Scam letter(s) from Larisa Vedesova to Fazil (Turkey)

Letter 1

Dear Fazil, I find you very interesting the man. I am glad , that we with you friends. Our correspondence so means for me much. I am afraid to think forward, but I want, that you knew - for me it very seriously.
Today has again passed by 3 buses in the morning, and any has not stopped. In everyone to people - as herring in a flank. Naturally, for work was late, and here the heads: «That, Olga, again buses did not stop? » It was necessary to tell, that neighbors from above have flooded with water. I am afraid, at such work of public transport of my imagination for a long time will not suffice.
Since the morning at me the mood was spoiled. But I have quickly found an exit from this situation; have decided to go during a break for dinner in park near our office. I very much like park nearby to our office. There it is silent and cosy, and I simply from time to time like to sit on a bench to relax and about anything to not think. At you such it happens? But certainly of anything to not think at me has failed, because you now always in my ideas and I very much frequently think of you. I think, that you, probably, that person with whom I might live all other life, probably. From your letters I have understood that you ideally approach me for creation of family. I think we may be right for each other. I would be happy to meet with you and get to know each other better. «My friends say that I am there was completely another, that I became more thoughtful and happy, it is possible they are right ". What you feel to me?
I can not hide all tenderness any more and mad attachment to you. I do not know about you anything except for a name. You know, I recently asked the God that he has helped me to grow fond. It may is silly, but I never tested this feeling which I now test to you earlier. Any story and any film never will transfer him. After our correspondence I long can not fall asleep each night. I think of you, about us. I never met the man more sincere and sensual than you. I want to be with you to touch your body, to feel tenderness of your lips and heat of your breath. I think that your kisses would dement me. I want to bring to you only pleasure and to caress you. Each particle of my body will belong only to you to one. To me there is a strange feeling, I do not understand, why me pull to you, you see we are familiar not enough time. Probably, it because I already for a long time did not test love. I ask the God that you have not rejected me.
I want to inform you very important thing. I hope that you will react to her adequately. Earlier I was many times deceived by men from Russia and consequently I very seriously treat a choice of men. About this day I corresponded with two men from Germany. But now I have made the choice and have written to them that I have found which persons I so long searched - this person you are, I hope you are glad it to hear? I have written to them that I do not want to correspond with them as I any more am not interested in them more.
I very much wait for your reciprocal letter and want to learn reaction to my letter. Yours forever Olga.
Letter 2

Hello my love Fazil!
I am very happy, to accept your letter today, it of full sincere heat and sympathy to me. I think, that for that time that we with you are copied we very much were pulled together and between us the feeling has appeared, I think, that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you, you have occupied a place in my heart. At work I became slightly inattentive also my girlfriends speak, that I am in love. I was never so is happy. I absolutely have changed; my girlfriends and familiar speak about it. It is all because of you. I as though fly in heavens.
I yesterday thought of our relations and concerning our feelings. I already so have become attached to you, that I miss each day without your letters. I always, think of you. I nothing can to make with myself. I think that I am in love. Yes I love you!!! I talked about it to the mum, and she speaks, that it is good, she thinks, that I shall be happy. I have told to the mum, that you the most good man and that I completely trust you. She speaks me, that I should not be mistaken.
She speaks, that we owe even closer study each other. She to love me.
And she is simple my native mother. I think that you understand me.
She wishes to us happiness and large love. I think, that we should meet, we should see each other, look in eyes, because through the Internet the emotions and difficultly are lost to understand each other. We became frank with you, and I think, that you want to learn about my ****** experience. In Russia all men dream only to drag you in bed, but I do not want it, I to not want to be given back to the first passer, that he has taken pleasure. Love it something more than she gives to the man to learn happiness in this life, and the men represent her only as ***, I think, that it is not correct also I hope, that you with me agree. I want to be with the sole man, with which I shall feel favourite. I of the ladies itself to him completely both body and soul. We together learn all depths of pleasure. Our passion will be poured out for limits of love, and we shall enjoy the friend the friend all life up to last moment of our existence.
Tomorrow I want to take day off at work to go in Embassy the embassy is in our city. Also I want all in detail to find out, that it will be necessary to me to make, that I could arrive to you. And tomorrow I shall write to you to you about my campaign in embassy.
I feel, what our hearts are beaten in one rhythm, and you feel it? I wait for your letter, whether it is important to me to know you share my ideas. Forever yours Olga.
Letter 3

Hello my love Fazil!
I have received your letter; it is full of emotions of heat and sympathy to me. I begin to understand, that my life is not meaningful without you because I love you. I think, that during that time that we with you write, each other we have very much gone through together and between us the feeling has appeared. I think, that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you. I spoke with my parents about that that, probably, I shall leave, she only was glad for me, she thinks, that it and is my happiness. Today I all day thought only of you, how we shall meet you. I to represent it to myself as you meet me at the airport as we search, each other eyes, we find and we rush in embraces each other. Today I went to embassy. And at once has decided to write to you that there have told me. Unfortunately, I can not arrive to you some time because for application for registration of the visa and registration of some documents, such as the passport for travel abroad, the medical information and other documents, money in the sum of 400 $ of the American dollars which now at me are not present are necessary. This month to me promised to pay out wages. And if you might send me money to registration of the visa when I to receive the salary I shall buy at once tickets. I shall arrive to you under the tourist visa which will operate during 90 days. I can not receive the visa of the bride how with you it is necessary for us all over again though time will meet. And then, when I to arrive to you we shall make out together the visa of the bride. Today fine day, but me it is sad, because we with you so far apart. I to dream, how you meet me at the airport with a bouquet of colors. I not minutes to not think of you. You always in my ideas. For that term, that we with you to communicate through the Internet, I am very strong to grow fond of you and my love can not live without you. Between us huge ocean, but in the ideas I with you. I to love you and for ever in your ideas. I wait your letter it important for me. Forever yours Olga.
Letter 4

Hi my love Fazil! Thanks for your magnificent letter. You The remarkable person which that person I so for a long time searched.
And now I in the days and nights wait for our meeting. I dream about it, I dream To see you, I dream to embrace you, I dream to feel taste of your lips.
For all time of correspondence you became me dear person. I Has grown fond of you, I love you!!! I never thought that I can find Such kind, sincere person as you. I am confident you, I It is confident that that you that who is necessary for me In that what exactly you You will make me the happy person, that person with which I shall feel like confidently with which I shall be myself and That with which I want to be together. Not so it was simple to make the decision To leave for other country, but my feelings are stronger than fear and I want to be Near to you, I am confident that that you the good person and I want to lead The life with you. You would like it? If it is possible, I not Would like to postpone trip to you. I very strongly love you and I am afraid To lose you.
I in 8 days shall have holiday and I want to lead him with you. Today In a breakfast I addressed in Travel agency. And all has learned about my possible trip to you and What package of documents is necessary for me. On the one hand I am madly glad, to that That all appeared not so difficultly as I assumed. With another The parties I am a little upset. On all my charges it is necessary for me 890 euros. 560 euros are necessary on the ticket for you and 330 euros it it is necessary on the visa and the foreign passport. I have counted it On exchange by the Central Bank of Russia. Also Has passed to euro. I certainly, understood that all expenses Dearly but that so it is expensive! And I even have been upset It is a little. And now I shall send you this letter, and I shall wait the answer. If My charges for you it will be dear , I certainly shall understand all, not Doubt. In fact sometimes, that is necessary to refuse From itself in many respects. As though we would not like it. In anyone Case we shall be Good friends. I shall have now Supper also I shall lay to sleep. And in everything, that I do not know, that I would like more, it tomorrow. I wait for your answer. I love you From the bottom of the heart.
Yours love Olga.
I love you, I love you, I love you..............
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