Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Kapar to Jimmy (USA)
Letter 1
Hello dear Jimmy!
That was really great to receive your letter and I hope that you are really interested in me, because to say the truth I'm very interested in you, I see that you are very kind person and I like to receive your letters, I like your style and I feel that you are very interesting person. Only one thing that I confused about?
Have you written my previous letter?
In the first words I have said that I don't knoe English and using an interpreter? Probably you didn't read that part?
I'm glad that you are trying to describe yourself and I appreciate your sincerity, it's very important now to trust each other, because we have no choice. The only thing we can do is to write letters, our thoughts and dreams, describe our lives and trust each other. We are not able to see each others eyes now, but I hope that it's possible to feel the person trough his thoughts. You see I have no experience in writing letters, but I want to do my best in feeling the person I receive letters from. Why I'm still alone?
Well, Here are a lot of men, but I don't think that they are able to love. Sometimes I think that we, women, are guilty, because it's our fault that they became selfish. Our grandmas and moms and all the women always tried to do everything themselves. We worked, cared about children, prepared food, cleaned the houses and so on, and men just worked and watched TV, but now it's even worth, if they can't find job they can rely on wives and do nothing. I don't think that real man can stay home and do nothing when his wife works and does everything around the house. I don't want to have such husband. Please, write me your thoughts, if you disagree with me also write your ideas, I want to know your opinion.
It is very flattering that I am one of the best from 150 ladies,but what was your criteria to choose them?
And why you decided that I will be happy to hear that?
You probably don't know that lady doesn't like when man tell her about another ladies?
I'll be waiting for your answer,
Letter 2
Hello dear Jimmy!
What a wonderful and lovely letter you wrote to me!
I enjoined to read your compliments and warm words about me,thank you! I also feel that our correspondence is the beginning of a very tender and loving relationships and hope that my dreams will come true!!!
Dear,I want you to be in my life and in my soul.
I can see that you are a very romantic and I appreciate it a lot,because I am very romantic too and I can imagine how nice it will be when we will meet each other. I also can feel that you are a very reliable and serious man,and I am looking for that type of man!!!
Dear,do you know something about my country?
I will tell you a little about my life.
I work as a salesperson in perfume department.
I like my job very much,because I can communicate with my customers and it gives me a lot of joy to tell them about new perfumes and make them smile!
My favorite perfumes is Gucci" Rush Perfume II",but they are very expensive for me. I work very hard and do my best all the time.
But what I can get for that my work?
Only 50$ a month.
Can you imagine to live on that money all month?I can't either.
Sometimes I don't have money for dinner!!!
It is very difficult life we are having here,in my country now.
There are a lot of people who have even less salary than I have.
I also need to tell you,that I don't have a computer at home and using Internet cafe. I don't know English well and using a translator.
That is why each letter to you costs me 4-5$,and you can imagine how it is expensive for me!!! I ashamed to tell you that,but I have no choice.
I am spending my last money on that letter and It is a terrible to know that.
I like you very much and my biggest dream to continue our correspondence. If you can be so generous and can send me some help,I will spend it on my next letters to you,dear!!!
I hope you don't mind that I told you about my situation?
Dear,I am very interested in you and want to know you better.
I dream to meet you one day and be happy with you!!!
Hope to hear from you very soon,
With love,
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