Scam letter(s) from Becky Mcdowel to Ivon (Norway)

Letter 1

Hello Hunny,
Really happy to hav heard from you too hunny. it quite amazing and suprising. am at work now, just got your mail now.
I cant wait for you to get a yahoo Id soon ,so we can have a lovely chat together Ivon. And thanx for been truthfull to mee too tell me bout your ex relationship.
Have begining to have a good feelings bout you now hunny. you really making my day in here.
cant wait to see you in person. staying together with you there in Norway.
realationship is all bout Faith .
Even in the bible says in 1st Corithians 13 vr 13 " And now abideth faith,hope and love but the greatest of all is Love". Though have not seen you but am having a good feelings bout you here now.
really wish to come over to you there in Norway. Just promise me that you make my day when i Finally got to you there.
Do you have any either bout the airfair fees from here to Norway?
really are to spend some weeks with you cos i'l be having my summer vacation sometimes in 2weeks time .
Really care to spend some time with you.
you make my day.
cant just wait to hear from you soon.
take good care of your self.
Letter 2

Hello Ivon Tzatch,
thanx for the mail. Am really happy to have gotten your mai. i really love to get to no you more too. For me, I work in a store here in Maryland PA USA. We sell dood stuff and kitchen Equipments.
Though it not been easy for me. ever since the death of my Dad some years back now. My Dad died in an accident at Califonia city when comming back from a bussiness trip . My Mom is all i have now. Though she is not here in states. she currently in London now.
Am bout 30yrs by 15th of this month. height: 5'5 .Am really single now looking for a seriously relationship. someone who can take good care of me,loving and understanding even when we are not together. Probably am new here on Internet ,cos I quit my last relation Dec last year .
cos he lied to me. He is datting me and also datting someone esle. so i decide to quit.
Hope you are really seriously to know *** marry me.
Have you ever been in states before?
have heard bout Norway but have never been there before, probabaly if you can come over to USA. You welcome. i'l would really care to know and see you in person. hope you like this pics i sent to you.
realtioship is all bout Faith, Understanding and Love.
Hope to hear from you soon
take good care of yourself
Letter 3

Hello Ivon Tzatch,
Just happy to have got your mail now cos just bout to logout of my mail bos before i got your mail. it early in the morning here....just trying to do some little cleaning here.
If am to choose the most improtant thing in my life , i'l rather choose first My God. Cos am born in a catholice Family and brought up in a christianity way.
Then i can now choose my Mom cos she is all i have, and am the onlye daughter of my family.
i like a serious realationship and really want to get marry soon to a good loving and carring husband . i also dont want to marry anyone from states here cos got lots of player in here.
been into bout 2 realtionship but now am all alone .An an new here on Internet never experience datting online you.
Sincerely speaking you be the 3 person mail me. but the rest 2 are from states here and i have a vow for my seld that wont marry to anyone from states here anymore.
really happy to have meet someone from oust side USA. i dont mind if you can come all over to states here. really care to see you and meet you in person.
really want to have my own Kids and start a family to someone loving ,carring and understanding. who will love me for who i am and i also care to love him too for who is he.
hope to hear from you before i leave for work now.
try get a yahoo ID so we can have a lovely chat too with the meassanger.
care to hear from you soon.
take good care of yourself
Letter 4

Hello Hunny,
Good Morning hunny, how you doin .How was your night.?
I would count myself Lucky too hunny to have meet such a wonderful,loving and carring guy like
Seem you not too good on internet , am still happy each time i got your mail. I feel great. Really wanna come you your town hunny.....most espacially for the midnight Sun. really wanna withness one. spend much time together with you there for my upcomming summer Vaccation.
I'l try to see My Agent here to see How much i'l get the ticket. I will like to know the nearest Airport to you so i can paln on How i can get the ticket. Just pay some bills and tax recently ,hope you wond'nt mind paying for my ticket to come over to you hunny. I really appreciate that. Really care to see you ,spend time with you.
Hopefully for my summer, My vaccation date is 12th of June , wish is next week. really wanna be with you probably by 14th of June.
let me know your plans too hunny.
Have a great day. Just wokeup now and happy to have hear from you and reading your lovely mails first thing in the morning.
Cant just wai to see you soon.
Have a wonderfullu day.
Till we meet in person.
Letter 5

Hello Ivon Tzatch ,
How you doin? Am sorry to have not been able to reply your for all this while. Am not at home,I heard my Mom is seriously sick. got to take good care of her.
The Doctor said she is sick of cancer of the Lungs. Not been in happy mood for some time now. Have always been warning her bout her smoking,but she never stop.
Am told now that she need to be operated, Been spening lots of money here now on her bills. Just really in need of your support and prayer for her now. Dont want her to die ,she is all i have.
Cant forget all bout you hunny. been in my mind also
just at home now to get something to her and trying to do some cleaning too, Just also to keep you inform . You really in my mind too hunny.
So how was your plan now.....?
Where are you and when you travling.?
let me know................. cant just wait to see you . Love you .................... miss
I know we get to see each other in person too.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Letter 6

Hello Hunny,
Thank you for you love and comsign bout my mom. Have not veen arround all this while ben with her at the hospital.
just reall in need of your help now hunny. Hope i wont hurt you with that. Need to addup and pay for the rest of her hospiatl bills in here, And am strapped of cash now.
The doctor said she need to be operated soon.
Hope you can assit me with some little cash now hunny.
She is all i have need to take good care of her.
Cant wait to see you soon hunny.
really need your prayer for her now hunny.
Dont want her to die.
miss ya
Letter 7

Hello Hunny,
Am waiting for your respond now ,am still at home now. Probabably going back tommorrow,
Hope to hear from you soon hunny.
Love you........miss ya
Cant just wait to see you soon.
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