Scam letter(s) from Leyla to Jimmy (USA)

Letter 1
I'm so glad that you have responded on my letter. I'll tell you a bit about myself: I live with my mother and brother on the East of Ukraine, in the town Lugansk. I work as a secretary and study in the Institute to the qualification of jurist.
At the free time I go in for sport, I like to visit exhibitions and theatre. I have a hobby- to make compositions from fresh flowers. I like sea very much and wildlife, my friends and me often go to the reservoir to fish and to have a rest.
I receive a big pleasure from new meetings and chat with interesting people in who I appreciate honesty and openness.
With a tenderness, Leila.
Letter 2
Hi, Jimmy .I liked you and I'd like to continue correspondence with you.
It seems to me, that you correspond to my views about modern man. You're unchained, with a sense of humour, intellect and ability from life to make a holiday. Namely with such man I'd like to go through the life.
I would like to describe to you one day from my life. - Waking up, I drink a cup of coffee, turn on music and to make setting-up. I go to the street and please to every new day, sun and sky.
At the work I need to communicate with a lot of people, that's why I always have an excellent look. O Coming back to home, I prepare a supper. I like very much fruits and vegetables, though I am not a vegetarian. After a dinner in my free time I go to the cinema, read the books and just chat with my mother. This is my ordinary day.
I want that near with me it would be the nearest human- friend and beloved.
P.S. It was very awkwardly to me to ask you but I sincerely grateful to you for the understanding .The money order can make through the bank Western Union to the Ivanovy passport : EM622340 You need to say me the number of money order and your last name
Sincerely , Leila
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