Scam letter(s) from Anna Sukhova to Timothy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear Tim!
I am glad every time,when I get your letters.I have written the diploma now, but I have to give it my leader.
She will test it and afterwards to check it in.
I have worry about it too much and I need you to support me.
Dear Tim, I also think, that our letter help us to know each other better and it seems me , I can't live already without your love and your caress, so that I want to tell you I am also falling in love with you and I count each day, that make closer your trip .
The weather is the splendid in Odessa,I go very often to the beach ,especially in the weekends and I spend quite the whole day there.
Yesterday I visited my parents, they did the table and to prepare many delicious things , to spoil their "little Annyshka".You know ,the parents are the parents ,the children leave for them always the little girls and boys,even if they are too old to be those.. They asked me about my life,about you( I don't remember wether I have told you,they are in known about our relation )when you come in Odessa ...They will be very glad to get acquaintance with man ,who attracted their daughter and she is dreaming even in sleep about.I will inform them about your coming in September and knowing my parents I can say they start to prepare to it direct now.
I hope, that with opening of your visa everything will be good and I see you in the close future. So I finish my letter for now and I am looking forward to hear about you soon. Have a nice day.
I miss you.
Your Anna.
PS.Oh dear, please write me about you .
How are you doing ?
Where did you spend your weekend? OK.write me everything, I am very interested in the tiniest details about you ,I want to know you else better till your visit.
Letter 2
Hello dear Tim!
I am very glad to know, you are going to visit Odessa.
As I have told you earlier, you get the help in good travel agency.
You will be opened the visa to a month for being in Odessa.
Please don't worry about hotel,you don't need to book up a hotel,because our agency let the apartment and we try to keep your money and take care about being of our every client with the best comfort in Odessa.
With best regards,
Olga Kravchuk&Scarlet Sails agency.
Letter 3
Hello my dearest and my closest man!
I am so, so glad to get your new letter.
How are you doing?
Thank you for keeping me in known about your trip in Odessa. I am thinking about our date every day and I count days, those makes your arrival closer and closer.
Please don't laugh at me ,but I think :How I have to hold myself?
How I have to smile you, when I meet you personally?
Which of the hairdo have I to prefer to make you pleasure?
I don't know ,why am I worrying,why my heart strikes so often, maybe waiting of our future meeting forces my heart to become feeble so sweet.
I am happy you come to me and you should know, these 13 days you will be mine only mine my dear,I would like to enjoy your presence ,your voice....
Please, forgive me ,I don't know ,what I am telling, I am merely ***** from happiness. Yes, yesterday I defended my diploma with estimation "very good" and I am so happy ,because to this moment, when you come,I will be completely free and nothing don't disturb us to enjoy each other.
Thank you, you didn't forget about it, for your worry about it.
I tried to pass my diploma as better as it is possible, because I don't want to disappoint you and I want you are proud of "your woman".
Dear Tim ,thank you for your kind words to my address, but I think you are also very smart and very wise man and you deserve to be happy and I will do everything you don't regret about your choice.
Dear Tim ,please don't worry ,I don't think you hide something from me.
I believe my heart, it tells me ,you are that man, who couldn't never lie and be not sincerely. ..Please tell me ,how is going searching of your mother?
Do you keep contact with your unreal parents and your brother or not?
How is going with your job?
In last letter I have written you ,you can ask me everything, I answer all your questions. So my dear ,I end my letter and I hope you are OK.
I am looking forward for your next letter.
With my deepest love,
Your Anna.
Letter 4
Hello dear Tim!
This is Olga Kravchuk, the director of "Scarlet Sails" agency.
All information what you need you can see on the our site site in the section " Tours". There you can find all answers to your questions which are contact with your arrival. As I understand you are going to stay here in Odessa during 13 days and I will reserve an apartment which will cost 70-80 $ per day.
If you will pay 70 $ per day -all amount will be - 910 $
or 1040 if amount for your flat will be cost 80$
Your information about the VIP serves and excursion in write.
VIP serves -60 $
excursion- 40 $
About the visa.
I think it should be better if you circulate in a good touristic agency and they will prepare all indispensable documents for you.
90 % of our clients come here by touristic visa and without any form of invitation.
Have a nice day.
Olga Kravchuk & "Scarlet Sails" agency
Letter 5
Hello my dear Tim!
Thank you very much for your letter.
my darling I hope that everything is OK with you. Don't worry about your birth parents. Today I'd love to talk with you about our future meeting… You know, this question is really important for me as well as for you. And, telling the truth, my imagination is picturing the brightest and most cheerful dreams…
May be, it will be impossible to show, to splash out all our emotions and feelings at our first encounter. So, my loved, now I don't want to make plans or look ahead about somewhat. I just can say in advance: it'll be the happiest time for us - the time of great changes in yours and my life, my sweetheart! :-)
Now I'll tell you how I've spent last Saturday. You know, I had such wonderful evening! My family and I were at our Opera and ballet theatre. If only I'd have such marvelous opportunity to see opera with you! I'd want to see it, holding your reliable hand… And it'd be just excellent to hear your opinion about this performance, dear Tim . Now I have not built the plans for this weekend yet, but I know the only thing- that I'll use my every spare moment to write a long and wonderful letter. Expressing me and my feelings.
I'm closing this small letter to you. I wish you have a nice day, and, please, don't forget about me, my heart! Remember - I'm missing you and your lovely letters…
my dear today is 26 and I have to pay for our correspondence on Monday.
The director of the agency said that I have to pay 120$ per this months.
If you can help me I'll be very appreciated.
With all my tender.
Letter 6
Hello dear Tim Pingel!
This is Olga Kravchuk disturb you.( I am writing to you from Anna address because I have a little problem with my e-mail , please answer to Anna's e-mail ) Anna told us that you have already booked the apartment during your staying in Odessa.
I want to inform you that according to the rules of our agency if you want to meet our client you have to reserve the flat which is represented by our agency, use the serves of our translator and to take a driver.Only in this case you can meet Anna.
The conditions of client's arrival and staying in Odessa you may see in our cite in the part "Tours" in the end.
Yes, we know that to receive Visa it's necessary to reserve a room in a hotel but not an apartment. You can reserve a room in a hotel for one night but not live in it at all. So we offer you to choose an apartment (you can see on our site). The rules are the same for all of our clients and we ask you to follow them.
Best regards and wishes
Olga Kravchuk & "Scarlet Sails" agency.
The agency Scarlet Sails welcomes you!
Letter 7
Good day dear Tim Pingel!
This is Olga Kravchuk disturb you.
This is pretty bad that you paid the deposit of 125$ for the flat and you didn't know our rues. If you want to reserve the flat with will cost 70$ and during 13 days staying here it will cost 910$.
And the deposit (35%) will cost 318,50 $.The rest you will pay when you come to Odessa. You may send it in the nearest time, as usual by Western Union on my name.
Thank you beforehand.
Olga Kravchuk.
Letter 8
Hello my dear!
Tim, thank you for your letter and for your wish to see me. I decided to write you, because I like our communication and It is pleasure for me. I want you to know this.
I have some problems at the work but the director of our agency and my translator will met you in the airport. But of course, I'll try to me meet you in the airport, and I'll do my best for it. Bye my dear.
Have a nice fly.
Letter 9
Hello Tim!
How are you?
Thank you for the information you had sent me.
I do think it may be very useful for me.
Tim, I think you better send all documents and money to Olga Kravchuk she take care of everything connected with getting a visa for me. I trust her. Before I start to do all the documents you need to help me with money.
You can send to Olga's name 500$.I hope you understand that it is not easy to receive this documents and I am sure you will help me and us, my dear. I am fine, the last weekend was great, I had managed to see old friends I had not seen for ages. We had spent great time together.
How is you your family, please say hello to your relatives and friends, ok? I hope you have already completely recovered after your teeth removal, it must have been very unpleasant procedure.
Tim, I will try to come as soon as it is possible, I really can not wait to see you again, I am sure there are a lot of interesting places where you live and we should visit and see them together.
You know Tim, I have everything in my life except for my only special man with whom I wish to create a family.
You asked about wedding. I want to tell you that for me it is the most important event in the life, I think it is the same for you. I feel that you are the man I have been looking for a long time and when I come to you and we confirm our feelings to each other we will be able to marry, how do you think Tim?
Ok, I got to go and close this my letter but I will try to write soon and of course wait for your next letter impatiently.
Kiss you
Yours Anna.
Letter 10
Hello dear Tim!
I would like to explain the situation concerning visa for Anna.
I think that it would be better for you, if Anna resolves this question herself. I don not advise you to apply and trust some agencies or sites. They are able only to promise. Anna will have to go to Kiev and perhaps not once. But in any case she will have interview only in Poland. I know this procedure because 10 women have gone to America in such way. They can not resolve Anna's problems because, in any case,it will be necessary Anna's passport and her presence. So money, time and nerves will be spend without result.
I have a lot o friends who can really help Anna to make all necessary documents. I have verified this a lot of time.
Best regards and wishes,
Olga Kravchuk&ScarletSails agency.
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