Scam Letter(s) from Marina to Miro (Slovenia)

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Letter 1

Hi dear Miro,
I thought it would be much nicer for you to read a long interesting letter , but ok, I will be much simpler this time and try to answer all the questions you asked and tell you more about me.
For the first, I don't belong now to any of the dating agency and write my letters with the help of the translator, but I really have some knowledge of English, I think I can understand and know many words , but I don't know grammar and cannot speak correctly, but may be it's really 3 in the scale.
What I did, i have finished the University and I'm a teacher of Drawing and Labor Training for the girls and I study also the basic of the management and at the same time I worked at the school as a teacher of drawing. I like to work with children, sometimes we can take much good and useful features from their behavior, for example sincerity and easy going, honesty. Now I still work at school , but i wish to find the job in the sphere of computer designing, I have learnt some programs and people say I'm not bad in that , I draw also very well and i can design also clothes for women. I'm also a professional dancer, I danced in many groups in the childhood and even now sometimes I helped to teach children to dance to compose some music for the dance, it helps me also to be in a good shape. I live with my family, my mother , my father and my sister. My parents are young people, my sister Irina is 14th years old. We are a friendly family, but frankly speaking now I dream to live alone or to rent a flat . Oh, I for got to tell you we live in Lugansk, Ukraine, my address is Levchenko block 1/3. How tall I'm in cm, I think 165 cm tall, and 52 kg weight.
Of course I will sends you more my pictures, but they are not all of a small size, I will send you two or three each time. By the way i forgot my full name is Marina Kalashnikova.
So, now you know how I live and almost everything simple about me.. In time, we will learn much more about each other. I can add you about my personality, so this is what I shall do. I think you are very interested in this information. But don't expect me to be ideal or something, I don't think I am perfect, I actually don't think there are perfect people. But I try to be kind and fair to others. I usually treat people in the same way I want to be treated, I think it's a good principle. I like everything to be in good order and I am really neat person. I think it's a good feature for a woman, and not only for a woman but for any person. I am really gentle and caring with those people who I want to be happy. I like to feel comfortable, so I will do and I already do my best to make my place as cozy as it should be, for me and my family to feel relaxed and protected in our place. I can accept anything, but I can't stand lies, especially when your close people lie to you. I understand that sometimes it is necessary to lie, but as for me I prefer horrible truth rather than sweet lies. First of all I would like my man to be honest with me in any circumstances. This is the most important criteria for me. I also would like him to be caring and intelligent, reliable and responsible. Not so many demands, I think. And I hope that there is a man who can suit all my so to say demands.
Dear I will wait for your answer with impatience, Have a great day,

Letter 2

Hi my darling Miro,
thank you for your letter, i can imagine how busy you were preparing for your friends visit and also you will be very busy having time with them, but for me it would be a great pleasure to meet the friend like you . Of course I have heard about Slovenie, and the city , I know where it is, but I have no map to look at it more carefully.
I wish you good luck in the meeting with them, I hope you will have some fun and much talks!!!!
Dear Miro, i cannot from right now write you very often, I didn't get the salary in time, the director said may be only in three weeks, i will miss very much our letters and our conversation, please be sure that you are in my mind !!!!! The Internet cafe is expensive for me now.
Today the weather is much colder then yesterday and I was frozen, but it's ok when my heart is with you, i don't feel any cold inside!! So, darling write me as soon as you can,
Send you my sweet kisses,
Always yours,

Letter 3

Hi my darling Miro,
Thank you very much for your last letter, I was ill my dear and cannot go to the Internet cafe to write you, I missed you very much, but the situation you are happy I didn't want to disturb you with my problems, dear i cannot write you much, because of the Internet cafe costs , so please i wrote you in my last letter can you help me a little bit with it, because we need constant communication before our meeting, I'm trying to get to know all the information.
I send you my kisses,

Letter 4

Hi my darling Miro,
I was so sorry not to write you how are the things with you, i would like to the first to thank you for the help, but I don;t know when it comes, shall I go and ask at the post office or they will bring it to me, i worry a little bit, for the money not to come , it's our county everything can happened, what time i should wait for , ten days or less or more, i don;t know, can you tell me. How are your friends, what were you busy with. Darling I caught a flu again and was at home for five days, very bad, but I had very high temperature with cough, so now I'm better and return to my life.
Darling I was trying to check how it would be able to come to you, but I got no definite answer from any agency, they even don;t know for sure if I need visa, can you check darling from your side?
Miro, I send you my kisses and my devotion,

Letter 5

Hi my darling Miro,
I'm really not well, now the situation is very complicated and I will try to explain you this now. I asked for the vacation from my job and the director refused definitely, she said that this time is not the good period and that I cannot go somewhere if I go she will fired me immediately, so I;m very very sad and disappointed, i got to know all the prices of the tickets , but now it simply for no sense, because i cannot come to you, please try to understand if she fired me I cannot find another job, because it's practically impossible for young girl here without experience , so I don't know what to do, and the only thing which i can offer you is to invite you here to Lugansk, for now it;'s the only way for us to meet, I'm very very sorry to tell you that, but I'm really in despair , try to understand me, I know that you don;t want to come, but may be you will think over this option , I cannot come to you now, may be only in summer , when i have vacations after the whole studying year at school. This all very sad for me, but i prefer to tell you that bitter truth then to hide it. Please think over, may be you can come even for a week, or some days just for us to meet and se how we will get along in real life, I have nothing more to tell you and to offer.
I send you my kisses,
Sorry for that sad letter.
Yours, Marina.

Letter 6

Hi my darling Miro,
How are the things from you ? What are your life now, darkling I'm so sorry that I cannot write you earlier, i still didn't receive the money you have sent by the registered mail, I had been several times at the post office and they didn't tell me anything . Dear they told me if you can send me the copy of the document which proves that you sent the money, because they didn't belive me. Sorry for that , but I'm in so bad position now, i wish to write you each day but i simply cannot afford it.
Darling the vacations in our school will be later then New Year , but the vacations are for the children not for the teachers , dear Miro, i don't want you to think that i don't want to come, i simply give you the definite state of affairs which is now in my life may be later in summer I can come to you, but now i simply suggest you to come to me, may be it's really reasonable for the first meeting. Now , i don't know what to think, I'm in despair, from the first side it seems to me that you are not interested in me any more, but from the other side i cannot do anything now to make you sure that my feeling are real, i like you very much , but I simply cannot come to you now. Please try to understand me.
Yes, i got to know that i can make the invitation letter for you , it's possible, it costs 40$ here in the local government.
Darling my telephone is cut now, because of the depth , please wit a little I will receive the salary and pay soon, dear I cannot write you more now,
Send you my kisses and my devotion,



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