Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Lapina to Bill (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Bill!
I am glad to receive from you news.
As you already know me call Irina. I'm 29.
I live in Russia in small town Kozmodemiansk.
Also was born and has grown in this city and I live in it till now.
I work as the ecologist on one of Hydroelectric power stations on the river Volga.
Bill, you saw my photo?. I wait your photos.
I want to find the person who would like and I respected me, and i'm him. Which would like to create family and to have children.
Bill, you want children? You love children?
I think that you in my opinion very much approach on a role of the husband.
I think that good relations are under construction on trust
We should learn each other better.
I don't have children now, but I want to have them.
I have my parents.
I live with them.
I do not have native brothers and sisters.
I like to walk in park.
Like to go with friends to cinema and on concerts.
Preferences in music at me are not present.
I listen to different music.
From films to me like melodramas and films with the twirled plot.
And what you like?
I have not dinner at restaurants.
I prepare for all itself.
Like to go in cafe to eat ice-cream and to eat a pie.
I like sweet in moderate quantities.
I love animals.
I have a cat.
His name is Markiz.
If you have questions set.
I'll try to answer them.
Do not overlook and about my questions.
Letter 2
Hi Bill!
Is very glad to receive from you the letter again.
If I do not answer you quickly do not worry. I write you from the Internet cafe. Where do you work?
In free time from work I go to a training hall.
I keep up the figure. Bill do you go in for sports?
What woman do you want to find by internet?That you think about me?
You like me, but about love to speak yet does not cost.
When we'll meet I'll be sure I love you whether or not.
You agree with me?
Write me more about yourself,please.
I write you about my work.
It is very interesting to work by ecologist.
My work includes to test a water of and to test soil. To watch cleanliness of our environment.
Our nature is very beautiful and we try to keep it.
My town is on the Volga.It is very wonderful.
We can to swim and to sunbathe under the sun.
I like to swim and I do it very often.
Since 11 I am engaged in swimming in pool.
Do you have more foto?
I will wait your letter.
Letter 3
Hi Bill!
I am very glad to receive from you the new message. I'm sorry I can not write to you much, am very tired at work.Were difficult days, it is a lot of work. Many thanks for your letters and for your attention. I will tell a little about my city which I love very much . It very beautiful also has a lot of greens.
In 2002 year to it have appropriated a rank of the cleanest and beautiful city of Russia!!!
I want to know : do you like russian food?
What did you eat of it? What do you like much of it? What weather do you have now?
Have you ever seen snow? I think you always have warm weather. In Russia we have a lot of snow ?
It is very interesting for me what nature is in your state.
I have never seen it, because I have never been in USA.
Send me photos of you and of your nature.
Excuse me, I need to go home, there is a lot of work in my flat.
Your Irina.
Letter 4
Greetings dear Bill!!!
I was very glad to receive your letter!!!
I very much like to prepare and if our relations will proceed also we shall meet that I to you I shall prepare for useful and tasty food.
It seems to me that your weather is very good as the high temperature in ????? is very rare. I very much would like to look at your nature: I saw it in pictures and on TV it is very beautiful.
I too would like to play with you in billiards but I not so good player in it.
I too liked your photo you very much ??????????.
I wait more for your letters.
I write from the Internet of cafe so I write not so quickly.
Yours Irina!!
Letter 5
Hi dear Bill!!!
I am very glad to receive your answer again.
Yes I very much like to float and I go to float in the summer on our river Volga. If we with you ??????? meeting that I with ease would shall learn you to float. I would be glad that you have learned me well billiards.
I almost to nobody sent a photo who to me answered.
That person to which I seems to me you might trust.
It seems to me that you that person which is necessary for me.
Please answer me as soon as possible yours Irina!!!
Letter 6
Hello dear Bill!
At me all well home and at work!
I very much waited for your letter! I do not understand that with me, I the whole days think of you!
You pleasant, good, kind, I can tell to you all! And you understand me!
It is very pleasant for me that far from Russia lives the person , to which I is necessary! I very much like your letters, I with the great pleasure read letters!
Both it is more and more and I understand you more!
I think that all will be good and we shall meet! Our meeting will solve much!
We should understand each other and have real dialogue!
To have walks, travels, entertainment, I shall be going with the great pleasure for you and we shall have good supper at candles!
That may be better than evening walks! In the summer when I was warm liked to take a walk on quay after a difficult working day with the girlfriend! But I did not have not enough such person as you!
What you think of our meeting?
The meeting is real? And if yes, when?
I shall take part any your offers!
I may has written superfluous! Yes, I about much dream but my dreams give you my image, what I of the person that I want!
To me you will dream and think pleasantly that you which that person I wanted to see near to yourself!
What you think of that that I have written?
My mum does not understand as it is possible to find the loved person in the Internet, I explained much to her, that it is real!
My mum after my explanations has understood me! Mum has told that will be not against, but mum worries for me!
I think that I shall show your letters to mum and mum to be convinced what you the good person! Daddy speaks that I not the small girl and that I shall understand itself that to me to do! We with the cousin had good walk on the horse! I got young horse, but the horse was marvellously quiet and obedient! To me have told that this horse was brought up by very good woman, I was told that she has moved to work to other stable!
We with the cousin were rolled approximately 40 minutes, but it to me has very much liked! I shall come necessarily here still!
What entertainments you have? What you prefer in rest?
I was not outside Russia and very much want to visit other countries!
We have the good program on TV about resorts of all world, I practically always look this program!
I have very good work, I like my work! At first sight my work seems not interesting and boring! It not so!
We have a lot of interesting! If I was interesting to you shall write in detail! What you like in the work?
I shall finish to write, time in the Internet was terminated!
In the following letter answer all questions, and set to me all that interests you! It is very pleasant for me to learn you and to write about itself! You very interesting person! I think that we shall have the joint future!
I have a photo of wedding of my girlfriend, and I think you liked this !
It occured an autumn the last year.
Yours Irina!
Letter 7
Hi my love!
I have received your letter, it is full of warm-heartedness and sympathies to me. I think that for that time that we with you are copied we very much pulled together and between us The feeling has appeared, I think that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you, you has taken a place in my heart. You on always will stay in my heart. Now it is beaten so frequently and only for the sake of you. It was filled with love with each your letter. It shivers from each your warm word, from that love with which your letters are filled. My heart now belongs only to you, my love. I am very happy, that you at me are.
I for a long time did not test such fine feelings as now and to this I am obliged only to you. Only with you I again might feel such fine feeling as love. And I have grown fond of you on always!!! I shall love you up to the end of my life!!!! I thank the god for that that it has presented persons with such feeling as love. The love radically may change persons. And I feel it. Representing you I can and cry and laugh at happiness. I can sit and think hours of us with you, my long-awaited!!! I dream, how we with you meet and thrown each other in embraces. I pay with happiness, that we together. We have more whom it is not necessary, we live only the friend for the friend. We are full of desire to make each other a lot of pleasant. Such my dreams.At work I became slightly absent-minded also my girlfriends speak that I not the. They are surprised, that I began to smile and be pleased frequently. I became not a lot of absent-minded, because my ideas only about you, my love!!! There would be no minute that I did not think of you. You have taken a huge place in my life. Everyone see, that to me there is also I am not ashamed it. I am proud, that we have found each other and to me the hunt to shout it on all planet what all heard about my pleasure and were pleased with me. Yes, I love you!!!!! My love to you sincere and pure as morning dew after a rain. My love huge and she wishes from you only reciprocity. And you consider this carefully, please!!!!!!!!!!
I talked about it to mum and she speaks that it well, she is glad to me and thinks that I shall be happy. She approves us and wishes only the most good. She has told, that to me, that probably it is bad to love persons and to not be with him beside. I have decided to check up her and have asked, she might release me from herself. She very long thought and has told, that I now adult and should think of it itself. She has told, that I should make all make happy of you and to be happy itself. But I know, she experiences for me and it is correct iioio that she my native mother and each mother thinks of the child. But I told to her, that you very good and careful person and she have calmed down. My life, I think that we should meet, we should see each other look in eyes because through the Internet emotions are lost and it is difficult to understand each other. You understand me? Every day I was more and I grieve without you more. You are necessary for me and as I think that I am necessary for you. So it is bad, that between us distance, but it not a handicap to two people loving each other. You with me agree my love? The person flies even on the moon because it is interesting to him that there. And it is important for two loving people to be in a place and to be happy!!!!!!!!!! How you think my lovely on the account of it??? We should give each other only love and that that is interconnected to it. We became frank with you and I think that you want to learn about my ****** experience. In Russia all men only dream to drag you in bed and to do with you only that that him a hunt, they do not know a word love and they as animals only and dream to satisfy the force, but I do not want it, I do not want to be given the first comer that he has taken pleasure. The love it something from above she is given to the person to learn happiness in this life, to learn spiritual mood, and some men represent her only as ***, I think that it not correctly and I hope that you with me agree. I to want to have *** only with loved by the man. I to be given him completely both a body and soul. We together learn all depths of pleasure. Our passion will be poured out for limits of flat love and we shall enjoy the friend the friend all life up to last moment of our existence. *** it first of all spiritual pleasure when man loves the woman and they answer each other mutual merge of bodies, and then already receive physical satisfaction. I hope, what I am right, mine Baby???
Today at me day off and we with the girlfriend walked on city, went shopping also I waited for the moment that you will write to me the letter and I have waited him. I feel that our hearts are beaten in one rhythm, and you feel it? You feel as I you I like???I wait for your letter, whether it is important for me to know you share my ideas.
Forever yours Irina !!!!!!!!!!!!
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