Scam Letter(s) from Margarita Zukova to Carsten (Germany)

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Letter 1

Hi here

Thanks for your lovely letter, I enjoyed to read it and I realy want to correspond with you, and meet you in nearest future, but there is one problem, agency "Brides Agency "( all them services I use for free ) informed me , that you are not a member of them , and that I'm able to correspond free only with them members... and if you will not become a member, they will break all our intentions. Please if your intentions are serious for me look them conditions on, I use that Company services, and I'm realy glad for it because it's everything free for girls, I hope, this letter will not break all our intentions, and we will be able to correspond very soon!

Write me back if you still interested to meet me throught them.

Sincerely margarita



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