Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Vasilyeva to Johnny (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello Johnny.
Oh' Thank for your picture and you nice the man, I shall expect more your beautiful pictures! A nd also shall be capable find for you the pictures!
I hope my letter will make your day brighter. There is no question we are here for one purpose and that is to find a compatible and lifetime partner. To my mind the Internet gives a versatile psychologic help in the search of a soulmate. We meet different people in life. On the site we can approach our choice to our ideal. It is very nice. I'll try to give you a feeling for who I am as a woman. My name is Nadezhda.
I was born in Tatarstan but I consider my native town to be Kazan.
About Moscow and if you look at the map you will see it is very close to the Kazan. That I was educated in the best family's traditions. I thought a lot about whom I wanted to become. I have graduated from the juridical faculty in the Tatarstan State University because I decided to become a lawyer. I think it is a good decision. But in spite of the fact that I have a well-spread work, the most important thing for me is my future life with my future man. I believe that a man and woman should be the best friends as well as passionate lovers, they should miss each other when they are apart and have unlimited topics for conversation between them. They should share many interests and take care of each other's interests. I believe that if something good happens, there should be one face you want to see more than any other, one voice to hear, one person you want to tell first. There is nothing more important in life than this kind of honest relationship. I am looking for true happiness in life. I am trying to create a way of life that is free. I would like to meet a man who would be my be really able to feel content and happy. I have always been the relationship-type and I feel good thinking about what is good for "us" rather than just what is good for me. I would like to notice one more thing. I think consideration, sincerity, and honesty must be dominant in relations. I can be open-minded and liberal concerning all the things and I can be serious when it is needed, but I also like to make jokes, to be merry and to smile in spite of difficulties. I lead a healthy way of life. I go in for gymnastics (this kind of sport has attracted me greatly since school).Thus, I have the possibility to keep my body healthy and slim.I am guided by one principle in life: "There are always hills to climb and valleys to cross but with the words love and harmony, all problems of the human condition can be resolved. "This principle always helped me and I believe that it will help me to find my future beloved man. I hope to hear from you and to learn all about your life. Sincerely yours, Nadezhda. P.S.I to tell about myself a little and I try the following letter to tell on myself!
Letter 2

Hello my dear Johnny!
And I to feel thank for your letter as well that can we are created the friend for the friend! And I to tell to you thank and you to send a photo of the city he gloomy city from top but if with a bottom it will seems to me that remarkable and beautiful city!
First of all I have to say that I missed you very much. I've worked today and you know I thought about you the whole day. It has been difficult day for me today and the thought about you, the thought that in the evening I would go to Internet cafe and see youE letter supported me.
After work I flied to Internet cafe as if to an appointment!
I feel that depend on your letters and that pleases and at the same time makes me upset a little. Why uspet? Because every time when I send you my letter I am afraid that you will not write me any more and that will be very difficult for me.
But now when I am sitting before a computeE U? Internet cafe and it is raining outside I am almost happy! It is strange but just this moment I feel myself to you very close! I don't know why!
And how are you there? Wha are you doing? It is so interesting for me dear Johnny to know everything about you! I don't know how but somehting in you seems to me close. What do you think about that?
Well dear Johnny I hope my letter will bring you delight as your letters do. So this moment I have to finish and I will wait your letter with impatience. I kiss you and embrace.
Your Nadezhda.
Letter 3

Hello darling Johnny!!!
Thank for your picture and you very much is pleasant to me I love you!
How are you today? I'm fine. I love you.
I even dream how I'm with you we go for a walk together, that we sit in restaurant at candles, t is very perfect dream and I want, that it was on the present. You think that too? I know, that you too so think, I love you and I want to be only with you!!!! I to feel your body near to mine,I want, hat we to be kissed and to be embraced, I want you, know, that at us all will be good. And when I shall be in America I to have a free time and we could have rest together, and only I do not know as as! But I shall learn and call to you!
Write to me please what you think, what we shall do?
I to not know precisely what city but when I to arrive on a place I to call to you, And only I to not know yours a phone number? And you can give me the account bank!
Yes they to demand from me the account and I cannot open to the middle of October!
I hope that you can give me the account and they transfer money to you and you to send me, you correctly to understand me and only I to ask which bank they to answer that bank to America, Johnny you to know this bank and you to have the account in it bank? Answer me and if you not have you you can to open for me!
I love you!!!! Your love Nadezhda. In this next letter, she gives me the her full address.
Letter 4

Hi my dear Johnny!
I am very happy that you to write to me and today morning of Friday and I to sit in cafe the Internet and I type to you the letter with the big pleasure! Both you will help me also I, I can have work and the most important we shall open a way to our hearts and you to see me I will see you it, the happiest in the afternoon in our life! I correctly to write you want to meet me personally? I WANT TO SEE YOU! Johnny yes I want to lead with you a weekend, and we shall ask that I still to have couple of days free and we shall lead these days together and you to have something in the plan where we remain, I would like to know what plans of me wait with you? And I to send you the data and my full name :Nadezhda Vasilyeva!
I at present am at the girlfriend in city Izhevsk!
And you likely want to know bank in city Izhevsk.
Western Union.
AKB "Izhkombank" to the address:
street-Lenin 30,
Or by phone in Izhevsk:(7)(3412)-919-161 Bank. It is my home address!
Tatarstan Republic
Apartment 67.
If that else I was necessary to ask always I shall give you the information as I to trust you not only money, but also I can see our destiny your photos and you very much are pleasant to me and as I can find another the man when I know you! And I very serious intentions about our acquaintance and our meetings will be in a real place and it almost near to you I hope that you can visit me when I shall be in America!!!
Probably that I shall in this city and I to tell to you before the arrival!
And you I the ambassador to inform exact date of a start and the exact airport in Georgia!
I should finish and wait for your letter, and very much I hope that you can open the account! I tomorrow cannot write to you as we with girlfriend to go on a summer residence and to have a rest there! And I to write as I shall come ask to not miss and know that is Nadya which thinks of you every minute! Yours Nadya!
Letter 5

Hello my dear Johnny!!!
Johnny thank for your picture I love you!
I so am pleased, that you have not thrown me a difficult minute.
I so do not have not enough you beside.
I very much want to be with you together. My heart in your hands.
I sometimes think, suddenly you to me will not write also to me it becomes hurt from this idea
For me are very important not only letters, but it would be desirable to meet very much.
And I ask to not worry for me, and I go not one to America.
And with me my girlfriend goes, and she already to be 3 years ago there, And she to take me herself, and I should get this work and I shall be almost near to you and who knows can and I shall stay there for you!
If you want can arrive itself to me on a visit.
I would acquaint you with mum.
I shall show you our remarkable nature, my friends, they will like you.
The main thing that both of us wanted these meetings!
I shall look forward to hearing.
With love, whole yours Nadezhda. P.S Johnny when you can give me the account, very urgently it is necessary for me, and as to me to demand, I hope that very soon!
Letter 6

Hi my dear Johnny!
I am very happy to receive your letter, and you are anxious I understand you
And I at present cannot open this agency as I to sign the contract about not announcement of it agency! Also there can be an inflow of workers from all world, me to warn! I when to arrive to America I to you to call and we to arrange a meeting as you on it to look? If you actually want to me I shall help to look forward to hearing! And if you can open the account in bank of America! And yes I shall come with my girlfriend, and she also thirst to meet you, And we shall walk together on streets of city Georgia! I only want to get for this work, and can in the future we could start our family and it only dreams! And I to not play with you Johnny, and I should tell that you to me very much are pleasant to not forget also I you not when and even if will fail there will be that our friendship remain on always, and Johnny if you can help to not force to me I you! And this voluntary the help from your party and I shall be very grateful to you Johnny! I shall look forward to hearing and I ask to not set many questions as I cannot answer at present! I simply want good life, and it is my chance to try in life! And if you to me to give up to not take offence I at you remember it Johnny! Till to tomorrow!!! I shall look forward to hearing! Yours Nadezhda.
Letter 7

Hi my dear Johnny.
Thank for your picture and you very much is pleasant to me as the man!
And my girlfriend in Russia and as she can open the account,and she cannot make it!
And I ask if you can give me the information of the account!
I shall be very glad, and at present it is not so easy for me, and I to ask you!
I know that you serious, I also to concern to you and I want serious relations!
And who knows can in the future we shall together and for ever!
And I today myself was very bad to feel as I something to have a meal a bad product!
And I should close the letter, and I shall look forward to hearing from you!
With the big love yours Nadezhda. P.S. Also I congratulate you on day to birthes and I wish you a sound health and it is good to lead this birthday!
Letter 8

Hi my dear Johnny!
I very happy to receive your letter, thank for your given accounts!
And I today was very bad to feel myself, I yesterday something to have a meal!
And now I am stirred up also with something not well, and today I to go to hospital, and I simply wanted to tell that you knew I you I like and do not worry for me! And this short letter also forgive me!
I soon to write to you the big letter if I to feel better!
With love yours Nadezhda. P.S. And as your full name is necessary!
Johnny *********!
And your phone number if is also mobile! *********
And your address!*********
And number Routing!*******
Number accounts!*******
>I ask Johnny, to fill in all *!
Letter 9

Hello my Dear Love Johnny, Nice to hear from you ,I really needed to hear from you. I have a lot of love to give to you. I have never felt like this before, I have so much love to give and have no one to give this love too. Not until I have met you, did I feel that their is someone I can love and be loved by in return. To love and be loved back is a wonderful thing, for two lost soul's to find each other in this crule world, is a thing that just don't happen very often. So we must try and hold on to what we have found in each other. I fell that our souls have found what we have been looking for, in each other, so let! 's try to keep what we have, this felling of love and hope with each other.I have always felt that it is better not to have loved someone, than to have loved someone and lost them. So with my heart in love with yours,I give to you all my blessings, and hope that you do not tear my heart apart, and play with my feelings about you. So to night hold my love next to your heart all through the night, and in the morning smile at your self and I will fill what you fill.
I LOVE YOU my sweet Johnny. Your love Nadezhda.
P.S. Thank at your expense I to send the data, and I wait subject that the account approaches for agency and they can translate money so desirable bank which I have told to you and it!!!
You can open in it bank the account if it is required for me!
Letter 10

Hi my dear Johnny.
I am very happy that you have written to me and that you to open bank account TD!
And you can give me the information of this account, for me is very urgently necessary!
And I am very glad that you to help me, I know that are hardly familiar also I to feel,
That I know you very for a long time! And we to meet necessarily in America!
And I precisely to not know as, and this business of time!
And I very much want this work and I want to see you, and it can my last chance!
Johnny you can give today to me the information of account TD Canada Trust???
I shall wait for your answer! And I always think of us and my work, and at times to me so is lonely and I am sad that not with you Johnny!
With love yours forever Nadezhda.
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