Scam letter(s) from Irina Fadeeva to Bob (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear, Bobby!
I have been missing you and look forward to your next letter. I feel we become closer with every new letter...
Thank you very much for your pictures and I'll show you my friends! I hope you'll like them, but most of all I like you very much! Well, you know it is very good to meet you in Kiev and as for staying I think the best way it will be in Hotel. I asked my manager and she have said about it.
1. Meeting in Kiev: Their representative could meet you at Borispol Airport in Kiev, take you to the railway station and see if you are safely on the train to Lugansk. He will also buy your tickets for the train Kiev-Lugansk and back. He will bear total responsibility for your safety when in Kiev.
2. Meeting at Borispol Airport and transportation to Kiev railway station will cost you 49.99 USD.
3.Ticket for Kiev-Lugansk train will cost you 100 USD.
4.One-room in "Khreschatik Hotel" - 73 USD, suit - 80-100 USD a night. And if you'll have some question you can ask my manager and send e-mail to her. And you imaged our first meeting!
Romantic dinner in the restaurant - what can be better for the first meeting? It should be at the soft candlelight in a little but very nice place without many people around. And as the place is so calm and the music soft and romantic I can hardly see anything around and the charming power of your eyes turn my head... We won't eat too much... perhaps a bottle of white wine and some sea you like them?... you will caress my hand with yours and I feel slight languor in all my body... and I will feel more... perhaps dancing with you and feel you arms embracing my waist... and we will be moving in the rhythm of dance as if rocking the wave of the love ocean...
After dinner we would go to the disco or somewhere if you want but I prefer to take a walk for only you and me!!!
Now when I am writing you a letter I have two contradictory feelings in my heart that is joy and worry as I am short of money and not sure I will be able to afford paying the next letter translation. I am writing you this letter with a fear that it can become the last one...
I am ashamed to ask my mother for a help. I think we are not children and can decide it between ourselves. My mum used to say that my private life and nobody has the right to inerfere the relationships between two people. I don't know what to say and my heart is full of doubts. I am short of words...
So I dare to tell you honesty and frankly. I would like to ask you to help me with the payment for the translation services. If our relationships means something for you as for me please help me to keep them and go on with them.
I am yours with all my heart and soul.
Take care and write soon.
Letter 2
My dear Bobby!
I missed you, my virtual stranger! It seems to me that I've been knowing you for long but you are so far away from me. Perhaps, it's a dream... Thank you for your letter and for all your sweet lovely words towards me. Thank you for your interest. I appreciate that you try to help me. I learn more and more about you and I feel my growing symphathy towards you.
My Bobby, I'd be glad to meet you in Kiev, but yesterday I had talk with my mother. And she is agree to meet you, but it will be in the middle of January, because of as you know I am studying at University and I will be studying till the 30th of December, we are students and we have no holidays, and I'll begin to study on the 2nd of January, I'll have no enough time for it. And my mother said that we'll celebrate New Year at home. It is family Holiday and we have to be together. And I know it would be very good, but my mother won't let me go to Kiev in such holiday. And I can't ague back mother's word. Sorry, but I really can't be there in this time.
And manager said about trip to Kiev that I must go with their translator, because of every girl must go with representative of this agency. But if you have some questions about it you can write on this e-mail: servlg <> and my manager tell you about everything.
But I hope that we'll go on to continue our correspondence and get to know each other better during this time and at least we'll meet, but it will be in January. What do you think?
Well, I am thankful to you that you want to help me with the payment for the translation services. Now I am going to tell you how you can do this. I pay 5 USD for the translation of 1 letter (no matter from English into Russian or from Russian into English). It's rather expensive. But if to make the prepayment in the amount of 100 USD per month one can write and receive the unlimited number of letters per day! That is why it sounds better to pay in advance for a month.
The easiest ways are by Western Union ( and MoneyGram ( bank systems.
The money are to be transferred to the name of Nadezhda Naschokina, the manager of the Internet-cafe.
The address of our Internet-cafe:
91022 Ukraine.
As soon as the manager receives the payment we will be able to go on with our correspondence, my sweetheart. I am looking forward to that very day when there will be no any obstacles between us and we will enjoy each other and our happiness. I am missing you and I hope for you darling.
And of course I would be happy to speak to you by phone but I have no telephone at home. I think you know very little about the life in Ukraine and may be surprised that to have a phone at home is the privilege for those who can afford it. It's not just a means of communication as in your country. Sorry!... But my friend has a phone. And if you want I can ask her for a permission to receive your call at her house. We could discuss the day and time... What do you think of this? Though my English is very poor it can't be the big problem, can it? The main thing for me is to hear your voice and to know that you are not just a PRODUCT OF MY IMAGINATION...:-))
You know it is very pleasant that you want to send something to me and to my mother, we'll be glad, but we know each other a little and it is not comfortable for me, but I'll be very glad. And I give my full name and my address:
Irina Fadeeva.
ul.Barbusa, 14/79,
I hope you'll understand me completely and tell me what do you think about all this! It is very important to know your opinion. And if you'll have some questions with great pleasure I'll answer.
I kiss you!
Yours, Irina.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Bobby!
Today I have such wonderful mood, because of when I awoke up I have seen throw the window a nice weather! The sun is shining and it is warm today! When I went to the Cafe I was thinking about you and I couldn't wait to read your letter!
All this weekend I spent with my friends. On Saturday we went to the cinema. It was very wonderful film. I got such pleasant pleasure from film. Then after that we went to the nice cafe and had drink a little. I'd like to be with you, because of I know that my friends will like you! It would be very interesting and wonderful to spend time together. Then you'd see me home, we had a lot of fun and then before door you'd give me such wonderful kiss and your warm hugs!!!! Now when I am imaging my body trembles from such thoughts!
I have a little surprise for you, but it will be on Wednesday.
Well, my dear prince, I kiss you so much strongly!
Yours, Irina.
P.S. My dear, I want to ask you a favour, can you send money on the name of manager? Bwecause of now I am very busy at my University and when I'll be free all Western Union will be closed and won't receive money. And my manager is very clever and good woman and I trust her. I'll be very thankful you!
Letter 4
My dear Bobby!
You know now after your reading letters I have felt something good and easy in my soul. I have felt and had such wonderful feeling!! It is the first with me and it is very great to hear what and how you image our life together. You are right it will be difficult for me to understand all American's life, because of it is very big and independent country and our country is another then your. I know there are a lot of people immigrate to your country. But it is very difficult to get accustomed there, just as if you would come to my country you wouldn't understand how we life in such condition. And of course my town is very beautiful and I think we have something to see you. And with great pleasure I'll see you where I study and where I am very often, where I live and of course I'll make familiar with my mother with my friends and I think you'll like they! :-))) As for coming, I am agree with you that we can meet in spring, because of I'll be studying till the end of January, because of at Universities have other schedules than schools and other educational institutions. Of course we'll communicate with each other and at least we'll meet each other. And you know I'd like to study English language and I heard that there is English courses in this Internet Cafe and I'll ask my manager everything about it and I'll tell you soon.
My dear I want to tell you how I image our life together.
I want to do whatever i can to please you. I want to hold hands while we are in public. I want you to smile and be happy when we are walking together. i want people to look at us and wish that they were as happy as we are! I will do my best to be **** for yoou all the time. Or at least as often as possible! :-) I want us to have a desire for each other that makes us hurry home from work so that we can have that first kiss of the afternoon!
I want you to fall in love with me every time you come home like it was the first time we have met. And I want to look at you and fall in love with you every time too. I want us to **** after each other for the rest of our lives. I know I am dreaming and life is not always so perfect. But isn't this the way it is supposed to be? I do not want us to fall into a routine and just live from day to day. I want us to wake up on Saturday morning, and make love... and then hop into the car and do whatever we want to do! No sitting around being bored and sulking about the house. When there is something that you want to do, then we will do it. it is that simple. The world is only as big as you make it... I think you are an incredible man! I think you are unlike any man i have ever met. I think I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I want to make you happy and I know you will do what you must to make me happy.
Well, my dear but most of all now I want to celebrate you with your national holiday, it is Christamas!!!!!!!
Letter 5
Dear Sir, Soden!
The last day of each month we inform our clients about the payment for the correspondence. Last month Irina paid on the 5 of December. I hope you could prolong payment and continue your correspondence next month (January).
The money are to be transferred to the name of Nadezhda Naschokina, the manager of Internet-office. The address of our Internet-office:
91022 Ukraine. After your payment we kindly ask you to inform us on the 10-digiltal code. You can also phone us. Our telephone number is +380509358930.
We hope to meet any your wishes and answer all your questions. We assure you that we will do our best to help you and you will be satisfied with our service.
Best regards,
Nadezhda Naschokina
Letter 6
Hello, my dear Bobby!!!
I am very glad to hear you voice again! Every time I feel such feeling that I can't explain it!!! But I can say that I miss you, I kiss you!!!!
Well, at first you asked me about my family photo and my manager scanned yesterday and today I am sending you it. My mother is the second of the left side. And the third woman is my mother's sister. Then I am and this girl is my cousin.
You know it was dissapointed that we won't be able to meet in Fabruary, but for that time I'll learn English and we can liberally. I understood you that you are very busy and I'll be waiting for our meeting. Don't worry I understand you, my Bunny!
My dear Bobby, we had talked about getting phone in home, but I have any suggestion. I think you'll like it. What about mobile phone? It is the most comfortable way for communication. You can call me as you wish and we'll talk as we wish. And as you understood every time you call me on mobile, and when you were in Ukraine, I see that you had KievStar Card. And you understand yourself that it is the easiest way and comfortable way in our position. And how you understood every time you call me on mobile phone, but it is phone of Internet Cafe. My manager gave such idea. We can talk as we wish. My Bobby, write me what do you think about it? It is very important for me to know your opinion.
Nigh only forget, I have to say that I am writing only you and I have nobody!!!!
The next about English courses, of course it will be better if I'd know English.
I learnt that there are English courses at the agency. It's just what i need so mush to get the possibility to communicate with you on the telephone. Besides, when you arrive we'll be able to communicate some time without translators. So, the courses are 3 times a week and they are in the evening ( I can attend them after the University) for 2 hours. the classes are conducted by skilled teachers with the means of audio and video eqiupment. Some of my friends attend them and are very satisfied with the first results. I'd like to attend them as well. I tried to learn English myself but it's rather difficult. But my stipendium is only 16$ per month and I can hardly save the necessary sum even within a year. The courses price is 450$. Could you help me with it? I wish I could speak English a little when you arrive. Please, tell me what you think of it. I need to know your opinion. It's very important for me.
So, my dear, I am looking for your letter very soon!!
But my manager said that we had to pay for our correspondence several days ago. I hope everything will be all right!!!
I kiss you, my dear Bunny!
Yours, Irina.
P.S. this photo I did yesterday, after our talking! What do you think about it? Do you like it?
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