Scam letter(s) from Valentina Gadzhieva to Bo (Sweden)

Letter 1

I would certainly like if we could get to really know each other. . I am really serious to find my special man.
Now I will tell you about me and what I am looking for.I am looking for a life-long partner. I am looking outside the Russia because I have been disappointed about the interest (or lack of interest) in that of people who live here.I realize that many people do not want settle down right now, but I really do and I am looking for someone who is. I am really glad that you are also looking for that.
A little bit about myself mmm.. well I think I am a very honest person and think that the truth is the most important thing in a relationship because if you cant trust someone than what else is there.
My job is as a dancer teacher of dancer school now. I graduated from the University (Im historic of World culture) and now I work with kids, at children's art school. But about it we shall not speak there are some things concerning me which much I think that you also would like to hear.I enjoy walking in the park, going to the cinema, watching TV, going out to eat. I enjoy about anything as long as I do not have to do it by myself. As far as movies go I enjoy them and like all kinds, I am very soft and sometimes might cry a little watching a sad movie. I do like to eat out, I like ice cream, good pie,I do like to cook out on the grill outside.My area is very famous for the seafood that comes from here. In particular the ***** and oysters are very good.
I want you to tell me what you are looking for in a woman.I have no the special ideal the man for me nor has of any value his colour of a skin or what or still factors.I shall be with huge impatience to look forward to hearing from you again.
Say about any thing about your life, your work,life, about your country, city, its really interesting for me. I would like to hear all about you and what makes you happy, you appear to be a very serious person and quite direct about what you want. please tell me all about yourself and how you like to spend your time and what job you do.
I the attractive girl therefore I care in a choice of the partner, I do not want that me appreciated only as a body I am lonely, and would love to write to you. I am a person that in time can make you happy, I hope.
Tell me about your past relationships. Tell me a dream of yours. Tell me a fantasy of yours.
I hope to hear from you soon so untill then take care and have a good week.
Can you send me a different pictures.
Letter 2

nice to hear you.I am really thankful that you are interested in getting to know one another better to see what could happen from it.I am looking for a I could love.I could be very tender to him.I think it is a bit soon to be thinking to far ahead into the future as we are at the begining of what I hope will be a wonderull and lasting friendship, I hope that in time if we decide that we do like each other we can meet up as i find you a very intresting person and would love to meet you in person.
I am a sincere person that really enjoys making the people I care about happy. For man I try to make them feel special and loved. I want you to know that I am serious about finding this person, and that is why I chose to look elsewhere, I thought that this might be a different way to meet someone, and that I might just find that person on this internet thing. I know it is very hard to get to know someone just through letters and pictures sent through the internet, but it is worth a try . I hope to find a special man that i can share my life with, not just someone to be with, share the chores and responsibilities, but someone that i can share life with and spend every day making him feel happy and loved every day. Someone i can look forward coming home to and will look forward my coming home. I dream off airy tale kind of love and believe that it does exist, if you find a right person. Wanted you to write at me a question to you you got acquainted earlier on Internet? What result? What woman you would like to meet?
It is turns out that it is not you, then at least i have made a new friend and i wish that friend all the love and happiness that he deserve. I am complete romantic, i believe in fate and destiny and one special person that each of us were intended to be with for our entire lifetime. Unfortunately, i have not find that man. I believe in romance, not just during a courtship, but each and every day from now until we leave this earth. I enjoy being able to do things for people, whether it is the love of my life, friends, or just someone in need. I have a hard time saying no to people that in need. Sometimes that gets taken advantage of, but the good far outweighs the bad. I think that in life every person can choice his own life and the way he want to spend it. And for me it is not important in which country to live but i am ready to follow for my love everywhere. I hope that you to understand me concerning it.I also to like to travel.Have you ever been in Russia?
You seem to me by the interesting man and I will be glad to learn you better. If you also have to me what or questions rather my life that I shall respond you on it with great I am a very sociable person and I have a lot of friends.We spend a lot of time together - playing billiard, visiting cinema.
Just to give you an impresssion on what sort of music I like, this is what I downloaded :Robbie Williams,David Bowie, Moby, Madonna.
The only thing I dream of is to meet a man who is dermined to get good relation.You can inform me about everything and to be sure that have the good friend who can listen to you to understand you and to try to help you.can you send me a different picture of your self.
I want to know about you many things, tell about itself of the life, job, daily life, that think and feel, I consider it important to know about each other much until then while we shall meet.I will wait your answer.
What is your hopes and dreams? what do you want to do? what do you dream of ? I would really like to know.
hot kissesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Letter 3

I was very glad to receive your answer I waited for him with large impatient.I will be very honour with you and everything I say in my letters are truthful and serious. I too do not like people who lie and play games on these things.
Today i have a day off, did a little bit of shopping today, but did not buy much and i visited at my parents house. I live with my sister.Family is a big part of my life and I am always there for my family when they need me. My family consists of my mother, father, brothers,sister, I love very much. My brother looks like father.I think you also believe in strong family values.
There are so many things that I want to know about you and I hope in time I will be given the chance to learn them all and you will learn more about me,I will be straight forward and honest with you, and will always be myself.
You like the Italian kitchen?By the way, do you cook yourself or prefer dining out?What type of food do you like? I always have eaten Italian food,and I cook some pizza and spaguetti. I also like ravioli and tortellini very much. What do you like the best ? I love a good chocolate...
Please, tell me how you usually spend your leisure time.I find sometimes a little bit time for the computer, garden.I like to travel, go walking, shopping, watch a good film ...lots of things really.
It would be interesting to know how you spend your holiday.Where do you usually go on holiday.(its very romantic to travel by ship, to see the waves rise and fall? to hear the cry of sea-gulls) As it is a pity that so far from me... I still believe the day will come and he enter my house and awaken me from the long dream and when I woke up my real life will be that dream.... and he will never leave me...I really hope you can be my love who will take me to the most wonderful dream.
with a hot kisses to youxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Letter 4

From reading your letter I really interested in you cause I think you are a really wonderful person and from what you desecribe yourself as a person you seem like someone I am looking for in a man. I will tell you later in this e-mail what I am looking for. Also I see that we have things in common too which you will see from getting to know me better. You do interest me and I would love to get to know you more and more.
I am for sure you I do not play games. I am serious in looking for my one true love for a serious relationship. Now I will tell you about me and what I am looking for.
I like to cook for my friends and one day I would love to cook for my love one. I like to have romantic dinners under candlelight and slow music.I also believe in romance to have it everyday cause it shows your love for your second half and romance makes a relationship stronger when you have it. When I find the man I am looking for I will have romance all the time and I will show my love for his. I believe in fate and destiny too and there is someone out there for everyone.
It doesn't matter to me which country he lives cause I feel you can find true love outside your country as well as within.
There is so many places in the world I dream of going there someday but I want to go with my love one. One place I dream of going is to Paris cause it is so a romantic place there and being there with my special man would feel so wonderful. The type of person I am and you will know once you get to know me is that I am very sweet, caring, loving, respectful, kind, generous, honest, trustworthy, easy going, friendly with a good sense of humour. I will do anything for my friends and family when they need help and I will always be there for my special one.
I want to find someone for a long term serious relationship that leads to marriage and a family.
If you are the one for me then I will care for you and love you for the rest of my life. Oh I also want not just a lover but a good friend too.
Well I hope if like what you read here about me and hoping you like to continue our letters. I really like to get to know everything about you.
Well I hope to hear from you soon and I am looking forward to your next letter. Have a good day.
Hugs and lots of Kissesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Letter 5

I am fine today thank you and am thinking of you. I am thinking of you all the time nowadays and you are permanently in my mind.
Your letters too bring me much happiness and keep me smiling each day as the weather here is to get colder as winter. Here is-35. Into apartment +5.
Its very cold. Warmed apartments does not occur in the house the pipe from a frost has bursted.
I sleep in all clothes.I went to shop of the price for heaters (radiator) have sharply raisedthey cost 270euro, its price for three heaters, becouse i have three room.
Its so expensive for me. Can u help me pay for electronic radiator.
And it is very difficult to live in Russia and to have it.
I hope that you understand me.I really to not want to do to you superfluous problems but I hope that you can understand me.
I hope that the help to me will not do to you many problems. I hope that you can understand me in this situation.
Letter 6

hello,is it over and have you found some one else please let me know if you do not want to email any more please tell me, please be honest.
Letter 7

Dear Bogge,It is so nice to hear from you as it is always, any letter from you is a little joy to me to behold, a warm and happy feeling within, a big smile to me.I am thinking of you always!
The most important I would like sincerity and honesty in relation to myself. I the gentle person and patient.I am always tolerant I treat other people. All of us not without lacks and at everyone the advantages.The person self-assured and in too time soft enough, romantic (as you speak) is necessary for me.As speak at us, the bitter truth, than sweet lie let is better. Write to me that it is not pleasant to you in the partner.The man egoist is unpleasant when to me and does not think about close the aggressive people In Russia many aggressive people do not like though it is possible everywhere people are identical. Tell to me about the friends about childhood about the parents.Its really interesting for me.My friends cannot wait for me to talk to you too. They are very happy to see me with a permanent smile.
Still I have dog 7 years live with me.Apricot poodle he amusing and cheerful.I like pets.
I am admired with the people and cause sympathy which doing a healthy way of life. I too try to adhere to a healthy way of life.
What your purposes and ambitions in life? I can not have imagined that such strong feelings, need and emotion could be created in me by a person I have never met in real life as yet. Maybe I am just lucky that you are that person? Maybe exactly because you are that exact person, You are who you are and every line of your letters breathes new life in me and fills me with feelings for you. I go to the internet with such anticipation that there will be a letter there, it is exciting to see that there is and then what have you been writing to me about. Ok, I have to go now.
I will e-mail you again later.Please be safe.MIss you.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
If you want to help me pay for radiator,also to learn concerning a way of translation of money also. my complet address:
Pervomayskaya street,
Valentina Pavlovan Gadzhieva
Can you call me?you can call me my phone is +79047240455
Letter 8

Dear,I am happy to receive yours of email. I hope you are doing well. Im good but i miss you very much.It is as though i have reached the point where I just cannot get enough of you. How have you affected me so strongly in so short a time? You are very attractive and you seem like a wonderful person and the things you desire, your hopes and dreams are similar to mine.
I think that i see in you everything a man could want. I wonder are you who i desire, are you the one that i want to be with for the rest of my life? Who knows for sure what the future holds but i can tell you that i feel very attracted to you. Is it a dream? I would really love to continue a correspondence with you if that is what you desire also, and we can get to know each other quite well in our letters.
Im happy to talk to you phone, call me. At my home is cold now, i sleep with all clothers.Its not convent,if you help me i will very happy.
my full name is Valentina Pavlovna Gadzhieva(last name)
st. Pervomayskaya 105.
Kazan is one the most beautiful cities of Russia, the capital of Tatar republic.Over 800 km east of Moscow on the banks of the Volga River, Kazan is home to 1 million people, a population split almost equally between Russians and Muslim Tatars.The charm of this city is reflected in the historical monuments, culture and architecture. In 2005 the city is going to celebrate its 1000-th anniversary.) For exsamle Raifa Monastery is one of the most beautiful sites in the Tatar republic. The monastery was founded in 1613. The ancient cloister is located on the shore of a beautiful lake and is surrounded by ****** forests. Here everyone can feel a unique atmosphere of solitude and quite reigning, which is due to the primeval silence and remoteness of the place. Anyone approaching the monastery can contemplate a wonderful harmony of the architectural ensemble. Crenellated walls and white stones, the Gate bell-tower looking info the sky, golden crosses on the green and sky-blue temple domes.
The history of the monastery goes 300 years back. It was brutally plundered and then closed in 1928. In 1933 they organized a colony for juvenile delinquents. Later it became a technical school and temples and fraternity buildings housed workshops, a club and dinging room. The holly dwelling regained its function in the beginning of the '90s when its prior archimandrite Vsevolod took it upon himself to restore the monastery. 9 years later all the buildings were completely restores and repaired.
In the middle of the monastery there is a magnificent Trinity Cathedral built in 1904-10. It is a wonderful example of ancient Russian architecture viewed from a modern perspective. One of the oldest monastery cathedrals is located beside the southern wall of the monastery behind the graveyard.
Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexi II visited the monastery of Raifa in September of 1997.
Every year of Epiphany (January 19) on the frozen lake there appears an ice-made city, one of Raifa's miracles.
While in Raifa, it cannot escape you eye that there are some children there busily walking in black monk's cassocks, They are orphans living in the monastery. The first boy came here in 1994. Now there are 18 on them aged from 7 to 17.
Come to Raifa to feel consolidation, to have opportunity to regain peace and the hope to find yourself.
Im so sorry i have not copy letters to you, you can ask me any questions.
How old is your mother and father?my mum is 38, my dad is 55. My childhood was happy. I had brother and sister.My family was very close.My sister was my best friend.And i have friend Elena.I was speaking to a good friend about you today I am so happy and excited to meet you!!!I am interested in you for sure, and I am hoping you feel the same.
Letter 9

Dear,i to feel that we are getting closer to one another, with each passing day and by every mail we write to one another..and hope we are working well towards perhaps being able to meet one another sooner rather than later, and who knows where it may lead us.
do you have any idea when you might be able to come to Kazan, so that I can book the time off work?
Dear, i pay for the heaters, 170 euro( if you help me 150 euro, becouse i have 20 euro) and you help me to install the heaters.
Letter 10

How are you? I can't explain how much you have grown in my heart since we first started writing each other.
Tell to me more in detail about the job. As for me I work with children 10-12 years about one year.I love my profession but family means a lot to me too.My heart had been broken too from man here from them playing games with yeah and just not talking to you cause of the way you look on the outside. This is the reason I search elsewhere in this world for my true love. If a man doesn't go for looks then they will find a sweet, caring, tender, loving guy that can make them really happy and loved. Do you go for the inside of a woman instead of the outside? My search for love and happy family is serious and I won't give up hope until my dream come true. Each letter we write to one another our hearts to become closer and closer to one another. I am getting a good feeling about our correspondence. I would never think of you poorly sweetheart. After job I am tired of coming home to an empty apartment. I feel that it would be much better to be coming home to the love of my life, to hold him and kiss him as soon as I walk in the door. I think just knowing that there would be some there to return my love would be enough to help me forget about any troubles that I might be facing. I would also hope that he would feel the same way about me. I think a marriage should be a partnership between two equal but different people, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. I am sure that the two together would be stronger than the individual. I am confident that I could face any trial that life may through at me if I had the love of a good man to help me get through it. It would also make the joy of life's triumphs much better if there is someone there to share them with.I think it is fantastic that you have such a romantic outlook on life.
I know that if I am that woman, that is how I will feel about you.I hope this helps you to know a little bit more about myself.I am willing to travel across any sea to find true love. I need to belong to one man in the deep blue sea of love I am loving and caring. I try that my glamour and femininity should reflect around my home in the street in the society. My life is happy, but the missing ingredient is the sharing of love with a true life's partner. Yesterday I with the sister went in a cinema to film the "Daredevil".Its old film but its very very romantic. Im a romantic nature.It was very romantic and very touching.What sort of films do you like? love films? action ? war ? funny ? i like funny & action films& love.
I just wish you were here now so I can touch you, kiss you.Those are my feelings and my wishes. I hope that we will meet each other soon.I miss you every minute.Have a good day my love.
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