Romance scam letter(s) from Svetlana Kalaeva to Paul (USA)
Letter 1
Hi, my favourite friend Paul. I became very happy to receive your letters. Thanks for your poem for me!!!!! You know I forgot to write to you my last name in my last letter to you. My full name Svetlana Kalaeva. But You know it would be better if you continue write to me using internet because russian post work very very bad and most of letters do not come to address… But if you want to send a letter to you it will very pleasant to me if I would get it. So my full address: Svetlana Kalaeva, 63 Pushkin Street, apt.# 50, Samara, 443011, Russia. It is better if we will use an internet. For these letters I have understood, that you that which I waited all these years. All my ideas of steel only about you, I live by dream to meet you faster. But while I can not make it because I have a lot of works now. I can inform you about it in some days, mine love. I am very tired from our city, our cold, I want to receive heat and love from your words, your touches. I think, that you will become happy, when we shall meet. I wait for this day each day. And you? I have understood, that it is the real love, I dreamed of it for a long time. It so is wonderful for knowing about that that on the other end of light me my waits favourite. You know, all my cares were beaten off by my love to you, I very wait for this meeting. I never thought, that will grow fond of the man which is more senior than I. But your last letters have forced to understand to me that I do not test similar to my friends. I already for a long time did not meet them because I think only of you. I have forgotten about hobbie, I think of work a little. The friends have noticed that I became slightly another, but they do not represent that my life became another after meeting with you. I love to dream of you. It so good and pleasant for me. This photo was made 1 months ago. It is me on sofa in my home. I think you will like it… I shall wait your letter. Also please send me the name of your closest international airport or some of them. Simply I want to learn how much it is costs for me to come to you. I must know it faster. Love, Sveta
Letter 2
Hi my lovely sweet friend Paul. I have read your letter. Of course, we have some problems but I want that together we have tried to make as it is possible better. I can make the working visa through my firm so there is no necessity to worry for the visa. I paid for it 380 $ US.I have already given documents and money to registration of the visa and passport and have told to me that it will be ready in 10-14 days. My visa will work in your country maximum for 3 months. I very much hope that you will not wait and will try to send me money faster that I might buy tickets already. You know I plan to leave my country from international airport Sheremetyevo in Moscow. I think I can save some money for trip to Moscow but I have not any money for international flight to your country. I need in about 850 $ US on air tickets and very much I hope for your help though I shall try to find some sum of money and to facilitate your problems. I want to arrive to you faster and my sweet now it depends only on you. I already spoke as difficultly to earn such money in Russia. I and thought that money may stop our attitudes. Really a little it is a shame to me to ask it from you but I have no other exit in this situation though I too have rescued 380 $ for my trip. I wanted to buy the new TV but I have no now this necessity because I love you and I want to meet you so strongly that is ready on all. I very much want to leave from here to you, I was bothered with my city, I want to see only you and to be only with you. I want to execute all your dreams and imaginations of me because I love you madly. I want to do only as you will wish. I very much believe in you and your help money faster. Paul, if you will send me money that make it through Western Union or Money Gram. Also I want to know your full address if I will receive it. Yours Sveta
Letter 3
Hi Paul, You know yesterday my visa process was finished. I am so glad now. So I hope for your help only. I believe in it very very much. Your help is nesesary to me. Your name - clean music for me. Correctly, I could call it aloud as one million time and never by trunk it. Trust me, when I speak, what not the minute passes without my thoughts, Turning to you. In it very much moment, is a pity to me, that you not here holded me in your arms and kissed me with yours lips.-, which one I would not tire with it. P, as I can express Melancholy, I should be with you? The words are very difficult for finding., as though I - Needle of a compass, and you - Blue pole. Permanently, my thoughts are plucked to you, My love, for your influencing on me. My love for You can be only gauged in the exponential form, and that in itself Drops far except for its true value. For you - power by my Douches; therefore, you - my force. You - light of my life, nature mine Being. As without you, dear P, my life will be empty from only Inspiration. There will be no work of art for me, that Steadfastly to look on. My life will breathe of tints grey Instead of rich colours. My love, while Our joy moment does not arrive, to take good care about you Directly and to hold your coming of the letters of love. They help me to make It in lone times. While, I want to bar with these few words: I love you! I love you! I love you! Sincerely, franticly, absolutely, yours Sveta
Letter 4
Hi my divine heart Paul: Hey, it is - late in evening, or early in morning, here and I can not sleep. I thought of you all night. I only have left and to read your newest letter and is given very much thanks for it. I hope, that you Do fine today. I supposed, that, while I am awake, I shall write Letter also shall notify, that I also miss you and shall want very much, that you were with me. I want, that you knew I would be the happiest person, Operational, if I were with you there right now. If You prolong to work and to economize so much, how much you can also I work and to economize so much, how much I can. Do not make despair, we were meet, that To be together, and nothing will stop us from being together. I have fallen in love in you. I have fallen in love in you from itself The first letter, which one you have transmitted, even before you have transmitted yours photo. I never felt this path for any other man in my life. My heart thrills, each time I think of you. My life not Has of any value because of you, and I give thanks to you. The life with you will be Experience wonderous. The experience is impatient to begin. Once very soon we shall together. I shall try my difficult to make for you the right thing. Please be not disappointed in me fast. Please wait me. Economize yours Money. It is a pity but to wait it is impossible. May be then I can arrive to you. Well my the charming god, I shall complete it here. I want to try and to go to sleep within several hours. I shall wait impatiently Your answer. With eternal love, Sveta
Letter 5
Hi Paul I feel better myself. Oh, it was a very bad and strong virus, I am so tired. I hope you are glad now because I may continue our letters to each ohter now. I missed you!!!! You know also I have some good news for you. Two days ago I went to bank here tried to take a credit there and I had success. They gave to me 250 $ US. Sorry but they could not give me more. This all I could take. So I need only 600 $ US for my tickets to you and I can be with you. Hope you would like this news. Hope it will much easy to save only 600 $ US yourself for me. So When would be able to help to me??? I very, very, very Love you!!!!!!!!! I permanently dream of that as you will meet me in an Airport. I to present it so: I to come out of of an airplane and you at once will recognize me, and I shall see you and at once I shall run to you. I shall embrace you and to kiss. We shall not talk almost per the maiden seconds of our maiden occurring, and only we shall kiss one another. And ambassador you to me will say: " I waited for this instant all life, you my present love, you my ideal. And I answer to you the same words!!!! And ambassador we to go to you home. You will make to me romantic night! But it already you will make to me a surprise, and I do not want to know about it earlier. You know I did not write it to you before because I think you would help to me soon. But really I have The limited terms for arrival to you. Therefore it is necessary for me to receive your help before March, 4. I do not know you are glad this news whether or not but it is really necessary for me to have money till March, 4 because I shall not be capable to fly to you later because it has time limits. I hope that you understand it. I cannot simply have the visa later. Therefore I hope that we can rescue this money together. From this day I shall try to save the money for all. hugs And kisses yours Sveta
Letter 6
Hi, my dearest man in the world! I often dream you and me together. I even don't know what will be the first thing I do when I see you. I will die from the happiness, I will be kissing you all the time till you feel tired. I still can't believe that my dream is coming true. You and me…we will be together day and night. Every day I will meet you after work, cook for you and nights………….we will make love and it will be an unforgettable time for us. It's like a fairy-tale and soon I will be a princess who will see her wonderful prince and they will have long and happy days till the rest of their life. I adore you, my sweetheart!!!!!!!!!!!! I went to Western Union office and asked some question about transfer money. They said that you must know only my first and the last name also the name of my country and city. Sometimes it is not nessesary to know street address even. All that you need to know I said to you in my last letters. You must go to Western Union office and give it $$$ US and say my last and the first name Svetlana Kalaeva. Then I must get your money in any Western Union location therefore it is not nessesary to know postal address of Western Union Office here… We have some of them here and as they said to me I can get your money in any bank in our city… I will wait for your help today. But if you will need all information here my address again: Svetlana Kalaeva, 63 Pushkin Street, apt.# 50, Samara, 443011, Russia. Also Here is address of nearest bank for me has Western Union office. May be you will really need to know this also: GazBank NOVO SADOVAYA, 18 Samara , 443110 Russia You know when you would send a money to me people who works there will give you some number from 10 digits or it will be in your western union office blank. This number calls MTCN. It is like code and I might to know it also. Therefore do not forget send it to me also in your next letter. Also I must know how much would you send to me. Simply it is nesesary to write in my blank also. Will it be 600 $ Us or may be some more or less but I must knoew a real amount. It would very pleasant to me to get any of your help, thanks before. Hope you will understand what I need... But it is nessesary because it is like code and without it I could not pick up any of your money. I learned about it in bank... You asked me also about my plans when I come to you: just visit or to stay forever. Please understand it depend on you only. Understand I would only guest in your country and I can not decide myself about it. But really it would very pleasant to me to stay with you if Everything will be OK. Take care for me. Love you…. Sveta
Letter 7
Hi my sweet Paul!!!! Recieved your beautiful letter this afternoon. And here is an information about tickets which I bought today: March, 8 7:00am Moscow Svo, Russia (SVO) 12:30pm San Francisco, CA (SFO) Lufthansa Flight 3189 / United Airlines 8829 operated by Lufthansa 1 Stop Change planes in Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) Travel Time: 16hrs 30min $1101 You can see that tickets cost expensive but I take a credit in bank. I bought some expensive tickets because the cheapest tickets are sold very quickly so I have not time to buy them therefore I have been compelled to buy such tickets. If you have possible That help to me another sum because I took the credit in bank and every day I shall have % and in a result I should give the big sum. It is very unpleasant but it is valid so. And if you are capable will help me others 250 $ US it is very pleasant news to me. If you cannot I shall understand you but to me really I do not want to return then the big money. I feel guilty in this case because I should ask a little bit more money simply I did not know that tickets expensive and depend on day of a start. I will keep that option open as possible last resort to bring you you here my Sweet Heart. I sure can not wait untill I am there and you are in my arms where you belong now and forever. My Love for you grows stronger every day by leaps and bounds my Love for I miss you and always have as for this pain I feel in my heart will soon stop as soon as we are back together again. We both will be able to sleep better for we will be in the same bed not turning loose of each other and the love we have we will be able to share that with each other for this is a dream, I can not wait for is to be with my Angel, and my Beautiful Love all in one for you are the most Beautiful Person that has come into my life and the wait will be worth it a thousand times over a thousand times. As I sit here in the Internet Cafe writing to you my Love I expect that you would walk up and tell me that I must obey you as you take me upstairs where you would have your way with me and of course I would follow you any where all you have to do is command me I am yours to do with as you will my Love. I would like to know if have a special position or something that you enjoy very much in while making Love? If you want to you can wait until we are together and see what happens then my Love for I am open to just about anything except in hurting you, for I could never do that it is not a part of me. I have no special postion or anything except what I want to do to you and wish to let it be a surprise for you. I believe that we will be teaching each other things that we didn't know about or even considering in trying with a partner. I don't get into couples or three somes sweetheart so you will never have to worry about that ever; since I belong to you and only you my love.
Yours Sveta
Letter 8
Hi Paul, I hope you understand my situation. Please remember that I have written to you that cheap tickets are sold very quickly and I am not capable to buy it. I understand that you find cheap tickets on site but please understand there write all flights but never write presence of empty seats. I hope that you understand it. I have already bought tickets on March, 8 for $ 1101. Please understand I could not buy cheaper. And I took credit in bank and also if it is possible for you I asked a help 250 $ US from you. If not I will understand, OK??? I want to know that you my Love would be safe and no harm ! could ever come to you and our children if that time ever comes. I can't wait to be able to cook for you my Love a meal that would be fit for a Lovely Prince such as yourself. You never could because you are the most perfect Male in my Life and no one could ever pass you up on anything you can do my Love. I guess I had best be signning off for now my Love and see about getting into dream land so we can at least be together there until we are togther in this time insteade of letter writting my Love for I miss you and adore you my Love for you are always on my mine and in my heart every minute of the day and even after I fall asleep. I await your next Beautiful Letter my Love for it helps me throw the day of boredom and troubles My Love.
Letter 9
Hi, sunshine Paul!!! How are you? I have a chance to write to you again. As for me I am so excited. Everything is almost done. But I can't leave Russia without an insurance. I didn't know it before. They just told me about that. I to conduct all night in an Airport. I could not transmit to you the letter earlier, because here was closed Internet cafe. I must to pay 200$. Every person who leaves his native country should have an insurance. I am such a fool, that didn't know it before. I at all did not take into account it in the charges therefore I have any money for this purpose. It is a pity that I again should ask for your help. I hope that you will not slow down it and can help me today. The person should have this insurance for the case that something may happen to him in a foreign country. If I don't have it, every hospital and doctor will refuse to give me a medical help. Your help is necessary to me, you should transmit money in Moscow, through Western Union to my name. Now the main problem only in this insurance. You should transfer to any bank, I learned already and it would not any problem with pick up of it. I want to be with you so much....So, I just need your help in this. Hope you will try send it today... I understand your money situation now but I really must have it. I really can not leave my country without it. So tomorrow or after tomorrow I will write to you all information about my race and tickets. I must pay for insurance first. Love you very much.
Your Sveta.
Letter 10
Hi my lovely Paul!!!! I am in my own city. Please hear me!!!! I did not think that it will take place but I hope that you will understand me. I was going to arrive to you yesterday but to me there has come the telegram that my mum has got in car failure. I have been very much injured by this news and have been compelled to fly home. My mum is in reanimation and she does not come in consciousness. Doctors have told that it is all should be good but I am afraid to lose her. She is my mother I hope you you understand it. I have been compelled to return tickets and to take money and to fly there. Do not worry I I did not spend any $ from your money shall not do it. Simply understand that I should remain with mum. I should be some time with her together day and night therefore I cannot write to you about 2-3 weeks. Doctors have told that I should is near to mum and to keep up a condition. I cannot write to you this term. But I promise you to arrive to you in 2-3 weeks. I shall inform about it to you beforehand but your understanding is necessary for me. I hope that you are not annoyed about me though I understand you too. I ask you do not leave me and do not think badly of me. I have all your money and I shall stay to you but a little bit later in the end of March. I shall necessarily write to you only do not take offence at me. If you have humane feelings I hope that you will understand that you would make too most on my place. I cannot leave mother because I am afraid to lose her. Day of our meeting will depend completely on her condition. It becomes possible to her better in 10 days and I can fly to you but now we should wait. I shall write to you a little bit later approximately in 10-15 days and I shall inform as we can soon meet. I again ask you to not worry about your money because I have kept all your money and it will be to arrive enough to you but a little bit later. I shall not require your help more. I am sorry again for this situation but I must be with my mum. We will be together soon. Please wait for some days else, OK???
I love you I need you I will dream about you. Bye for now Yours forever Sveta
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