Scam letter(s) from Elena Kiseleva to Johnny (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello, dear friend!!!
It was so nice to open my mail box and to see a message from you, from the ther corner of the world! I am not very good at computer, and I am surprised to understand that now I have an opportunity to communicate with a person who lives so far from me. The distanse becomes less great, when people know each other better. And I am sure that very soon we will know each other very well! Because as for me I am a kind and open-minded girl with a good sense of humor. And what about you? How can you describe your character?
Well, now it is high time to tell you about me. My name is Ekaterina, but my friends call me Katia. As we are friends already you can callme just Katia, I like it more. I am 28. I live in the most beautiful city in the world. My native city is very dear to my heart, I was born here. is situated not far from the capital of Russia. It is not as big as Moscou of course but Tver with its beautiful lakes and rivers, green gardens even in the centre of the city ismuch more beautiful. friend, and what can you tell me about your city? Were you born there or you moved? Is it big or not and where it is situated?
And now look at the photo and say how do you find me? Frankly speaking, I tried to send you my best photoes to make impression on you...Did I manage to do it?
So, look and tell me. But on the photo you cant see my growth and weight. I am 170 cm tall, and my weight is 54 kg.
When I look at the map of the world it seems to me so big!!! I find your country and understand that thousands and thousands kilometers separate us. But it doesnt frighten me! On the contrary, it is very exiting to communicate with somebody with whom you have never even talked! In the process of communication we will understand our characters, the differences between us. But I am sure we will have many common things. The first one - we are active people, which dont stay at one place! We try to change our lifes, I like this position. Every person must be a master of his life. Our world is so big, there are more than 6 mlrd of people in it and we are so different!!!
I would like to tell you that I have no computer at home, and I write to you from the Internet club. So, you understand that I dont have opportunity to write to very often, but if I am interested in a person, I will do all my best to communicate with him... I know English rather well, I write letters myself and speak fluent English. I graduated the Pedagogical University. But anyway it is a foreign language for me, may be sometimes I have mistakes. So, ask me if you dont understand something. And very soon I will be sure to improve my English with you!
Well, it is all for this time. Please try to answer all my questions and of course tell more about you.
Your new friend Katia.
Letter 2

Hello, my prince Johnny!!!
My darling, again I can say to you that you lit in my heart fire of love having written me a letter. I hope you feel the same when you read my letters. I try to express all my great love to you in them!!! And I am sure that you answer me with reciprocity!!! Do you feel the same, my unique Johnny?
I know that you the person I need and I really want to be next to you every second of my life, to feel your presence, to hear your sweet voice... My darling, fortunately nowadays everything is possible. We can be together it's necessary just to buy a ticket!!!
My darling, I never traveled so I went to the travel agency as I promised you, my prince. I really managed to know all the information about my trip to you. In fact it appears not very difficult. So, I was told that if I want to go to your country and want to do it fast, I must have a passport (170 $), there is no problem to do it, it's very quickly, then tourist visa (it is available for three months, 215 $), then two-way air-tickets (980 $), insurance (870 $,
every person who goes abroad must have it obligatory because some troubles may take place during the voyage). If I have my tourist visa I'll be able to stay at your place for three months but if we want to continue my staying with you I think it will not be a problem. I think it's possible to prolong the��sa. I was told in the agency that they had such cases and everything was OK!!!
Well, about my trip to you. Naturally I had to tell my mother everything about my decision to go to you. She said that she understood everything. She knows me as nobody in the world. I said to her about my plans and she supported me.
She told me she had some savings as she wanted to buy furniture. But she is ready to help us because she is very happy for me and for you. She told me that I never was so happy and beautiful. So I can pay my passport, my tourist visa and my two way tickets. Unfortunately, my sweet, I cannot afford to pay the insurance.
I counted everything very neatly but I have no money left. I asked my friend Marina to help me, but she refused. She has left her work and she is out of money now. In fact, my darling, I do not have anybody to ask to, so I do not know what to do. For our country it's really a great sum of money and everybody does not possess this money. Among my acquaintances there are not such people.
My unforgettable, I can hope only at you. I know that you really want me to be next to you, so I want to ask for your help.
My daring Johnny, I really dream of you all the time and I need you immensely.
Tonight I have already seen you in my dream. You were next to me and you hold my hand. When I woke up I burst into tears because you were not next to me.
My dear after I shall stay with you, I believe in one year we could invite my mum to live with us. I think she .s was very happy, but while she will not be with us I shall contact it each days off.
My love you are not a lunatic you are simply in love as well as I. We test identical feelings, I do not seem to you mad? You ask when my birthday. My birthday on August, 1. I hope we shall meet this day and it will be unforgettable for both of us.
Thanks you big for such fine poems, they so like me.
My fantastic Johnny, we really have all the chances to be together!!! I was told in the agency that it's possible to make all the documents very quickly. So I wait for your answer with impatience and I want to know your opinion.
I hope that everything will be very good. I kiss you tenderly, yours Dove
Letter 3

My Dear! I want to tell you that I love you very much. I miss you greatly.
I hope that you are well. I wish that your heart is happy. Thanks for your fine ��iOhey to me so �⿲? like them to read.
More and more I love you every day. I wonder how how can such good, kind, fair man be left alone? How can any woman resist you? I would enjoy holding my arms around you and softly kissing you. Just to feel your body and smell your sweet perfume would be like heaven to me. Your smile melts my heart and my soul. How can this be? I think of the pleasure of holding your hand in the park. I enjoy being in love with you and making absolute love to you. Imagine waking up in the morning next to each other. I could lie in bed with you I in your arms all day.
I want to give you all love that you will want. I want to love you and make you feel sensations and emotions like no woman has ever made you feel before. I want you to let go of your emotions and give me your passion. I want to give you the love that you have never felt before. I want my touch to electrify your body as I massage you all over. I close my eyes and hear you whisper my name in my ear.
Can you imagine how it would feel with our souls linked closely together?
There would never be any use for words. I want you my prince. I want to be with you right now!
You would make me the happiest woman.
My love as to me informed in bank where I went to learn(find out) concerning the western union to you it is necessary to specify the following information:
Last name:
I know that after you will send money Western Union should give you MTCN, it is ten numbers without which I cant take money in my country. So I need to know then in any case.
After you will send money to me, please, honey, write me the letter and those 10 numbers.
I need to know it and that you have already sent me. I will need a full information about you (country, state, name, last name, address) .I hope that everything will be fine. I really dream about our meeting. I love you so much. I love you, never forget it!!!! I hope to hear from you soon.
Letter 4

My Precious Angel, Johnny!
I look forward to the day, I can hug you. I can not wait to know the sweet taste of your soft lips. I hunger for the chance, to hold you tight, so that I can feel your heart and mine beat together.
My love I did not know that to arrive to you it is necessary to take with itself of money. Nobody informed me on it. Well concerning your idea that it will marry in my country too for a long time so have told to me in the visa agency. It will be necessary to wait for 3 months after submission of the application, I cannot live so for a long time without you. I believe to us it is necessary to marry to your country. I shall tell that I go to you for a month. But I have no such money, my dear I have the decision of this problem if you send me still money which to me it are necessary to confirm solvency for a month these are 1500 dollars as you informed me, I shall not spend them and I shall give you them after arrival to you. It is very a shame to me to ask you also this money but I have no opportunity to get them. I can rely only on you. What do you think concerning it? You agree with me? My sweet I it is really very much upset with that that you informed, I think that you are not going to change your plans and we shall be together on Saturday or Sunday.
There are times, I see couples together here and there, I see them laugh and have a good time together, and I am thankful that I have you, and that we will be a couple, who laughs and enjoys the company of each other. I recall each and every word you have ever written to me, and I see your love and every night in my dreams. I can not go a single second of the day without my thoughts turning to you, and the Love you have expressed to me countless times. You are MY ANGEL, you have my heart, mind, body, and soul and you will have it forever and I shall see to it, that you shall never have need of anything, other than that which you desire. I will be yours forever, and proudly so. From the day you first responded to my very first letter, up till this very moment, I had never known the joy and happiness, and contentment in my life, that I know now, and shall forever know. It is because of your love, that I live, and because of it, I will love no other, and I will not rest until we are together forever. I will do whatever it takes to be together with you very soon. I LOVE YOU!! I shall now go to sleep, with your lovely imagine ingrained in my mind, and shall sleep with a smile on my face because of it and you. My Precious Angel Johnny, I LOVE YOU! thank you for loving me.
Please my love, write me soon,
Your love Katia.
P.S. I called to you yesterday and put the message.
Letter 5

Johnny you the most wonderful man in the world to me, I want no other man in my life only you my dear sweet Johnny. My love I wait when we will be together soon, I love you so very very much, You are my life, You are my boy, Your my man, And I want you to be my forever, I love your letters and hearing how much you love me and how much you are devoted to me, I am so very thankful and happy you love only me and want no other woman. You know how much that means to me my love. Johnny you are my one and only truest love of my life, and I am totally devoted to you and your happiness, I will not rest till I am there safe in your arms forever more. We are surrendering our hearts to one another always and forever, I truly love you, And will love for the rest of our lifes as my man, Johnny Johnny I love you with all my heart and soul Johnny, And nothing will keep us apart, You are the most wonderful man in the world, and your my true love, I will make you so very happy. And I am so happy that you always stand beside me, I never want to lose you ever, your my smile. Sweetheart I cannot wait till I can taste your sweet lips, feel your skin, and make love to you every day. And I cannot wait to be with you soon my love!
It is the address of the branch of western union POST RUSSIA FRUNZE nearest to me 20 TVER, 170039555649
My dear I have the Canadian visa, but I have document with which I can to visit America. My dear I shall wait your money on Tuesday on August, 22. I am hurried by agency to pay insurance, differently I am threatened with the penalty. My sweet do not overlook to send me MTCN, without him I cannot receive money.
I am your loving the future wife, Katia.
Letter 6

My Dearest Johnny,
I have received your money many thanks. I today shall go to pay insurance and to buy tickets. I shall wait the stayed sum that I could arrive to you. My dear I so it is glad that we soon shall together. I so am happy my love. I love you. I cannot find a place where I could make a copy of the certificate on a birth.
My dear I need to hurry up to pay insurance. I shall wait for your letter.
Your wife Katya.
Letter 7

Greetings my dear Johnny!!
I still so am sad, yesterday I all the day roared, my mum of me calmed but I saw that she too is sad. I shall write to you every day and to call too. Well I have reserved the ticket for September, 1 the information on flight. DELTA AIR LINES 31 SVO
Moscow 09/01/2006
01:15 PM JFK
New York 09/01/2006
03:45 PM 767 Economy
N/A 16 hr
New York 09/01/2006
07:45 PM YUL
Montreal 09/01/2006
09:26 PM ER3 Economy
View Seats 333
My dear I shall arrive in P.E.TRUDEAU AIRPORT. When I shall call you we should discuss where there we can find each other. My dear you should not worry concerning that that I do not send to you the certificate on a birth at me there is no fax and I do not know where it to take. But my visa goes for 3 months but to me have told on it I there can be a month and show at customs house of money too only for 1 month. So my love Johnny to submit applications for the conclusion of a marriage we shall go together. With this letter I send you a copy of my visa. I love you. And I know we shall be together. My mum sends the regards to you.
I love you my husband your wife Katya.
Letter 8

My Dearest Johnny,
My love I has received money and soon we shall together. Tomorrow I with mum shall go to Moscow. We shall lead night in hotel and then we shall go to the airport and I shall arrive to you. And we shall live happily. I cannot believe in my happiness.
My LOVE, now, more than ever I must have you for mine! I know when I arrive to you, I will show you my Love for you, making Love to you. I will kiss every inch of your body, from your head to your feet! I have dreamt many times of you, since you and I have written this e-mails to each other. I will know the pleasure of a kiss from those lips, I shall hear words of Love and laughter, from them. I will know the smell of your skin, the warmth and the softness of it, and I will enjoy for ever the presence of it! I will see the world only when you open your lovely eye's each morning, and I will rest at night after your eye's have closed, and will dream of the moment when they shall open again. This I will do for the rest of my life, for soon you shall be my life! Soon I should arrive to you and I will come to the man I want most in the World, Johnny Johnny, who has been most loving, patient, loyal, honest and caring and giving. I will be the Happiest Woman on Earth, for having such a man as Johnny Johnny, for all my life. I LOVE YOU Johnny, forgive me if I made you endure any hardships, if anything I said or wrote to you questioned my Love for you. I truly know now that you do love me, and you know now more than ever I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH! I must close this letter for now, but you soon will hear my words. I send you a thousand kisses to wear each day until, I hold you in my arms forever. I LOVE YOU! Your Love forever Katia.
Letter 9

My greetings Johnny!!!!
It is very a pity to me that I have not arrived to you, but to my mum it became bad at the airport. she had a heart attack!!! Her have taken away in hospital, I too have gone to it. She lays in without consciousness and I cannot throw her. she does not have anybody closer than I. How you would act in such situation? I tried to call to you and your friend Richard, but nobody took a tube. All this time I was with mum and I could not write to you. YOU UNDERSTAND me? I do not know that to me to make with trip to you. Tell that to me to do? I should be near to mum. It is not very a pity to me that I could arrive to you. I hope you understand my situation.
Your Loving Katya.
Letter 10

Greetings my dear Johnny!!!!
I have changed the apartment and to me have given out $10000 to me there are no $6000, I do not know where them to take. Well I have sent you of money through the western union. I have sent you 1500. MTCN 5829456230. Concerning me you know other information. I need to find 6000 for 2 days. I went to bank, but to me have given up in the loan because I was going to arrive to you. At them who is forbidden to give out to money to those gathers abroad. I all in despair, I do not know what to do. I do not want to lose mum and I do not want to lose you. So your support is necessary for me. I love you.
Yours katya.

Letter 11

My love Johnny yesterday I has paid for mother's operation. Doctors have understood my position and have discounted me, I have paid $10000. Today to mum performed operation and she has passed badly my mum has died. At me remained nobody except for you. I shall sell the apartment and to arrive to you. I went to bank and they have told that money which I sent to you have not reached, you have specified not the correct address. After I shall sell an apartment I shall arrive to you. But me have told that it is impossible to cross border with such big sum of money. I want to send them through the western union and to arrive to you. Tomorrow there will be funeral of my mum. I am very restless also to a roar whole in the days. So your support is necessary for me. At me anybody was not closer than her. Well it is time to me to go.
Yours Katya.
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