Scam letter(s) from Marina Lebedenko to Carl (USA)

Letter 1
Dear Mr. Carl,
Thanks a lot for your interest to one of our client, Marina Lebedenko (E-mail address
As you know New Year and the Orthodox Christmas are coming soon. If you wish to congratulate your Lady we would be very happy to help you. We understand that thousand kilometers between you and your Lady,and you wish to present some especial gift. We could overcome this distance for you. How could we do it? We could present a gift on your behalf. We have a saying "Attention is more important than diamonds". Here are some variants of gifts that you can order for Marina:
1. a chocolate cake (30$),
2. a perfume (50-75$),
3. a nice plush toy (20$)
4. and of course, we could present her something to your taste, that could be the most pleasant surprise. Just inform us about your choice.
We will be glad to make your Lady think of you on that special day. Looking forward to your reply.
Best regards,
Katerina Petrova
account manager.
Letter 2
Dear Mr. Carl,Thank you for the note.There is an intensive course - individual doubled lessons(hour and ahalf) 5 times a week with all necessary equipment(books, tapes,referring material). The cost of 1 month is $200.00, this makes$600.00 for 3 months.In case if you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.Sincerely,Katerina Petrova
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