood mansions. Regarding spirituality, let me say that I'm a very religiously active woman myself. And as a fact, in my religion, one of the beliefs we highly profess is that our body is The Temple of our soul, and that it has been given to us by God as a necessary instrument to pass through this life (this stage of our eternity) to fulfill with its purpose; so it is our obligation to God to take good care of this body, the best that we can, and not to be profane about it. So, as a word of wisdom (not as commandment, but as something we consider to be very wise) we try to avoid doing anything to which we positively understand that it¦s harmful to our bodies. So we surely avoid drinking all alcoholic beverages, smoking, abusing of drugs (except under medical prescription), etc, etc. It¦s a matter of fact that the practice such word of wisdom is one of the characteristics which Worldwide it distinct our members from those of other religions. So you should never have to worry about me regarding the drinking. I don't drink alcohol, not at all, not even socially, nor at parties, not even for a toast. My friends laugh (respectfully, of course) because they toast with champagne or wine while I toast with them with coca-cola + lol. I don't smoke either, nor use any kind of drugs. I've never even tried such things. Well, obviously I have many things to tell you, but I don't want to write so much as to bore you already with so much to read. But for now, let me just say that I'm very happy to have met you, and very happy with this friendship we've stared, and that I hope we can keep this correspondence between us!!! Do take care of yourself!!!
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