Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Kapar to Kurt (USA)
Letter 1
Hello dear Kurt!
Thank you for such a honest letter,that you wrote to me!!!
Spring is coming,love is in the air,and I feel great,because I have such a wonderful correspondence,and hopes to get know you better,meet you one day,and may be have a great future together.! O,dear,I am really serious in my dream to find a life partner and be happy with him for the rest of my life! I am dreaming to have a loving husband,two cute children(it is up to you how many), have a lot of fun together during the days,and a lot of love and passion in the nights! What do you think about that my dream? It is possible that my dream will come true one day? You said that some women asked a help to cover the Internet spending. I will tell you a little about my life. Dear,I live in Lugansk-large industrial city in the east part of Ukraine. It is a big crisis now in my country and that is why it is very expensive to live here. I work very hard and earn only 50$ a month! Can you imagine to live on such money? I eat a very cheap and simple food,because I can't afford to buy meat or fish. I love fruits and vegetables,but can afford only some of them. I don't have computer at home and have to go to the Internet cafe. > I also don't know English and using a translator,which is very expensive. Each letter costs me 4-5$.and you can imagine how difficult it is for me to continue our correspondence on my own. I will not have a dinner tomorrow,but will answer to you. I don't have a choice. Sorry that I told you about my problems,but it is true and it is my life! How can I write to you many months,I just will not be able to eat that time! It is up to you now to decide what to do. I will finish for now and hope that I will hear from you very soon. lovely greetings,
Letter 2
Dear,thank you for your readiness to help me with English courses!!!
You are most generous man in the earth!!!
I asked about them a few different people,and what I have known.
The courses,which costs 150$ are not very good,they give only a one lesson per week,and I will study English very slow.
I asked about another courses,and found out ,that I can take English courses in our University,it will costs 250$ a month ,or 400$ per two months,but they have a very good teachers. I can have 4 lessons a week per 3 hours ,which is really good. Also costs of books and tapes are included,and I think that better I will take that courses, it is more expensive,but have much better and quicker result. My dear Kurt,I am very happy,that I am corresponding with you. You asked why I miss your letters?
Because you are a very nice man,I like you,and like your letters very much! They make me feel good,and brightens my day!
Hope to hear from you very soon.
With all my love,
Letter 3
Dear,thank you for understanding my needs in studying the English language and for your readiness to help me with that! I appreciate it very much! Dear,you said that you want to send a direct payment to the University,but I asked about that, and people from courses told me, that there is no an account for the bank's payments,and students pay cash for that. You know, in my country people don't trust banks and used to pay and get a cash payments. It is Ukraine,and we are the way behind in many areas from Western countries.
Letter 4
Hello Kurt,
Sorry for that mistake in name in our previous letter it was not done with intend, it was done occasionally by being upset minded operator. We inform you that your lady Nataly can't answer your letter as you have a debt in front of us for translation service and we stop to provide you and your lady Nataly with our service for this reason until your debt that is $35 will be covered.
With best regards,
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