Scam letter(s) from Britney Wayne to Ernie (Australia)

Letter 1

Thanks to ur mail.I am so sorry that you divorced your wife.I am 26 female from wisconsin usa.i am a model.i love traveling,dancing,listening to hippop music,playing golf.but i have a little problem i am facing now.i met a man in a model show which happens to be from nigeria im met him in blackriverfall so i felt i was in love him told me to travel with him to nigeria so we can get married i did.when i got to nigeria hi ask me to bring all the money,visa,international passport so i gave him before i knew it he ran awy with my money.i am left alone here in nigeria no help from any body.pls i will be happy if you can help me just give your address so i can come to your place.Dont alow me to leave untill i pay your money back to you pls help me .hoping to hear from you.
with regards..
Letter 2

dear Ernie,
I am so happy hearing from you.thanks very much for promising to help u said about my full details and passport i will give it to u soon so that can u help me process it there.pls i will write u back as soon a scan my passport and another pics for u.pls bear with me.-

Thanks very much.these is my full details about me for the processing of the papers.

Name:jennifer v onu
Adress:23 airport road hotel lagos nigeria
Please print out one of my pics and cut it in passport type i can't find any passport type.i will be hoping to hear from you.the only problem i will have in nigeria is when i do not pay the hotel bill and airfare that is the only problem i will have.And i hope i am counting on you.pls mail me back so that i can have ur adress and the nearest airport and ur full name so i will give the embassy for permission.
with love.........

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