Scam letter(s) from Olga to Yannis (Greece)

Letter 1
Hello Yannis!
I have just read your letter and it at once took my attention. I don't know may I be persistent but I would like to know a little bit more about you. I don't know why but you are very interesting for me. I have never tried before to look for the happiness in the Internet. But every person at one day decides to do something what he was thinking about a long time. And it happened to me. This day has come and I decided to realize my dream! I have never talked about it with anybody else except my best friend. We are faithful with each other and I trust her. It seems to me that it has something magic. It is like a small adventure... I am looking for the only men, for kind, romantic and honest one, who will devote himself for our love and family. I am looking for an educated and different developed person, my hope and support at the moment when I am alone... I want to find him for all my life - only the one!!! I want to share with him all my dreams!!!!!!!!!!!! As for me I am very romantic person and like evrything beautiful. One of my hoobbies is knitting. I like to knit for me and all the memebers of my family. Espacially in the evenings when the weather is awful and nobody want to go out I prefer to saty at home sitting in the cosy chair under the warm plaid and knit something special. I like it very much and even wneh I have a law spirit it can rise it very quickly. Also I adore to spend free time in the open air, espacially during the weekend I prefere to go to the country house with all my family. There is a wonderful wood there, near the house, and my favourite job is to pick up the first flours there. They are so beatiful! So, now you have a little bit of imagination about me and I hope that you will want to know much more... I will be waiting for your letter.
Letter 2
Hello Yannis!
I would like our correspondence will turn from the friendship into something deep and wonderful relations - into our love! Though, may be it is early to talk about it. Anyway it is so nice to see your letter and read your warm words in it! I feel a little bit involved and in the same time I feel happy as you may be the men who I was looking for a long time. It seems to me that it is time to tell about myself. I won't be to write a lot because I don't know ehat may be interesting for you and I will be waiting for your questions in your letter. When I was a child I often dreamt about my future life. I often imagined myself as a girl-singer. I sign well. Also I draw - it is very interesting for me and I study it. And also I wanted to go in for figure skating and wanted to become a famous one. You know, I even was going for figure skating for two years. I do love it!!!!!!!!! But as time passed I understood that popularity, money, success - it is nothing! And nothing may compare with being a loving wife and careful mother for my children. You may be a famous singer, become a popular sportsmen, but nothing can be compare with the family happy. As every women I want to be a beautiful, I want every my step, every action and everything I do would be perfect and my love men admire with it! Everything I have I want to give the only men wich will be love me and who I will be! I want other men will say to my: your women the most beautiful and wonderful one! You are really lucky! Are you agree with me? I live with my parentes and my elder brother. My mother works in the factory, and my father is driver. My brother Sasha recently have graduated the university and now he works as a programmer. As for me I study in the university and learn English and computer siense. I am a future teacher. So, bye for now. I will be waiting for your answer impatiently.
Your Oly.
Letter 3
Hello my Dear!
I was very pleasant for me to receive your letter!
And.. as it seems to me, that something unusual must be happened between us. Something mysterious invisible thread connect us... I am so involved, you gave me a fraction of happy and warm, I feel a soul rise and..., I said to you that I draw and I feel today unusual rise, and I feel something unusual inside... and I want to devote it to you ...! Honey, I feel everything you write me, I feel the warmness in your words! So, are you ready to be near such girl as me during all your life? You know today I saw the dream at night... I don't remember exactly what about it was but I know the only one - you were in it. When I woke up I felt myself happy and I allowed myself to fall into the dreams... dreams about us and our future....Our future family life I imagine as a life full of happiness, complete idyll, where love, mutual understanding , respect and trust reign together. I would see you off and meet after work with sweetest kisses; words "I love you" could be heard every moment, said by both of us. We would do everything together - walk, visit friends, you would help me to cook dinner, when you have time; long winter nights we'd talk much, discussing every past day, making plans for future, asking for advice of each other in every case. We would never have anything under wraps from each other. What do you think of it all? Our love would never come to an end, it would become stronger and stronger each new coming day. I'd like our love to be like a everlasting sweet dream. I'd love you as no woman on Earth have loved her man, everyone around would envy our love. I want our home to be cosy, warm and hospitable. We would never know, what is lie, betrayal, misunderstanding and disappointment. Thank you for your sweet letter one more! I will be waiting for you reply. Tell me something interesting about you. I send you my kiss...
Your Oly.
Letter 4
Hello my sweetheart!
It is so nice to hear from you again!It made me so happy and I want you to know that. You see even throuhg letters I've got your warmness and tenderness. It means that you are really beautiful man. I think that it's a very good for our first steps - I can feel you even through a great distance. And I also have something for you. It's my great tenderness and strong desire to be together. To share our life. To make you know that there is a woman who's waiting for you very moment of her life and thinking of you. I have news for you. Today I made an importent decission. I decided to write only you and nobody else! They are not interested for me at all. You know, today I have seen the poem and I would like to dedicate it for you, Yannis:
Thinking About You
by Michael Louie Thinking about you, what else can I do?
Dreaming a sweet dream that's only with you.
My minds all over you, night and day,
I hope this feeling will forever stay. Thinking about you 24/7,
What can I say, I'm practally in heaven.
Our love is perfect, forever, and long,
And in my heart it's still growing strong. Thinking about you, because you shine,
To me your love is a great bright sign.
Following the path, in which you light,
You guide me safely, all through the night. Thinking about you until I'm graved,
I hope by that time our love will be saved.
If I had one day, special and true,
There'd only be one person to spend it with and
that person is you... Did you like this poem? Dear, I have no plans for summer.
Bye for now.
I am waiting for your reply...
your Oly.
Letter 5
Hello dear!
Thank you for your wonderful letterr. It was very pleasant for me to receive it. You know, the weather is so awful today!!!It is cold and a strong wind pierces to the bones, a dark clouds makes the sky gray and low... There is no that bright colours which are in the other seasons. And it makes me gloomy and I am sick in my heart! But when I receive your letters, everything around becomes more bright and it seems to me that the world becomes warmer. Honey, I can't wait any more for our meeting, it is so unstanded for me!!! I like travel but I have never flown by the plane. It would be so wonderful if I can to visit your country. Yannis, I want to see you as soon as it possible. Yesterday, I have met my best friend and she is so happy because her love men is near. And am eagger to be with you too. I am so unpatiant that I want to give you all my kisses and hugs....... I want to touch your lips, your hands, your body... and I want to feel your breath and youe warmness... I want to wisper in your ear love poems. Dear, I want to dance with you all the night, I want to sleep and wake up with you... It will be the greatest happy in my life. The days are passing and my wish to be near you grow with it and I dream about our future life and children. My love is waiting for you. Wnen I can see you??? It is like dream but we can make this dream come true. You know, since our correspondance it seems to me that we are close. Sometimes when I wake up I feel your breath...I want to be with you forever! I want you feel that my heart goes only for you. Our love is waiting for us... I am waiting for your answer. It seems to me that every place in the world is paradise with you, and you are my angel. I only want to be with you and nobody else! I'm happy that I can bring a smile to your face and and warmness to your soul. I want always to be a Sun for you. To light your every day, to make your every morning happy, your every evening unforgettable....I do really want it. I want to make your home sweet and calm, to bring happiness into your life. I'm happy that we found each other in this big world. Promise me that we will never loose each other, because I feel That I was created for you. I am dying to see your letter with your thoughts about all of this. Kiss you and Hope to hear tomorrow, I miss you very very much and think only of you, your Oly.
Letter 6
Hello dear!
Probably I think about you too much because I miss you and your letters. You know, last night I saw wonderful dream. You can not imagine what was this dream about. It was about us. We were walking together by some street at one very beautiful city. Streets were nice and empty.We took each other hand in hand and were smiling and laughing.We seams to be very happy and look at each other eyes with tenderness and joy. In my heart I felt warmth and happiness and pleasure. Never in my life I had feeling like this. When I wake up in the morning that feeling - warmth and happiness still was inside of me. Dear, I do want it would be in reality... Today I will go to the travel agency and know what I have for to come to you. And then I will write you.
Dear, waiting your soon reply.
With all my kisses,
your Oly.
Letter 7
Hello my dear!
I was so glad to receive your letter! I want you to know that I am thinking about you and miss you very much!!! Dear, I so appriciate your help, but I was talking to my parents and they said to me that it is not safety if you buy the tickets and send them to me. You can understand that my parents are worry about my trip. You know that situation in our country is very dangerous because so many Ukrainian girls are brought to abroad. And because of it my mam is worry about me. She was consulted by agency. And if I buy tickets at travel agency they give a guarantee of my return, you understand me? And besides it is more safety, as my mother says. She will let me go only if I buy tickets here. May be she is right. I can understand her. Waiting for your letter,
With all my kisses,
your Oly.
Letter 8
Hello my dear!
I am so happy to receive your letter. Honey, you can't imagine how I feel without you, darling. I feel so lonely. I want you full me by your warmness. I want to feel your tender touches, I miss your hands, I miss your lips. Dear, I want to be with you and nobody else. I don't know what can I do with my feelings to you. I want to give you all my love I feel. I will be a happiest women in the world near such man as you are. Especially, now I feel so bad because the weather is so awful and I need warmness. How I would like to travel with you now, dear. You know, I do much to see your homeland. Honey, can you understand me that I want to know country where I am going to live in future maybe. I would like to see your home, know about traditions of your country and know about people who live there. What do you think? Why you don't want to help me arange everything directly? You don't trust me? You know, last night I saw such wonderful dream. I saw you in it. I was travelling with you and all days and nights we spent together, we were happy. I saw happiness in your eyes and it was enough for me to look them and I felt so excitment! The blood in my vines became hoter and hoter...I remember one scene: we were on the beach, it was at night, and we were looking forward the sunset... and then we have alot of love... You put off me right on the beach and kissed me everywhere you wanted. Oh, I so want it would be in relity and I dream about it. Kitten, I am very serious to you and want you understand me.
With all my love to you,
Your Oly.
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