Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Lapina to Dean (Canada)
Letter 1
Hi my the most lovely Dean ! How are you doing? I hope that you well. I also was good, but I could not write to you the letter earlier. You Ms. without me? I very much Ms. without you also think of you constantly. When I cannot write to you the letter, I feel badly. Your letters decorate my life and do me happy. Today warm day in my city. But weather forecasters speak, that in some days weather will vary and will be cool also a rain. In cold days I do not have your letters and your attention and your warm words for me even more strongly. Only your letters can warm me and my heart. I want to tell to you about the first love!!! I never told about it to anybody. My mum knows about it only. When I was small and I went to a kindergarten has got acquainted with the boy, his name Sergey. To me then there were 5 years. To him also there were 5 years. he very much liked me, but I hesitated to him to approach. he also never approached to me. Once I ran and have not noticed him and was knocked about him and have fallen. It was hurt me. he has helped me to rise and I thanked him for it and we have got acquainted. After that he frequently treated me with sweets and constantly went for me. All little girls and boys laughed at us, but we did not pay attention to them. he even gave me flowers which he tore from a flower bed. him for it could abuse, but he did it for me. He constantly spoke that I very beautiful. I was confused. Once, when we have remained together, he has kissed me in a cheek. It was for me the big unexpectedness!!! I have reddened, have begun to cry and have escaped. We for a long time after that did not talk, but has passed a little time and we again walked together. But once he has told to me that his family leaves for other city and we more never shall meet. We said goodbye to him. I cried much!!! I still frequently recollected him. It was my first children's love!!! It was when to me there were 5 years. But has now passed many years and much has changed. Now I know that such the present love. When two persons cannot live the friend without the friend and they are happy when together, I think that it is the present love. You think also?
Now I shall go home and to prepare for a supper. I hope that you can soon try a meal which I shall prepare for you. I as always with impatience wait for your letters!!! Sweet kisses for you!!!
Yours Tatyana My address:
Russia republic Mari-El 424000 The city of Yoshkar-ola street May Day the house 28 apartment 17 Tatyana Lapina .
Letter 2
Hi my loved Dean.
I am glad to see yours right now. Excuse that I have not written to you today earlier, simply I was in the other city at my grandmother. She it is bad itself today I felt also went today to her. I have just arrived and at once would run in the Internet of cafe what to write to you the letter. Lovely I think that we with you should find out each other better when I shall come to you. You too so think? I think that the first day of ours with you of a meeting will be unforgettable, it will be so romantic. I wait this day very for a long time and I I shall be very glad if this day will come soon. Lovely you at all do not imagine to yourself what happiness you deliver me, I am very happy when I write you letters and when I see your letters, my heart is pleased when I hear from you beautiful words. I love you mine Dean, you my unique and I love only you. It was very pleasant for me to write to you the letter. I hope to see your letter soon. With love your Tatyana
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