Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Pogrebnyak to Kim (Finland)

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Letter 1

Hello,dear Kim,I came to your flat at three hour o'clock afternoon,but you don't be there.I'm sorry,that I don't call to you today.I can leave my study early,so I come.I waiting for you to 16.30-to four and thirty minutes,but you don't come.I can't wait so many time,because I must do my presidures(injections).I call to you today and I'll try to come,because I need you help.I'm very ashamed about it.You'll see,one week ago I give to one woman money,because she very need it.And I told when I need a money,you must give it back to me,because from this money I must pay for my hotel and I must live one month.So,yesterday,in the evening,I try to find this woman,because I need a money,but she go to another sity,and I understand that she don't give back to me money.My mother don't know about it.Kim,if you can,of course,could you help me and give me money for some period,after one month I'll give it for you back.I'm very sorry,that I ask it about this:I'm sorry,I can't waiting.



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