Scam Letter(s) from Kelly Jones to Robert (USA)

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Letter 1

Dear Rob,
Its nice to know that u really find me attractive and wantin ,i got your email and i did like to let you know my situation of things,I'm sorry to tell you that i wish i could talk to you but it's quite hard for me here.I did like to tell you what happened and where i'm now and why i can't talk to you over the phone.I am in a country they call nigeria in africa due to something tragic incident that happened to me.There was a man i used to date over the internet some mths ago{Dec. 2005},I liked him very much and loved him since he always made me happy and he told me sweet things that i did like to hear ,We got really close and he asked me to come over here for a visit so i could meet him personally and we could get to know ourselves much more,which i eventually did come down here,the day that i arrived,he lodged me in an hotel since he came to the airport to pick me up ,we were together for about some few hours the next day and he let me know that he did be coming back soon and he left and not knowing that would be the last time that i would see his face,cos as he left me,he left me for good,i was dumbfounded a few hours later when i was called by the hotel customer care that he had been involved in ghatsly motor accident and he did not survive,i was down and out and there was no way i could just get myself together,there was no one to console me and i could not brace up,i was just there alone and i just sat in the hotel room not able to go out,i was there for a few days after that day and the day i was to check out,i was informed that i was owing bills,the days i paid for was already through and i could not leave cos of the bills i'm owing...i went back upstairs and tried to contact the only person i could that's my aunt whom i used to stay with in orange before i left for Aberdeen,MD to stay alone.I was brought up by my aunt since my dad and mom died when i was 5 and she's been so cruel to me until i left her,i've been in the hotel for the past 4-5wks now and i can't leave,why?My passport has been seized by the hotel management and they said that if i don't pay my bills they can't let me leave and i keep crying and sobbing cause there's no way i can leave here without getting my bills paid,I just want you to know that a caring heart is all i need now and i hope that we remain together as one in true love and happiness. I did like you to know that i'm not putting a burden on you but if you truly have a heart that's caring and loving and really want us to be together,i pray that u would not hesitate in getting me away from this place to be with u..i would not mind doing that at least....,i'm humble,meek and kind and i'm a down the earth person,i'm willing to humble myself before you,I hope that with all you know now,you would decide on either leaving me in my pains or taking me away from this place to you...i hope to read from u as soon as possible...i would also love to send more pictures of me tho..

Letter 2

Dear Robert,
I got your email and i indeed really also appreciate your efforts in wanting to help me outta here tho..well as it seems at the moment now i dont know how to go about leaving here....cos i dont have any money on here with me and dont know how to go about it tho....well i am in a hotel called Gloria Hotels & Suites and it is located at 10, shasha rd, akowonjo, lagos, in room 10 on here registered with ma full name Kelly Jones and the name of the hotel manager that has ma passport and return ticket is Mr. Emmanuel and his direct contact is 234-8032082691 or 234-01-8910353....I owe the hotel $510 and if i get this paid I would get ma passport and return ticket back and be outta here as soon as possible.......i just am so scared and dont know wat to do..i have contacted the us embassy on here for help but they told me that they were currently receiving lots of applications at the moment that they would get back to me as soon as aunt was involved in the hurricane katrina saga that took place in New orleans and i lost her also in that event..its all so sad for me Robert..:( i also even applied for hardship but nothing still....i even went ahead to ask the hotel manager if i could work ma bills i owe off on here but he told me that I did not have a working permit to do that on here..everything just seems really so blake and i dont know wats happening with me...i simply deleted ma picture on american singles after i got a responce from you......i would not mind re-routing ma return ticket to being with you tho..wats the closest airport to you?.... i just want to have someone that would love and care for there for me and make me happy..i find u a caring and loving person......hope you are doing okay and work is going on fine tho..i am sending some more pictures of me that i have in ma mailbox..but they should be strictly for your eyes only and really cant wait to be outta here......hope to read from you.....I want to be a blessing to u in as much as you would love to be one to



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