Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Kapar to Bill (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Bill
I was glad to receive your letter.
I want you to know all the circumstances why I'm trying to find a man in such a way.
I know very few English words, but to write a letter I need an interpreter. I have no my own computer, that's why I use the Internet Club. I'd like to ask you why are you looking for your future wife in the Internet. Is it problem to find a date there in your country? I'd like to write the same about me.
It's not easy to find a man here. I mean that here are a lot of men but not Men (from the capital letter). Our men are not able to take care of there families, they don't think about their kids and they can betray and left family, find another woman and forget about kids.
I don't want to marry such a man, I want to trust my husband and I want to know that I'm the only one and that he loves me. I think that it's not good when a man is sitting at home and saying that it's impossible to find work when we have no money to buy food for our child. And when a woman has not only do everything in the house, take care of children but also work hard to earn money. That is the reason. Our man think that woman is able to do everything and that we don't deserve their help and care.
It's not a problem to find a date, but it's too hard to find real man. I hope that you understand me.
I don't think that cyber love is possible. I mean that it's very important to meet in reality and know each other better. But before meeting we have to know something about each other through the letters.
And more about me and my life.
I am workign as a seller in a shop and I sell perfumes that I liked a lot as I have good taste for perfume and always my clients are very happy about my advice.
When I have free time I go to the gym or to the women's beauty center. I like this business and I'd like to continue it, but I realize a lot. It's not that I'm earning a lot of money. I just earn for living that's all. That's why it's not problem for me to leave this job. I realize that I'm rather happy now, but it's not very profitable work. Yes, I like it, but not as a way of earning money.
And moreover I realize that it's not the job for the rest of my life.
I'll be waiting for your letter,
Yours Natalya

Letter 2

Hello Bill,
Hello dear
Thank you for your wonderful letter ,I liked it a lot.
Dear,from your letter I can see that you are a very interesting person,and can tell me a lot of exiting stories about your life.
What I can say about me?
I live in Lugansk-large city in the east part of Ukraine. I work as a salesperson in a perfume department and like that job a lot. I love to be with a customers,talk to them,tell them about our new perfumes. A lot of them left the store with a new purches and smile on the face. I live with my parents,because with my very small salary can't afford to get an apartment. I hope one day my dream will come true,and I will meet the man,.I will fall in love with, and have a wonderful family,be a happy mother.
It is my goal for now.
That is why I am searching the globe,and looking for man of my dream in whole planet! Dear,tell me more about the place where you live?
What is the weather like in the spring?
Tell me more about your daily life?
Do you like to travel?
What countries you have visited?
What is your favorite place?
As I said,I love to travel,but because of hard crisis,and small salary,it is impossible for me to travel to the places I like to go.
It is very difficult ,when I work so hard,do my best,and can't get what I want. I hope that it is temporary,and may be soon, hard economy crisis in my country will be over,and people start to live better and happier life.
How do you think,is it possible?
Or happiness doesn't depend from economy situation?
Of course,I understand that person can be happy under any circumstances,most important to find a soul mate,who will share you thoughts and dreams,support you in a good and bad times. What do you think about it?
Dear,I have to say,that I like our correspondence very much,and really hope that it will lead us to a great relationships!!!
O,I forgot to say,that unfortunately I don't have a phone,and now we can only write each other a letters.
But I will think about it,and sure will find a solution very quickly.
I wish you all the best!
Hope to hear from you very soon,
with love

Letter 3

Hello my dear Bill!
Thank you for such a lovely letter,that you wrote to me!!!
Thank you for the story about your "grandmother cherry",she has taught you a great lesson!!! Spring is here,love is in the air,and I feel great,because I have such a wonderful correspondence,and hopes to get know you better,meet you one day,and may be have a great future together.! O,dear,I am really serious in my dream to find a life partner and be happy with him for the rest of my life! I am dreaming to have a loving husband,two cute children(it is up to you how many), have a lot of fun together during the days,and a lot of love and passion in the nights! What do you think about that my dream?
It is possible that my dream will come true one day?
Dear,thank you for asking me a questions,I appreciate it a lot.
It means that you think of me and care about my thoughts.
< Do you have an International passport?
Dear,I have never been abroad and have never needed the passport.
Of course,if you want us to meet in the Paris,I will need to apply for one,and try to get it as soon as possible. Unfortunately,passport is very expensive,if I want it in one month I have to pay 200$,which is too much for me.
May be you can find a solution for that? Dear,if our correspondence will lead us to a loving relationships,i will be happy to come to America and be with you.
I would be the happiest woman,if I can meet you in Paris.
Of course,i will send it to you,but now i have problems with our post office,in our Apartment building all post boxes are broken,and I can't get past for a very long time. When they will fix the boxes,I will write you address,OK? I will tell you a little about my life.
Dear,I live in Lugansk-large industrial city in the east part of Ukraine. It is a big crisis now in my country and that is why it is very expensive to live here. I work very hard and earn only 50$ a month!
Can you imagine to live on such money?
I eat a very cheap and simple food,because I can't afford to buy meat or fish . I love fruits and vegetables,but can afford only some of them. I don't have computer at home and have to go to the Internet cafe. I also don't know English and using a translator,which is very expensive. Each letter costs me 4-5$.and you can imagine how difficult it is for me to continue our correspondence on my own.
I will not have a dinner tomorrow,but will answer to you. I don't have a choice.
Sorry that I told you about my problems,but you were so kind and asked me about it. May be I can ask you about a very big favor -to help me a little with the payments for translation and Internet?
Will be it possible,can you be so generous and help me a little? Dear,I am looking forward to meet you one day,and really hope that our correspondence will lead us to a wonderful loving relationships!
Dear,I will finish for now and hope that I will hear from you very soon.
With love,

Letter 4

Dear Sir,
We are glad to offer you to use our service of translation. Unfortunately, your lady Natasha Kapar can't cover expenses by herself and if you would like to go on correspondence with her you should help her, but of course you are not obliged to do so.
We make reasonable price because we don't want to earn money on someone's feelings, so our service is available for everybody. Cost of translation of one letter is $5 from you and the same from your lady.
If you would like to pay for more than 20 letters cost is $4 for each one.

Thank you for choosing "Love.Net",
Best regards,
Alyona Petrichenkova

Letter 5

Hello Mr Norwood,
Thanks for your letter we are glad to answer all your questions. We don't accept credit cards unfortunately as our clients were complaining that there was too much errors with accounts. We don't have website as we didn't need it before but we are thinking of this for future.
You can pay to the name of your lady via Western Union:
Nataly Kaparova, Bank Aval, 61, Sovetskaya Str., Lugansk, Ukraine 91000 and then inform her or us about details of your payment. PLease don't forget to mention your full name, country, transfer code and amount of money.
Amount of money is up to you counting each letter's cost $5 and if you pay for 20 letters or more it would be $4 per letter.
Our e-mail address is: please put Subject: about Nataly Kaparova

Thank you for choosing "Love.Net",
Best regards,
Alyona Petrichenkova

Letter 6

Dear Mr Norwood,
Thanks for your letter and we are glad to answer all of your questions as you are one of our clients now.
On your account there is $100 what is enough for 25 letters in total. Please let me know when my account with you is low so that I can send more money for Nataly Kaparova.
Ok, no problem we will inform you about it before money is over. Can I send the information sheets to you to help her complete?
Yes, you can, there is no problem with us. We are glad to help you and your lady.
Also she will need an International Passport, the cost to apply for Ukraine International Passport is $100.00 USD. Can you help her apply for that as well?
Yes all info is correct and we can help her in this matter.
I will pay all expenses for her. Last she needs to learn English well enough to communicate with me and well enough to travel so that we can meet soon in Paris. Can you help her enroll in English classes or take English lessons? If so What is the cost?
Yes, we can recommend her good tutor and cost will be $500 for two months and $300 for one (this is individual lessons 4 times a week for 2 hours long each one: 1 hour for theory and 1 hour for practise, main cost is for books, tapes and other material what they can need for successful studying) Or recommend her to visit group lessons, each group has 4-5 pupils that allow teacher to pay more attention to progress of each pupil, cost of this is $400 for two months and $250 for 1 month. Thank you for your help and I look forward to your answers,
You are welcome,
Alyona Petrichenkova,

Letter 7

Hello my dear Bill!
Thank you so much for your wonderful letter,I liked it a lot. Dear,you said that you didn't get my letters for a long time,but I send my letter to you day before yesterday,and hope that you get it.
In that letter I said:
"Dear,I want be happy with you too!!!I want to make you happy,I am sure I can do that! Dear,thank you for sending me the application for the fiancee visa,I appreciate it a lot. It shows that you have a serious intentions,and I value that very high! Dear,I think that first I need to get an international passport,because some parts of application I can fill in only with that passport.
As you know it costs 100$ and if you want me to get it soon I need apply for passport as soon as possible.
I also appreciate your readiness to help me with the payment for English courses. You are a very generous man!!!
I believe,that it is very important for me to take that courses,because we will need to understand each other ,and only with knowledge of English it will be possible. I want to start courses as soon as possible,and want assure you that I will be the best student, because I really want to study English and talk to you one day.
My dear Bill,you want us to meet in Paris,and it is a great idea!!! I liked it very much.
I have never been abroad in my life,and trip to Paris like a dream to me. But again,to be able to go there I will need a passport." Do you get that my letter???
I hope so,but want one again to say,that I need to get a passport to be able to go to Paris with you, or to be able to visit you in your country.
If you want us to meet as soon as possible,I need to apply for passport very soon. It will take a 2 or 3 month to get a passport,and than we can plan our trips. My dear Bill,I also want to say,that without the English courses it will be very difficult for us to communicate when we will meet each other.
Courses start June 1st,and costs 500$ ,and I hope that while I will be waiting for the passport, I will study English,and by the time of our meeting,will be able to speak English well. Dear,you asked about my phone number,but I have told you that I don't have phone at home, and I use a public phones in the city.
I will think about the way we can hear each other,and will try find a solution for that. At last summer came to my city!!!
There is 25 Celsius outside,and the weather just great. A lot of people started to have a weekends out of town,and I want do that as well. You even can't imagine,how much I like to be on the nature,to look at the water,and have a great relaxation.
I dream about the time when we will be together,and will spend weekends together. We would go for a long walk ,you hand will keep mine,and our shoulders will be touching.
You will tell me a different stories about the places where we will go,and make me smile a lot. My dear,you asked me a lot of questions in your wonderful letter,but I can't write a long letter now, because I have a big tragedy in my family.
My uncle died in a terrible car accident,and I have to go to another city to be able to attend his funeral.
It happened yesterday ,and I still don't believe in that. He was relatively young man,and it is a tragedy for all our family. That is why I will be out of my city for a few days,and will return on Thursday of Friday . O,dear,I am so sad,that even can't write a longer letter today.
Hope to hear from you soon.
With all my love,

Letter 8

Hello my dearest Bill!
Thank you so much for your lovely letter!!!
You are a very sweet man,and I appreciate a lot you readiness to make me happy on my birthday!I am going to be 27 years old. If I will get that wonderful Teddy bear,it will be a great present for me!
But it is very expensive,I believe it costs 150$,and of course,without you I would never get such a present!
My dear Bill,you are a very nice and generous man,and I am very happy that we are having so wonderful correspondence,and that soon we will meet each other in Paris!!!
I am sure it will be a wonderful time for us!
My dear,how is the weather like in your place?
Is it a good summer you are having so far?
As for my city,it is a very strange weather we are having now. Today is nice,sunny and warm,but first part of June,was very cold,windy,and rainy.
I hope that second part of June will be better,and we will see a real summer. I like the warm weather,I like when I can go and swim in the river,lie on a beach and enjoy the sun.
O,I still didn't have a chance to do that ,because was very cold,and water in river Donets is pretty cold,and people can't swim in such a cold water.
O,dear ,did you have a weekend on the beach that summer? What do you usually do on weekends? I wish that coming weekend will be very nice for you,and you will enjoy it.
As for me,I am enjoying our correspondence so much,for me it is like a gift,and each time when I see you letter in my mail-box,my heart starts jumping up and down,and I can't wait until the moment my translator will give me your letter.
I have to say,that your letters are the best,I have ever read! You are so romantic,and I value that very high!
My dear,I will finish for now,and wish you all the best!!! Hope to hear from you very soon.
With all my love,

Letter 9

Hello my dear Bill! Thank you,my darling for your nice words of support,I value them very high! I am happy that you are so sweet and want to send a nice flowers to my mother! It is a very kind gesture of yours.
Dear Bill,I have to say,that I have not told my mother about our correspondence yet, and of course you understand that now,in her condition ,she can't be nervous,but if she will get that flowers she will become very nervous for sure,and her condition can get much worse than now.
I can't let it be!!!
I want her to be healthy and happy,and that is why,please,don't do anything now,when she at hospital!
Dear,please,give me some time for telling my mom about us. I will tell her that news,but later,when her health will be better,and I will be sure that that news will not kill her. But now,she is too weak and ill, I can't talk to her,I want her be calm and relaxed,and that is why I don't think that it is a good idea to send her a flowers. I hope that you understand me,dear,and don't mind that. Believe me,I know my mom,and know when time will be right,and than I will tell her about our relationships,OK?
My dear Bill,you are a very nice person,and I appreciate your readiness to make such a nice gesture.
I am very busy now,because I have to go to the hospital twice a day,and also have my English lessons,and when I come home in the evening all I can think is the rest! I know that soon my mom will be better,and everything will be OK,but now I am so worried about her.
She always had a hearts problem,and our Ukrainian medicine is so poor,that sometimes doctors don't know what to do.
And also we have another problem,all heart medications are very expensive,and even when she needs some, we can't afford it very often.
You know,we don't have a medical insurance here,and for everything we have to pay cash,even for bandages and syringes.
Dear it is very interesting for me,what about medical system in your country?
Is it very expensive for ordinary people,or you have some help from the Government? However,I am very optimistic,and hope that everything will be just fine.
Hope to hear from you very soon.
With all my love,



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