Scam letter(s) from Oksana Smolenkova to DLIMA (TUNISIA)

Letter 1
Hello friend!!!
Thanks that has answered me Excuse that for a long time did not write to you I had family problems My grandfather was ill also to me it was necessary to go To it in village to look after it.
Unfortunately it has died week back.
And I have buried it as well as it asked near to the grandmother
Please if I am still interesting to you write to me
I very much wait your letter
Yours faithfully
Letter 2
Hello Mounir
Thanks for your answer And your photo!!!!!!
It was very pleasant for me that you have answered me I so experienced, I thought that you will not answer me Once again that has written thanks me!!!!! Mounir I want to tell a little about myself I was born on February, 25, 1977 I live in Russia in city Shuya It is small ancient city I work as the nurse in children's branch To like me my work!!!!
At leisure I like is tasty to prepare food To read books, to listen music Also I am able to play on a guitar And when to me to become sadly I get a guitar and I start to play on it To me already 28 and I to reflect began seriously about creation of family
I have decided to try to search the man through the Internet Now I have you
Mounir you are very interesting to me
And I hope that I too am interesting to you
That at us is much in common
Perhaps we shall be good friends and more
Then we shall meet and shall like each other
Time goes very quickly, the life passes And I want to be in time
To have time to create family
To have good the man
To like it to care, caress, fidelity
To give birth to children, to be happy
Mounir I hope you think too as I
On it I shall finish the letter
I wait for your prompt reply
With the best regards
Letter 3
Hello Mounir thanks for your letter I to find you on
Why to you there has come a spam I to not understand it Mounir I began to use the computer translator better to understand your letters
And it is easier to write to you
Therefore I think that now my English will be more clear to you!!!!!!
Mounir I live in Russia in city Shuya it is small city
I live at edge of city in a small apartment with mum
I work as the nurse in children's hospital
My mum does not work she on pension to it 55 year
I have lived all life in the city
But and could not find second half
The person which could love and care of me
Therefore I began to search for this person through the Internet to speed up the search
To find love and happiness
And to live with the favourite person having created family Mounir I still am one
That my dialogue with you will help me to understand hope And to understand you
And perhaps we shall grow fond each other or we shall stay good friends Mounir I the only child at the parents
I have grown with the parents
But when I went to school also to me there were 10 years at me father has died
It worked as the builder on construction and there there was an accident........
So I have lived other time with mum
She to me replaced the father
When I have stopped school I for a long time thought where to go to study
And what trade to me to choose
I have decided that I shall be the nurse to help people requiring in medical aid
After the termination of study when to me there were 24 years I was employed in city hospital
In children's branch
Where and now I work honey as the sister
Very much to like me my work
And I with pleasure work on it
At leisure I spend houses more as the most part I am on work
And strongly I get tired
I like to listen to romantic music
To read interesting books
To look news or romantic films
Also I am fond of room colors
Is tasty to prepare
And sometimes simply to have a sleep
Also I to play on a guitar and it is a little to sing
Also I was fond of ball dances
Mounir I think that psychologically I am ready to creation of family
I want to build family
To give birth to children and to bring up them
Having given them education, love and care
In the safe country
To be happy and loved with the husband
I thought of that that much if I shall grow fond of the person from what that of the distant country
I have decided that for the sake of loved I shall leave Russia
I shall leave all friends and I shall be only with it
Mounir I very much want to be loved
Each woman wants to have the favourite, true and careful person beside But not it is possible to everyone
I hope that I can find the love and the happiness
Pending your letter
My friend Mounir
Letter 4
Hello Mounir
I am very happy that you have answered
I waited for this letter
Now I understand You too as well as I are very much interested in development of our attitudes
You kindle in me fantastic passion
Mounir each your letter lifts my mood above
Also forces me to smile, and to shine happiness
I frequently present us together
I think that I and you would be good pair
I simply do not have words to transfer you all my feelings dear Mounir Mounir I am sincerely convinced that people meet the half of 1 times in a life
I see, I feel, and my heart does not deceive me
I believe that together we shall be happy!!!!!
Mounir our marriage will be blessed in heavens
And together we shall live a long and happy life
It will be good us together
Mounir I know you understand me!!!
I am ready to throw everything more likely to be in your embraces Mounir
To thaw from your hot kiss
To be surrounded your love and care
And to give you all itself without the rest!!!
I do not know what to occur to me with my feelings recently
Mounir my ideas constantly come back to your image
When I wake up and lie down to sleep you always in my ideas
I think of you, I think as you, I think than you are borrowed
I am interested by all about you
You as if a spark which light me, my feelings my passion
Whether Mounir I at all do not know I can wait our meeting for a long time
I am afraid that I burn down from passion..............
I already spoke you that grant leave to me on my work For the whole month And I want to carry out on all of 100 % these days together with you I do not want to pass by our happiness
I think you understand it Mounir!!!!!
We can strongly change our life
To be near to the favourite person!!!
To care of it..........
Probably it also is happiness
Please write to me the address and the nearest airport to you I learn that I can do
Perhaps I can arrive to you in the near future!!!
I very much wait for your answer
Kisses Oksana
Letter 5
Hello Mounir I have not received your letter and I to experience
What has taken place?
I am not interesting any more to you?
Please write to me and tell
You have found whom that still? Or I am not interesting any more to you
I did not meet anybody better you Mounir
And I very much want to be with you
I very much wait your letter
I love you
Letter 6
Hello my love Mounir!
I grieve on you very much!!!!
I am very glad that all of us with you are copied.
I simply have now your letters.
All that I want now it to meet you.
I write you the letter with serious intentions.
You can appreciate the girl, respect my advantages.
Mounir Now I do not have not enough your caress, kisses, embraces.
I want to carry out with you perfect evenings.
To have supper with you at candles, to go for a walk with you at light of the moon.
I do not ask you of expensive gifts.
The expensive gifts are not necessary to me.
It is necessary that I was respected by mine favourite the man.
I the very romantic girl.
I even now present, as I to wake up in the morning and you to me bring a cup of coffee in bed.
Then we with you together go in a soap room and to be washed together. I do then jog since morning.
And after all I go on work.
Me to like sports.
And when I to leave from work you me to meet if you earlier to finish work.
I am able perfectly to prepare Russian kitchen.
I think that she to you very much to like.
At home I all time to prepare to eat.
To my mum very much to like, as I prepare to eat.
She simply loves my meal.
Such love at us here in Russia to not find.
And consequently you to me are necessary.
I think that it and there is a beautiful love.
I am ready to arrive to you.
I need only one to arrive to you.
I think you should it understand.
If I could that has arrived itself.
But me do not allow my financial position Mounir Excuse but now very much it would be desirable to sleep.
I very wait for your letter.
My embraces and gentle kisses
Your love
Letter 7
I waited your letter Mounir
I too shall never forget you
Also I shall write to you and to speak any news
You always will be in my opinion
You will be with my best friend
If you when that will be in Russia
That my house will be your house!!!
I shall be always glad to you Mounir
I wish you happy love
And strong family
Your friend Oksana
Letter 8
My love Mounir
I waited your letter
I grieve on you very much
And I want to be more likely with you
You are necessary for me
I want to be your wife
I want to be with you always
Mounir I too think of you always
I want to sleep with you and to wake up with you
I strongly love you Mounir
I have no phone of a house therefore at me there is no house the Internet
And I to write to you with mail
Tell to me when we can meet
I have holiday and I want that with you as soon as possible
I do not present a life without you
I want to be your wife
I want to be with you
I shall write to you little bit later
Mounir I am not rich and consequently I cannot allow to buy the ticket to you
But I to have the visa and the passport
And if I could have the ticket I went to you already tomorrow
Tell to me in what airport closer to you
Where it is better to go to me
And I shall learn the cheapest ticket
I love you
Letter 9
My greetings love Mounir
I am glad to see your letter again
I was in a travel company to me have told that the ticket in the USA
costs approximately 700 $
I am not rich and I have no such money
But I can sell the gold and it will cost about 200 $
If you could help me and have sent me 500 $
That I could go quickly to you
Tell to me your address
Tell to me the closest airport to you
And I shall ask that to me have learned the exact information on the ticket
And how many it costs
Mounir if you can fast go itself to me that I only I shall be glad
My holiday I already began have only 1 month
And I want to devote this time to you
I have the visa and the passport
All that to me is necessary to buy only it the ticket
Mounir let's speak frankly
You can help to buy to me the ticket?
How you can quickly send money?
Write to me your address and the close airport to you
I wait your letter with answers to questions
I love you
Letter 10
Hello my love Mounir
I waited your letter
I too am very glad that you too very much want to see me more likely
Mounir I have learned as you can send money
To me have told that you can send money on WESTERN UNION
It is the fastest way to receive money
I very much want to buy as soon as possible the ticket and to go to you
my love Mounir
Mounir my address The country: Russia
City: Shuya
zip code:155600
Street: streleckaya 5, apartment 1
Surname: Smolenkova
Name: Oksana When you to send money in bank, to you will be give mtcn
(a control code of a remittance)
It will consist of 10 figures
That I to receive money
I should know mtcn
And also your full address
And your full name, a surname
So to me have told in bank when I learned as you can send money
Mounir I dream of you every day
You the best the man in this world
I want to devote to you all my life
You are very necessary for me my love Mounir
I hope that soon we shall together
I to wait your letter
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