Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Shaihutdinova to Heikki (Finland)

Letter 1
My sweet love Heikki ! I today all night thought of you and I think, that to want to visit you so we may learn with what better will our relations and develop them. My daddy has told, that will help me and even will order to me tickets. he has worked 25 years in Aeroflot. he will order on account of the salary. Today in the morning we shall go with my daddy in the transport company where I shall submit the application for registration of the passport and the visa. he has told, that in it problems will not be as at him a lot of familiar in the government of our city. I need only your full name and the name of the airport where you will be capable to meet me. I shall write to you tomorrow when I shall find out term of registration of my documents and all I shall find out completely Love!.
Letter 2
Hello my Dear Heikki.
I again with you, to me again was pleasant to write to you, I regret, that could not To do it earlier..
At me not all was good with health, and I was at home, I have caught a cold, At us as against you, very coldly, but in Russia to this have got used, but Has not much caught a cold also to me it was necessary to be treated.
Now with me all is good, yes I on a vacation, thank for a compliment to address of mine Daddy. Thank for my request, but at me is a problem with money, for us the ticket Costs very dearly and the help is necessary for me, it costs 400 $ up to Finland, up to Helsinki The visa costs 30/90 days 200 $
I want to arrive to you in the spring, but it is necessary to legalize papers now. Write to me
Letter 3
Hi Dear Heikki
Thank for the letter, I again am glad to write to you my love Yes really I went to agency and learned concerning the visa And there to me have told the same that I should have at myself Some sum of money to each day.
I shall send you my address and a name: Nastya
27 November 1976
Lenin street 123-34
City: Ekaterinburg
Rossia I think for you it will be enough, but me It will be necessary about you the help with the ticket, you to me can While do it for that that could to go and a host of them. With term I think you can write how many to specify In the invitation.
I strongly whole also embrace you
Yours Nastya
Letter 4
Hello My Dear Heikki
Thank for your letter, Yes at us it was cold enough recently.
You can not worry I has not caught a cold.
I to you send the account on which you to me can send money. But to make it it is necessary faster as to me have told that money go long. Money needs to be sent in Euro: Beneficiary: Puchnin K.S.
account: 42301978115001001218
Beneficiary Bank: Guta Bank;
address: 5 Dolgorukovskaya Str., Moscow;
Account with correspondent bank: 04413603;
Correspondent Bank of beneficiary's bank:
Deutsche Bank AG;
address: 12-21 Taunusanlage, Frankfurt am Main, zip code: 60262
National ID: 50070010;
Payment details: Private transfer to Telebank client 290694,
I need in money only on the ticket, it about 500 $, but I still will need money to the ticket Up to Moscow.
With love
Yours Nastya
Letter 5
Hi Dear Heikki!
I am glad to your letter my love.
Many thanks to you for a picture, She is good as however and always, You very much the gifted artist, I very much love you, and I wait when ours The meeting will take place, I shall try To arrive to you I am very fast it very much I wait. As at you an affair, you like your new chamber, It with the help of it were sent to me Pictures, yes?
I think that the invitation will be necessary for me As I on hands will have visa, because the invitation The same has term of the action, it about 30 days From the date of its reception, it is assured on mail as I have understood.
I shall transfer your attitudes to mum, she will be glad to this.
I of you whole also wait for your following letter.
Yours Nastya
Letter 6
Hi My Sweet Heikki, i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At me each day very desired I wait for that day when we shall be with you To meet together my love, I as would want that you were with me all time. I do not know how many I shall stay at you my love the first time, but I think that It is not less month, (I assure you that for this time you from me will be tired to you:-)) I write you again, with the small request, and the help from you, I want to ask you four hundred dollars, I can give them to you in 2 weeks. And money to me are necessary for that what to buy for mum and daddy a gift, at them birthday Will be in one week that is 21 and March, 22, they will have anniversary, and would like to buy him a gift what they me Have remembered, and as I would spend your money for that what to do the visa and the ticket At me did not remain them.
I shall understand if you can not help me.
I shall wait for your answer my love.
Many thanks for your pictures and mine:-)
You very strongly like me, and I very strongly love you.
Yours Nastya
Kiss back from me not less ardent
Letter 7
Hello my Dear Heikki!!!
I am glad to receive your letter my love.
Excuse I I could not write to you earlier had some problems After celebrating birthday of mum and daddy.
I have borrowed 500 $ and for me it is the big money and asked the chief That to me would give more to work and consequently for me there was no free time I came home went in souls and then went to sleep.
Thank for your letters and pictures to me, they have very much liked me, I very much love them. In general I'm fine, I shall have the visa for this weeks and after I receive Your invitation I shall go to you my love.
I very strongly wait for that day when I can hold you for a hand, When I can touch you, such love by mail very strongly adheres each other Already it seems to me that very well I know you my love, but simply long you I do not see.
I shall wait for your letter my love.
Yours Nastya
Letter 8
Hello my LOvely Heikki
I am glad to write to you again the letter, I regret that could not write to you earlier We had a trouble, my grandmother has died 3 days back and we stored(kept) her(it), And I could not write to you, now I'm fine and I again write you My love.
The visa at me on hands, and me is necessary to take numbers for tickets up to you. I think that April, 5, but I had problem, to me have issued The Schengen visa then I did not understand that this such, but at reception To me have explained that for this visa to each day of residing abroad It is necessary for me on 25 $ per day, but I do not have such money, they will need to be showed At customs house of the airport, it is the sum makes 1500 $, this money are necessary for that what The country where I shall go was convinced that I would go there not for that what to earn.
I can not find this money but I think that 400 $ at me will be, as to us on Funeral have arrived many relatives and they have told that can help, but This sum is not great, and on expenses of funeral cunningly it is a lot of money. Excuse that I load you the problems, but I do not have other output And it is necessary for me even 1000 $, I assure you that I shall give this money to you as I arrive To you I all understand that it very difficultly but the visa and tickets will be available today.
It is necessary for me of them till April, 5, for the message of them you can take advantage of services WesternUnion!!!
I shall wait for your letter my love.
Yours on one century Nastya
Letter 9
Hello My Love Heikki
I again am glad to write to you I is glad that you do not take offence at me, I very much want to be with you my love, I would want that these troubles Were terminated on faster, at me now a black ***** in life And I hope that when we shall meet you that will add In it a white paint (it is a joke), but me to be valid it would be desirable with you and I I believe that all at us will be good. Thank you for these pictures, and at you very beautiful heart in a hand, if it To me that I with pleasure shall take part it(him), but with a condition that it yours, and for me As a token of your love to me.
As to the visa and money I shall be under the order, The visa mine duration of 90 days, she at me since March, 25, I so asked I expected for this time, but have failed and consequently its(her) days of existence have gone:-)
If you can help me with money once again I shall be very grateful to you And I think that I can give them to you later.
But I would not want that you sent them under the account, you of them have better gone on system Remittances WesternUnion, it is very fast, my name will be necessary to you only The surname and the address, but is all at you is, so at you should not arise problems My love.
I shall wait for your letter my love Heikki
Whole and strongly I embrace
Yours on one century Nastya
Letter 10
Hello my lovely Heikki!!!! I have arrived home today and now I in the city. Today I write you bad news. I at all do not know as you to speak it. But the matter is that when I came back from Moscow to Ekaterenburg. In a train I have gone to eat in a car - compartment. But when I came back back in the a compartment. I have seen that I a compartment was open. I have called a conductor and we have examined mine a compartment. I have found out that which you have sent money to me on the ticket gone. I cried all night. We searched for all night. But then when I have calmed down to me have told that this money was stolen by homeless children. I did not know that to me to do! To me was so poorly. I very much suffer for this case. You should abuse me, I shall not take offence at you for it. And now I do not have money aboard the plane. That you will advise me on this case. Tickets were ordered for April, 10. Write to me soon. I love you and I wait for your answer.
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