Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Lapina to Stephen (UK)

Letter 1
Hello me new friend Snephane!!
It was very pleasant for me to receive your letter.
As you already know, my name Katya and I live in city Chelyabinsk.
It enough big and very beautiful city, And I am valid it, very much I like.
I live there together with my mum, I the daddy has left from us, When I was the some people more very small and me to not remember almost it.
My mum very good and kind person, and I am valid her, very much I like.
Three years ago, I to finish musical institute, And 3-years I work as the the school teacher of music, I very much similarly to my work as I can contact children, I very much love children, and my work allows me to contact them constantly, And to help them, and I really very much love my work for this purpose.
I the lonely, not married woman, Never as we are distributed and as never had children was, But really very much hope to have children in the future.
My hobby are sports meets.
I very much like to be engaged in sports meets, Two times in one week, after work, I visit a hall of training, And once a week I am borrowed in aerobics.
As I very much like to slide on skates to run, And sometimes to visit a swimming pool as I very much, to love water. Sports meets very much help me in a life, It helps me to remain always in the good form, Characters also develop an organism, do it more proofs to illnesses, And as sports meets help to hold survivability, Which helps me to consult and overcome easily, All difficulties in my life.
I very cheerful and versatile person, And I very simply do not like to sit at home and to watch TV. Certainly I do it sometimes, But I on much more vigorous also am interestingly pleasant similarly to time, To visit museums, theatres, cinema, To see and learn it is a lot of from new and interesting.
I very much like to travel, Or even simply to leave with friends on the nature, That it is a lot of from to communicate, that rest, Also it is simply very good and cheerful to carry out a free time. As I am capable to play on a guitar, To me very much to like to make it for friends, When they very much ask me with to play their his favourite song. As I am capable to sew, tasty to go, Also I do it with the great pleasure.
I at once would like to do to you apologies for my English language, I think, that it is not yet enough good, And probably you could not understand all about what I to speak you. But I really very much tried, When has written to you this letter, And I shall be very pleased, if you can estimate it.
My new friend, To me was so very interestingly to learn little bit more about you, Your work, your family and your hobby, And as all that you want to tell to me, And I shall be very pleased, if in the following your letter, I can learn about you and about your life much more.
My new friend, I shall wait your new news.
And I hope, that already soon can receive it from you.
The best regards from Russia,
Your new friend, Katya
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