Scam Letter(s) from Maria Trufankina to Terry (USA)

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Letter 1

620137 Russia,Ekaterinburg,Mira-5,office12

tel.+7(9028)715728 fax.+7(3432)445782

Mr. Darty!
We officialy confirm that Ms. Maria Trufakina have received visa.
When she will fly to Jacksonville 22th November, she will have to show to the officers of Russian Custom Service and Visa Passport Service (AVIR) in Moscow airport living minimum (money for living and touris needs )-1000 USD.
She must have this money ,in other case these 2 services will not let her fly out of Russia.
To aquaire all additional information you may contact us by e-mail it is more cheap for you and comfortable for us, we will reply in 2-3 hours after receiveing letter in working time or by phone.

Respectfully yours,
Travel Agency MIRAGETOUR,
travel manager Aleksey Seleznev.



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