Romance scam letter(s) from Svetlana to Arturo (Mexico)
Letter 1
Obtain the visa… Well, I think that this is a great idea, though rather premature, don?t you think? Darling, I want to see you in person, but you have forgotten one thing: I am going to enter Theatrical Collegesix o?clock - and the agencies don?t work too much either.:-) Well, I think it will never hurt to spend this time learning about each other?
For example, you should know, that I do know some conversational English, as I took some courses of English when I was in Turkey. I also had some practice when I was in USA, I was lucky as first husband of my eldest sister arranged shorttheatrical college in which I won't need any English, so I concentrate on learning of special subjects which I will need to pass exams successfully like Russian literature, singing, dancing and sport. I take extra classes on singing and go to a fitness club, which is not far from my house. All this along with school which begins at 8am and finishes at 2!
pm is very hard to manage.
Odessa, Red Hotel and so on. They are all very beautiful, but the building which I like most of all is Red Hotel because of its baroque style, it is painted red and white, lavishly decorated with plaster modeling and at its entrance two sculptures of half naked women are holding the balcony.
There is also a lot of nice restaurants, most of which I even have not visited wedding here in Odessa for us and then in USA for his friends and relatives. I will attach a couple of pics of Viorica with her husband which were taken there. I am very happy for Viorica, that she was lucky to find her soulmate and husband, that she is with him now and is very happy.
I hope that I will also be lucky to dedicate my life to that specia-ansi-language: EN-US">life?:-) Would you like to have children in future marriage? Are you ready to work extra to provide your family with all necessary? Do you expect your future wife to work?
I look forward to your letter and hope that you will tell me more about yourself and answer my questions. I wish you a good day!
Letter 2
Dear Arturo! You can write to me in English, in Spanish, in French, in Italian orGerman, but I will have to pay for translations of our letters anyway Sveta
Letter 3
Thank you my dear Arturo for wonderful touching letter and yourcompliments on such a nice holiday like Easter!!! I always wanted tofind a kind and caring man like you... First of all, I have alreadypaid for translations of the letters you have already received from meand there was not "5" of them, but 8 letters and messages and scanningof 5 my pictures, plus translations of your 8 messages... So, youprobably try to reduce my investments into our correspondence. All Iwanted you helped me to pay for translations of our letters in thefuture. Anyway if you consider that all I deserve is to seek for an"idiot" and not deserve a normal clever and attentive man, what I cansay about your attitude to me... I always considered that a manshould court a girl and support her, make gifts and show attention andaffection to her, but if you suppose that I should pay for youeverywhere start
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