Scam letter(s) from Julia Alimova to Fausto (Italy)

Letter 1

Greetings my dear Fausto!!!!!
I am very strongly glad to your beautiful letter. It so for me is pleasant to receive
about you recognitions to me in love. At me also I at once am cheered up at once I
become the happiest ******* the ground. To me each time ea?aouny that you likely a angel.
When I have read your letter I have understood that your letter is impregnated with a
smell of love. I in the whole days think of you. About that as you meet me with a bouquet
of colors at the airport. As we embrace and we kiss each other. I ask the god that my
dreams became a reality. I hope for your understanding.
The feeling when love to the man turns to hatred and your soul becomes rigid. I am grateful
to the god that you are at me both I can love and I know that you too love me. I
love you and I want to be with you the rest of all life. I that have more in
life it is not necessary because I have you. I hope that you understand me and
will write to me the same warm letter. Yours Yuliya.


PS:Send money on Western union on name Yuliya Bolotova. I love you!!!!
Letter 2

My love Fausto!
I have received your letter and I am in a hurry to answer.
Thank you for the most precious and dear letter to my heart
I was so glad to find your meaningfull letter into my mail box
Closer you, I have no anybody on a planet.
You are the closest man to me after my parents
I have changed my a surname. As you remember to me recently 30 years were executed.
In Russia in 30 years all citizens of the Russian Federation are obliged to change
The passport. Together with the passport I have changed the surname. Earlier at me
There was a surname of my mum (Alimova), and now I have changed it for a surname
My father (Bolotov). And now my full name sounds as Yuliya
Bolotova. You will understand that that I have written to you.
I love you so much and I think of you every where I go and step I take so meanwhile
I send you my soul and heart to be with you
I am grateful to the god, that you have appeared in my life.
Know that I believe to you and I know,
that you can make me happy, as you and are my happiness.
I know that I shall be happy only with you, because I love you
I love you very strongly,
and we never to part
Your the wife Yuliya
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