Scam letter(s) from Olga Polkovichenko to Eric (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Eric, Thank you for your letter.Maybe it sounds silly that after only a second letter i tell about my feelings, but in your letters i can feel your soul, the warmness of your words.
We have so much in common and all my heart fills with tenderness and in the darkest corners of my soul appears a ray of hope.
As i don't know English and i don't have a computer at home i used to use the help of the translating company, but i think that it will not be a barrier in developing of our relations.
Now i think it's high time I told about myself.I'm 24 years old, I live in Ukraine in Poltava.I've graduated from the Pedagogical University, my speciality is Psychology.
Now i'm working in the Kindergarden.You know, when i'm with children, i feel like them, so small, without any problems and troubles.They are so open and so sincere.I catch myself on the idea that as people becoming older they loose their " cleanliness " and unselfishness.I wish that we stayed children forever, because maybe our world would be brighter and kinder.
It's very important for me not to stay alone . That's why i enjoy when my home is full of friends, because only in this way i feel that i'm interesting for people .
I can tell that i'm very sensitive and that's why i love nature, sea and birds, they are so free, they have no limits and can fly to the every part of the world.
In summer we,my friends and me, enjoy going to the picnics and having fun, swimming.In the moments like that i feel close to the nature.
I like all the kinds of music, but prefer to listen to ours(i mean Russian and Ukrainian). The music i listen to depends on my mood.
I have a wonderful family.I love my parents and my elder brother.
I have no any doubts and will never change my mind that my family is the model of a perfect family.
I will try to do everything that depends on me , to have such a family; without lie and betray.
What else does the person need to be completely happy? Waiting for your soon reply,
Letter 2

Hi my dear Eric,
You know each letter that I receive is like a big present for me.
I'm so much glad that you are in my life.I thank God that He sent me you!
My dear, I feel so much confused.I don't know even how to tell you.
I hope that you will understand me correctly.
I use the service of translation company "VIP-Translations".
Their e-mail address is: or to their web site
I don't know English and this is the reason for using this service.
I told you that I work,but now I have some financial problems.
And i can no longer pay for the correspondence with you.I know how it sounds, you may think that I'm just asking for money.
But in fact it is not so.
I have long thought before to tell you about it.But for me now this is the only way not to loose you.I hope that you understand it.
I will be so grateful to you if you will be able to help me.For me to correspond with you is the best joy in life.And you make me the happiest woman of the world.I'm so glad that i met you.
I hope to hear from you soon.
I kiss you tenderly,
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