Scam letter(s) from Britney Wayne to Kevin (USA)

Letter 1

Kevin my true love,
i am so happy that finally my searches are over now that i have found you,i cant explain how i feel meeting the true love of my life through the i cant wait to be with you.
About the (dowry) which is the bride price my dad it is 80,000:00 naira and the introduction which is the aproval of us as man and woman is 50,000:00 naira.*** i know you wont understand it that way but i just want you know how my dad gave me the i will break it down to your corrency so that you will be able to understand it. DOWRY AND INTRODUCTION CEREMONY.

(Dowry) Bride price ----------$500;00

palm oil 40:00
ground nuts 25:00
3 bags of salt 60:00
1 basket of cola nuts 50:00
1 cow 80:00
1 basket of fruits 30:00
1 bottle of wine 25:00
1 bottle of local brandy 15:00

TOTAL $825:00 Honey this is all it requires.the dowry is a conplulsary fee a man gives to the family of the bride to show apriciation to the families of the bride that she is been taken good care off.
While the introduction is the all about the bleesing of the union of the man and his bride,all this item i wrote up there are the things that will be sheared among the villagers and it is on that day that you will be legalised as my legal husband, so after that i can now join you and start our family together.that is the time a girl can now be free to sleep with the man and she must respect her husband for the rest of her life and any other cant ever propose to her *** that is all i can tell you for now anything that is not clear to you when next i come on the internet i will explain it you my love.
I hope now that you have known we can start the prepearation so that my dad can fix a date and get us blessed and i can join you very soon.cos *** i cant wait to be with you and make me feel like a woman.lots of love and kisses ,your wife to be yomi olanrewaju.
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