Scam letter(s) from Maria Assam to Ali (Saudi Arabia)

Letter 1
Dear sir. I saw your ad on "Shadi" and am very interestet in getting to know you better. I like the way you described yourself. I hope very much that you will respond to me. Here is a little about me. I was born and raised in Sweden, educatet as a nurse, has worked as a parttime model and a parttime airhostess. For 5y I was married to an arab businessman, but is now divorced and wants to remarry a muslim man. Maybe it could be you. I dont mind the age difference - I am vey fond of mature men. I have no kids, but would like to get some - do you have kids ? My interest are reading, knitting, cooking. I hope that you like my looks and respond back soon. I dont speak arabic, but I want to learn it. I am very fond of arabic culture.with respect Maria
Letter 2
To my Ali My dearest Ali - I was so happy when I received your mail. I printed your answer out and put it close to my body and I felt warm all over when I was thinking about you. I think you my ideal husband and I thank the stars above that we found each other. I cant wait any longer to meet you - our meeting must happen very soon. Because of your sick wife I know that its not possible for you to come to me, but I would be happy to fly to you in Jedda. Just tell me when. What kind of cloth do you want me to put on at our first meeting. I you prefer traditional dress I could put a hijab on and we we are alone I could change to western style, which I know you like: high heels, nylon, short skirt. Just tell me and I will do anything to fulfill your wishes. I know that you are a very busy man, but could you help me finding the cheapest ticket, because I dont earn some many money these days. I have seen tickets to about 600$, but thats too much for me. I am begging you to send the money.My dear "husband" please answer me soon. I am dying to hear from you. yours one and only love Maria
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