Letter(s) from Daria Pustovalova to Jimmy (USA)

Letter 1

Greetings, my dear Jimmy! I am very glad to receive your letter! It was very pleasant for me to read it!!! I am very glad, that we have found each other! I am sure, that the destiny has plans for us of a two! I think, that we can be together. Our ideas and ideas coincide. We think equally. It something means. Very seldom you meet the person who thinks as well as you! I am glad, that we have found each other. I would like more and more and to learn you more! I want to know more about you and your ideas! You are very interesting to me with your letters. But I do not have not enough now only your letters. I would like to meet you in the person! I would like to learn what you in a life! My dear Jimmy, we can meet? I think, that now it is necessary for us to meet in the person! We know about each other enough. The great cannot be learned from correspondence. If there are still any important things in which you interest ask me. I want to develop our attitudes. I do not want, that they stood on a place. I would like to move towards each other! You will make a step to me on a meeting, my dear Jimmy? What do you think of our meeting? You want, that I have arrived to you? I can make it. I learned in tourist to firm about travel to you. It will not be difficult. I will need to make the international passport, the visa and tickets. On registration of all documents it is required about 10-12 working days. For registration of the international passport 130 euros is required. For the visa 133 euros. The ticket will cost 681 euros. Also I should do the insurance which will operate in your country. It costs 115 euros. I think of you and about our meeting much! It is dream which seems impracticable... But I hope, that all of us shall meet also we shall be happy together!!! I shall have holiday. I would like to lead my holiday with you together. We could carry out a lot of time together and learn each other better! I am sure, that it will be the best time in my life! We could be all the day long together. We could walk keeping for hands. We could go to cinema and theatre together. I very much do not have it in my life. I do not have not enough your heat and love! The love is a life! When we do not like, we do not live! We only live our time! To us it is very poorly measured time in this life! It is impossible to spend it simply so. I do not think, that we need to have long correspondence and only then something to solve about our attitudes! I think, that we should meet in the person and to learn each other better. At a meeting alive it is required to us to very few time. Whether we shall understand more likely we approach each other whether or not. If we cannot be together we simply well spend time and we leave good friends! But I hope, that we shall be more than friends! But it cannot be understood only through letters! I suggest to meet in the person! What do you think? I with impatience wait for your answer and our meeting! Write to me more likely, that you think! I shall wait for your letter with impatience, my dear Jimmy! Kisses and gentle embraces, With love Dasha.