Letter(s) from Elena Kruzhilina to Hugh (Scotland)

Letter 1

Privet, dear Hugh!

How are you? i hope everything is ok. thank you for your letter, i am glad to hear from you again. I really want to get to know you much better! Please tell me more about you,about Scotland! and send me more photos of yours in your next letters,ok? I will be waiting impatiently and may be one day we will be good friends and even more..

more about me. i am many-sided, outgoing and they say nice person, but i am afraid i am just average. so if you are looking for someone special it is not that variant. i don't smoke and i drink very rarely, only socially. by the way, i am a me's hairdresser so if you or your friends need a haircut, you are welcome.:)

i have lived all my life here, in Ukraine, and i love my country. life here is not bad, and it is not some economical reasons that i want to leave my country. i actually do not mind living here with my future husband. but i think that your country gives more opportunities for both of us. i know i will be missing my family very much, but i want to start my own!

i want to meet...well, i don't really know. i just don't want to make any patterns and imagine some definite person. i think each person can bring something good into your life, and everyone has a chance. but anyway,in men i appreciate decency, care, intelligence.

What's to say about my week-ends and spare time? Usually I meet friends. We go shopping, watching people (yes, yes, women like it!), have dinner, make a grill-party or go out in the evening to dance or to visit cinemas. In the wintertime I visit museums, theatres, go dancing or I enjoy a rest at home with a good book and music or I watch an interesting film. And last but not least, I have also to do my housework. I have never enough time to do everything I want to.

About my hobbies and the city I live in, I will tell you in my next mail. I am also very interested to know much more about you! Your dreams, your future goals, what kind of woman do you prefer and what you like or dislike. what are you afraid of?

hope to receive your big and detailed letter soon. Lena