Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Klenova to Johnny (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello Johnny! I can maybe tell you more about myself. I have spend most of my live in Kazan city, a historical town here in Russia. It is a nice town with a lot of museum, park's, old building and Kremlin. There is also our Tatarstan republic parliament where our government is. I have 1 sisters ( one in Saratov), and my mother lives in the suburb. My father, who is divorced, lives in Kazan. He was a military and travel a lot when I was young. They are both of them on their pension. The man in Russia don't like work and want many things without work. Alcohol is problem here else. I live in Moscow, in a nice apartment alone with my dog Tekila. I work for Reals estate Consulting, we buy and sell any real estate in many countries. I was in many countries by my work including USA and Canada. I have been with my company for 5 years. I really like my job, having a lot of fun doing it. I have spend a lot of my time in my work, making homework, so I have not been able to meet a man with who I would have like to live with, so I have been alone for a while. Like you, I am looking for someone that will be loyal and trustful, someone to talk, to take care of, to go out and have fun with friend. I really think that love can come at what ever age so I am confident. I am strongly against drugs use, I do not smoke. If you somebody smoke around me this is not problem for me. With my friends, we go to happy hours after work on Fridays for fun. We do drink **** or wine from time to time but not too much. Since I am writing this for my work, I'm sending some photos of me to you. I will be hopefully waiting for your letter to write a little more to you. Yours Nadya!
Letter 2

Good day Johnny! I'm work much and if I will not able reply to you fast, then I just have no time, but I will try answer to you as soon as possible. I am fine. My work has taken a lot of my time today. But I was happy to read you letter. It is fun to know a little bit more of you. For myself, I wanna tell you some about my dog. I found her while working at the family's house. She was hungry, her leg was hurt and she was very afraid of me at the beginning. But with patient and perseverance, I was able to feed her. After fixing her leg and trying to find her owner with no success, she decided to stay with me. I do not know what kind of breed she is, but she is faithful and is very protective of me. I university degree. I'm lawyer. I do like 'Bad boys blues' and else, Abba is a great band. Else I like rock, the Beatles, Rolling Stone, Pink Lloyd and a lot of new groups like the Green Day, Offspring and other a like. But, I prefer the 80s and 90s music. I haven't been in a disco for a while, but if the music is good and the company is right, I love to dance to what ever is playing and to have a good time. I have been twice to Europe, mostly in Paris and in London. I liked the British more than the French. I have also been in Germany, Italy and in Belgium when I was young. Like I told you , I have been to the US (Washington). I am not in a serious relation at this time. Like I told you, I have spend a lot of time on my work and making homework, so there was little time to look for the right person. I am looking for a lover, yes, but also a partner in life. Someone who can help out with the little problem of life, with who I will talk of everything and nothing important. I am sending you a new photos of me. I leave you now and wait for your letter. Bye for now.
Letter 3

Hello Johnny! I hope that you are fine and that your day is or has been good. I guess that there is a lot of deception to be found on the Internet, lies are easy written to play with the ****** that people will give. I will not play this game, with you or with anybody else. I am not that kind of person. I am on the Internet to try and get to known people, to create friendship and, maybe, to find somebody that will be special. I had bad experience in my last relationship. But I still have dreams of living a better life, finding a nicer man, to have a loving family. I have a lot of courage to think of leaving my country, family and friend to be able to live my dream. It is something that can change me because of the culture clash, the different language and the life style change that I will have to endured. I'm think that you seem a good and honest person. I only want to get to know you more. And nothing very serious now, I want to know you better before I can think of something that would be more serious. I like to write to you and will continue with an open mind and a open heart as long as you continue to write back. With a little time, if our friendship grows more, I can try and see if there is a possibility for me to travel to meet you in your country or near, if it is OK with you, that I can do. I will take vacation soon, and I will be very happy to visit you there. I leave you now and will answer your letter as soon as possible. Bye Bye Nadya!
Letter 4

Hello dear friend Johnny! How are you ? I hope that this day goes well for you. I'm very fine. This morning at the office, I was very happy to get your letter, it has put a smile on my face. I will think about them all day. I like to get your letter and to write to you, it is kind of talking with a good and nice friend. I really hope that with time, we will become maybe more than just friend. I was thinking that maybe I can see if I can organize to travel to get to meet you eventually. I have US and Canadian visa and else Euro Union visa. As I would be pleased that you could show me your country, will explain my culture and ask you many question about it. But some more else about me, about my childhood. My childhood was also very pleasant. My father was a military man, so we moved a lot to different places in USSR, see new surrounding, meet new people, it was super to have many friends all over the country. I have nice memory of summer camps, camping trips with my family, going to visit in the Russia going the beach at the sea,... It was all very funny and a very happy time. My family was always together on those trips. Of course, these trips have stopped since my parent divorced, but is was OK. My parent are happy with their live now even if they live apart. My father, my mother and my sister are very close together with me. Every year me and my university friends try to get together for a party and talk about everything and anything. We were all young and did all kind of crazy stuff, nothing illegal, but sometime very ******. During the summer, we would have party, go to a friend with a pool and have a BBQ, then after that, go on the main road just to hang out and have more fun till dawn. It was a very crazy time. We do not party has much, but we still try to get together one way or another. I like to take care of homeless animal. I like to think that by taking care of my own dog, who was homeless, I have made good. My dog (her name is Tekila by the way) seems to be happy to be with me, to have me to take care of her. I have to get back to work, so I say goodbye for now. I'll be waiting for your new letter soon. If you want, I'll try to send you more pictures of me. Kiss. Nadya
Letter 5

My dear Johnny! I am always glad to get one of your letters and to get to know you more and more each time. I am fine. I will surely have a happy hour after work, with friends, to go out, play pool (billiard) and have a good time. Today, it warm here. I have a big day's work ahead of me, reports to give, reunion, priority to give, personal management,... but I have fun doing all this, so it is alright. I think it would be fun to be able to call you up just to go and have a walk outside, go to have a coffee, a light lunch in a restaurant and to go strolling on the main steet to do window shopping. And to finish the day, home with a nice wood fire and a nice glass of wine. Hey, I'm getting romantic :-) love good food. Else I like to cook. I like to try all kind of dishes for other places. There is a lot of Italian food that I like, Mexican also, but I have tried lately some lamb from a Portuguese restaurant that was delicious. Greek dishes are also nice. Else we have many good dishes in Russian cook. I have to go back to work, so I leave you now. I hope that you have a fine day and I will wait for you next letter. Bye for now and a kiss! Nadya.
Letter 6

Hello my dear Johnny! How are you days going on? As for me I have much work. But I will have vacation in one week. I'm really happy about that cuz I haven't vacation 3 years. So my boss decide give me some time to rest. I want spend my vacation very good and I guess that I can come to visit you for one or two months, of course if you not against. I think that we can know each over face to face better, and we can have a great time together. Will you invite me? LoL. I have foreign passport and visa so I don't needing in any paperwork. So I can come to you so soon as I will found good flight. But this is not too hard, cuz our company work with one tourist agency very long time, and they always can find good flights to any point of the world. Today I was in that travel agency and check cost of flight to you. It will cost for me about 1600 US dollars. In this cost including round-trip tickets and health insurance. In my country I can't buy one way tickets, cuz in many countries immigration cervices afraid that somebody could stay in them countries illegal, or something like that. And about insurance, this is I must have too. I thought that I will go to my vacation to other country so I saved some money for that. I have 600 US dollars for tickets, but unfortunately I haven't another part of that sum. I wanna ask you, dear will you able help me with other part of money. I think that it will be very honest from you and my side bye tickets for me together. This will be great chance to meet each over and know better. What do you think about that I know that 1000 US dollars not big sum of money there, so I guess that you will not against help me with it. Ok, I will write for your letter. Sweet kisses! Bye, Nadya!
Letter 7

Hello my dearest Johnny! How are you? We have cold weather again here. In Russia we have warm weather until middle if September. But not every year. In this year we have really strange weather. Winter was too cold and sometimes too warm, and summer so. I heard that Florida is really great state there. I will me more then glad to visit it. I will arrange tickets on the date that will be best for you. Just tell me the date. But don't forget that I must buy tickets as soon as possible, because later buy tickets will be very hard. I was in travel agency today, and they could arrange tickets for me on September. It would be so great to spend so much time with your there. Oh, I just forgotten to tell you thanks for pictures. Dear I was in the bank today and learned safe and fast way to send money. This is Western Union money transfer system, you can find it practically in any bank. You must just fill out the blank, there you must write my full name - Nadezhda Klenova, and country as you know Russia. :) After that you will get money transfer control number. You must send it to me and else send your full name and address. As soon as I will get money and know the date then I must come to you, I will buy tickets. And tell you all details of my trip to you. Ok, dear I will stop now. Hope to hear from you soon! Sweet kiss and hugs! Love, Nadya!
Letter 8

Hello my dear Johnny! How are you? I'm glad to receive your letter. I heard every year that in Florida hurricane is very often. So I know that this is very dangerous. But this is no matter for me I really want to visit you. I miss you so much and I can't wait our meeting too. It would be great if you will send money before your departure, then I will be able buy tickets. I hope that you will able tell me the best date of my arrival to you. I will go out Moscow tonight for few days. I have some work out of Moscow, but don't worry I will be able write you and read your letters. So I will visit 3 cities and I don't know where I will receive money if it will sent. So please do not write my city or address in the blank. Of course I give you my full address if you want it. It is Russia, Moscow, Pushkina St. 143-45. Ok, I will check my mail tomorrow morning or may be I will have a chance do it tonight. Have a nice day! Sweet kiss and hugs! Yours, Nadya!
Letter 9

Hello my dear Johnny! How are you? I haven't received any reply from you few days! Are you ok? Please write me as soon as possible! I miss you so much! Kiss and hugs! Nadya!
Letter 10

Hello my dearest Johnny! I'm really happy to get your letter. I was wonder about you so much! But I wanna to tell you that hear such words from that Russian guy was very insulting for me. You know that I'm lawyer, I have a good work. I have enough money for my life. I'm not ********** and I'm not using you to come to US. As you know I've been in US already and i haven't leave Russia. And else I guess Mike don't know that I will be not able stay in US for a long time if I will not merry on US citizen. Mike wasn't right. i don't know why he told you so bad things. But I serious with you and I don't lie to you. I want to come there just to see you face to face, to spend time with you. May be he told you truth, but not truth about me. Dear please don't worry about your dreams. As soon as we will be together so soon we will understand how much strong our feelings to each other. I really afraid to lose you and I really hope that I will not. You have told me great idea. It will be really great if you will able pick up me on the way to South Carolina. I think that we will have good trip together. All depend only from you now. And dear what's about money for my tickets. As soon as I will have it so soon I will buy flight certificate. With it I will be able take any flight to you. Ok, I hope to hear from you soon! Kiss and hugs! Dreaming of our meeting, Nadya!
Letter 11

Hello my dearest Johnny! How are you? I'm really happy to see your letter! Here is late now and I will write you just a short note. I will write you tomorrow more. I'm really happy that you trust me. If you will hear only your heart then all will be great with us. We will be able spend a lot of time together and we will never forget it. May be you are very strict with your friend. I think that all people can make mistakes. You are wrote very right things in your letters. You are not boy and have your own mind. I really hope that soon we will be to know the date of our meeting. I'm waiting this moment and very excited. Ok, I will stop now! Have a good day! Sweet kiss and hugs! Miss you, yours Nadya!
Letter 12

Hello my dearest Johnny! How are you? I hope that you are trip is going really well. I know that this is trip is really matter for you. Sorry for delay in reply. I was just busy with my work. So now I have a some free time and I can write you. It's too bad that we can be together now. i miss you so much. I really can understand that going on inside of me. But every day I miss you more and more. i can't wait the day of our meeting. It's too bad sit here without you. Dear you can't imagine how much I want to come to you and be with you. You are so great man, I don't want to lose you. may be I'm going crazy, but I can't change anything in myself. May be in my letter too much lyrics, but I can't go for other way. I searching for my happiness so long, and I can't explain you in words how much I want to be with you. I know that you are in trip, so all depend only not from you. But I must know how soon you will able send money to me. Because I must buy flight certificate already. In other way I will not able buy tickets in soonest time. Please dear understand me. I'm really needing in that. In other way our plans could be broken. Johnny I will stop now! I hope to hear from you soon! Hugs and kiss ! Yours, Nadya!
Letter 13

Hello my dearest Johnny! How are you? Dear please don't worry so much about me, because you will not lose me. And our feelings will not die. All will be ok with us and we will meet each other. May me you understood my last letter not correct. I've wrote you, that I must pay for my tickets now. Because buy tickets very hard. So if we want meet each other soon, then I must buy tickets now. If I will try do it later, there will be not tickets. I dream about our meeting every time. I hope that it will be really soon! It's late now and unfortunately I can't write you much. Ok, dear I will wait for your letter! Hope to hear from you tomorrow! Sweet kiss and hugs! Love, Nadya!
Letter 14

Hello my dear Johnny! I'm always happy to get your reply! How are you? How is your weekend? Do you work on this weekend? I haven't any plans for my weekend again. Weather is too bad, mood like weather. So just be at home! I've understood you about Florida, but I really want to know how soon it can be. But why you searching for flight to Montrel-Mirabel Canada? This is I can't understand! Dear I can't do not worry about tickets! Because that you have contacts in airlines can't make all arranges. If all seats in airplane will be busy. Then any contacts will not be do anything. Dear it's looks like you afraid send money to me? Is this really so? Are you do not trust me? Dear I beginning really worry about all that. Please answer on my questions. Please understand that if I will have tickets here with me, then I will have 100% guaranties that I can be with you soon! But I hear only promises now! Ok, dear I must stop now! Have a nice day! Sweet kiss and hugs! Love you, Nadya!
Letter 15

Hello my dearest Johnny! Sorry for my last letter. May be I was wrong about you. You are really great man, you careful and loving man. I'm happy that I have found you. But letters is enough for me. I want to meet you. But all that I can hear from you is we will be together soon. And I'm waiting all days how soon it will be. As you told be that you boss, then why you can organize our meeting faster? Please don't understand me wrong, but all that I want is our meeting. I have told to my boss that I will take my vacation soon. So he ask me every day how soon I will take my vacation. But I can't give answer to him. Because I don't know the answer. If I will have tickets or money for that then I will know that finally will come to you. I'm really nervous about all of that. So if I told you something wrong, please forgive me. I'm listen my heart, but I can't live only with my dreams. I trust you. But I've told you before that if I will not buy tickets now then it will be hard do it later. But you answered me only "don't worry". But how I can don't worry if our plans could be broken. Please understand my point of view. If you decide to come to me, then it will be great. My in October we have really bad weather, by the way. But dear I have a one problem. I really don't know can I call my situation - problem, or not. I was very happy that will come to you soon. And told about that to my parents, closest friends. And I believed that really will come to see you there. If you will come here I will be looks like liar to my friends. I really don't want it. They saw me, and saw how much I was happy about my trip to you. So please don't broke my plans. I really hope on you and hope that we can be together very soon! Sweet kiss and hugs! Love, Nadya.
Letter 16

Hello my dearest Johnny! How are you there? How is going your trip? Dear I think that we do not understand each other. I've told you that you boss in your work, not in our relationship. I don't feel that I'm boss in our relationship and I don't want that. It's very great that you understood me about your visit here. I was afraid that you can understand me wrong. Thank you so much. But dear Johnny, I think that we still have problem. I beginning doubt in your sincerity. I'm not little girl and I'm needing in proof of your words. You only tell me that we will be together soon. But you do not do any steps for that. I explained situation with tickets to you few time. But you don't want listen me. Why? If you really serious and want meet me then why you still haven't sent money to me? If I will have it I will buy open date tickets. And then I will not have nothing to worry. I hear from you many beautiful words. Thank you for that, but can you do something else? I'm not sure now! If you will send money for my tickets after that letters, then I will know that I'm not right in all that words. I hope that you understand me well. I don't want hurt you in any way. But please understand me. I'm really needing in that! I will stop now! Sweet kiss and hugs! Nadya!
Letter 17

Hello my dear Johnny! How are you? I'm very sorry that haven't answered to you early. I was out of town. We go camping with friends. We have really nice time. It's too bad that you wasn't with me. But I know that we will have many good time to together! Big thanks for your letter. I feel myself much more better after that. I'm so happy that I found you. Because you are really great man and can understand me at all. Thank you for that. Dear I don't remember, but I guess that I wrote you about sending money already. I don't have bank account and bank money transfer too low. The better way to send money is Western Union. You can find it in closest bank. You just must fill blank and give money. And after that send me your full name full address and money transfer control number. You will receive that number in bank. And I can receive money in one hour after sending. This is very safe and fast. So please use it. You must have my full data this is Russia, Moscow, Pushkina St. 143-45. Name is Nadezhda Klenova. And else may be I will go to business trip soon! So please don't wrote city in the blank. Then I will able receive money in any bank in Russia! Ok, dear I will stop now. Sweet kiss and hugs! Love you! Nadya!
Letter 18

Hello Johnny! Dear what's wrong? I haven't any news from you 6 days! Are you ok? I'm worry about you so much! Please write me as soon as you can! I miss you so much! I love you and want to be with you. I don't want lose you my dear! I'm waiting your answer every day! Sweet hugs and kisses! Love you, Nadya!
Letter 19

Hello my love Johnny! How are you? I'm so happy receive your letter! I worried about you so much! I was really going crazy each day without your letters! I'm so happy now! Thank you for your big wonderful letter. I see you philosophy. You are right in all your words, I think that we can discuss all of that then be together. You told me already about your friend Richard, I hope that I will meet him too. Dear I still can't understand, will you send money for ticket or not? What about our meeting? Do you still want me to come? I hope that you want to see me and will meet your soon! Thank you again for your beautiful words! Please write me every day, I can't be without your letters! Ok, dear I will stop for now! Hope to hear from you soon! Love, Nadya!
Letter 20

Hello dear Johnny! You not write me 3 days! Why you do not write me again? What's up? I hoped that you will write me every day as before.
Please write me as soon as you can! I hope to hear from you really soon! Bye, Nadya!
Letter 21

Hello my dearest Johnny! How are you? I'm some upset from your last letter! If somebody deceived your friend, this is not mean that I will deceive you to. I never lied to you and will not do it! I heard many stories that man from other country asked girl to meet him and then she come to other country. After that man just sell she to brothel. But why I don't wonder about that? I don't wonder because I trust you. And I know that you are a good guy. I tried borrow money but I wasn't able do it. If you will send money to me, then I really will come to you. I promise! May be you can could borrow money, your promised to send money to me one week ago, but haven't did it. Can I trust in your words again now? i really want to come to see me, if you will send money for me then you will not regret about that. Ok, dear I will stop now! Kiss! Bye, Nadya!
Letter 22

Hello my dear Johnny! How are you? I understand you. But I'm really tired wait for our meeting. I hear from you only promises and beauty words. It's great that you think about me. But I'm needing really in serious relations and this is impossible via Internet. I must be sure that we can be together, because I don't want just waste my time. It's great that I have you in my life, but I tired communicate with you by letters. I'm waiting our meeting for a long time, and still nothing changing. I hear only your promises. I guess that we must meet or stop our relations. I don't see other way now! I can't borrow money. Because it's big some of money here. So if you will not be able send money to me, then we will be not able meet each over. I hope that you understand me! Kiss and hugs! Love, Nadya!
Letter 23

Hello Johnny! I will stop write you. I don't want do it but I feel that I must. You again promise me that we can be together, but I don't trust in that words anymore. It's hard to me to say "good bye" but I will do it. I never thought that you will hurt me! Good bye! With love, Nadya!
Letter 24

Hello my dear Johnny! I trust myself and I trust in my words. I've never wanted stop writing you, until you last letters! You really good promiser. You are speaking so beauty words. But can you understand that words not enough for serious relationship! You are like young romantic man. I've understood that you really don't want to meet me. You are enjoying only to talk with me. But I can't go that way! So I really decided stop write you! Good bye! With love, Nadya!
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