Letter(s) from Oksana Belousova to Hugh (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my beloved....

I think, that you likely at all did not expect this letter to receive from me. Yes, we with you already for a long time did not communicate, but I nevertheless for this time have not forgotten you, I remember. I hope, what you too have not forgotten me??? You remember me??? Likely you will recollect, when you will see my photos which I to you shall send my lovely. How your day at work, how your state of health??? I hope, that at you everything is all right and you are good yourself feel and are happy.

For that time while we with you did not correspond, at me much has taken place in life, and good and bad. But now, thank God I in the order and all my affairs at work go on hurrah... I have promoted, began to earn better, than earlier. Though and not the big money, but nevertheless it is pleasant.

Likely you are asked, why I write you??? I hope, that I now shall write to you, will bring to you pleasure, but before I would like to recollect our correspondence. When only we have got acquainted, as we were fastened with you of the relation. What we each other tested feelings, you remember it??? And I remember... At me a lot of pleasant memoirs from ours with you of correspondence. You see both of us so dreamed of the big love, about family, about children, and about a meeting. About this meeting I want with you and to talk.

I very much would like to meet and be with you with you together. If certainly for this time, you any more have not found to yourself the girlfriend of life and did not begin from it the relation, married and then and so forth... Yes, first of all, as your private life how it at you has developed???

About what I want to talk to you my lovely. I would like to arrive to you my lovely. For this purpose, I have means, but not completely. I can issue the passport for travel abroad make a medical expense insurance, and the visa, to departure you. That is all necessary documents, I can issue here. The ticket and all is necessary for me only. I hope, that if you want our meeting likely with the ticket you to me can the help my lovely.

Well, on it I shall finish the letter and with the big impatience I shall wait from you for the answer. I hope, that I shall receive the positive answer from you my lovely. I wait, I miss.

yours Oksana.