Romance scam letter(s) from Julia to Tomas (Mexico)
Letter 1
Hello my dear Aurelio.
Thank you for the letter. It was so nice to receive it. I'm very interested in you and think you are an interesting person. I wish to continue our corresponding and would like to know you better. I'd like to have a serious relationship with a man who will love, trust and understand me. I'd like to create my strong and happy family and to have children with my special one who will be my husband. But, first, I think, we are to know each other better. Could you send me more pictures of you, please? And tell me more about yourself. You know, everything about you will be interesting for me. I mean your age, your job, your free time.
Let me tell you a little about me. My name is Julia as you know. I'm 22 years old. My birthday is June 14. I live with my parents in Lugansk, not very big Ukrainian city. I work as a secretary. I like nature very much and have friends to go there. I like parties as well. Disco clubs - that just for me. Dance music is to my taste. I like sport and try to keep fit. I think it is very important to be healthy and like to have active life. I like fashion and try to look fashionable. I like beauty and try to find it in everything. They say I'm easy-going person and I think so as well. I like to communicate. I read much and like to know all the latest news. I like TV. I'm good at cooking and like housekeeping. I told you that I liked all beautiful and like to keep my flat cosy and clean. I think it's one more important thing. Oh, maybe, that's enough for the first time?
I hope it's just the beginning of our wonderful communication. Please, reply me soon. I'll be waiting for your letter longingly. My best wishes,
Letter 2
Hello my dearest Aurelio,
Thank you for your lovely letter. I like your pictures and find you very interesting and attractive. I'd like to see more pictures of you with pleasure. I'm interested in you very much. I am a loving and caring person. I am honest, sincere, kind, gentle and affectionate. I know in my heart I can bring happiness to someone I truly love. I know in my heart that I can be a loving and faithful wife. It is my dream to have a family. I love children. I look forward to spending long days with my lovely husband and beautiful children. Marriage is a changing step in life. I am attracted to someone who is very positive and outgoing. I like someone who is easy to get along with. Someone who likes to try new things. He must be full of love and happiness in his heart. I like someone who is gentle and affectionate. I want to meet a man who is not afraid to express his feelings through physical intimacy. He should also be able to express his feelings and emotions openly and honestly and not be afraid to share his thoughts. Marriage takes tremendous communication and it may be difficult when two people from very different cultures are married.
Unfortunately, I don't know English. I use Firm which provides me with translation of my letters and Internet. Several years ago I studied English at school, but now I find it difficult to speak and write in English. But would like to learn it. I wish our communication will be easy when we meet. I really hope that we'll meet and have this opportunity to talk to each other personally.
I am waiting impatiently for your letter.
Your Yulia
Letter 3
Hello my dear Aurelio!
Thank you very much for your letter. I am very much glad that you are still interested in me. It is very pleasant. I hope your day is good and you are fine. Am I right? I am thinking of you and about our correspondence and I feel a bit strange. We have never met each other in person and only exchange letters, but I feel very comfortable with you and it is a real pleasure for me to read your letters and to write answers for you. What are you doing? Is everything all right there? What is your weather like? Maybe all these questions are not important, but I want to know you as well as possible and everything that concerns you is very important for me. I have a dream to meet a man who will love me with all his might, I will do the same. I want to feel myself like behind the wall, I want to feel like the cloud on the sky, I really hope that my dream will come true. You know it depends on us, if we want something very very much we will get it. I don't want to give up, I know that somewhere there is a man, who is my destiny, who knows may be it is you. I want to know you more and I think that correspondence will give us this chance and we shouldn't miss it. What do you think? I am not afraid of language barrier and the distance between our countries, if we have a strong feeling, we will overcome all barriers, what about you? Are you afraid of barriers and obstacles that we have in our relations? As for me, I have goals and I always do everything depends on me to reach them. I hope that our correspondence will lead us to something really good and everything will work out. I want it to be so. I want us to cry and laugh together. I'm interested what you are thinking about it. I'll be waiting for your letter with impatience. Hope to hear from you soon. I'm sending you my photo,I hope you'll like it. I also hope to receive yours in return.
Bye for now,
I miss you,
Your Yulia.
Letter 4
Dear Sir
We are the firm that provide our clients with such services: translation, using of computer, Internet, phone translation. Yulia applied to our firm for help because she doesn't know English and has not access to the Internet. At the same time she wants to find her soul mate and she seriously interested in you and hopes to develop your relationships. For the moment her account is over. It means that on Yulia's account there is no money to use our service any more. She paid for the translation and we provided her with Internet. Now she can't use our service any more, because of the difficult financial situation in her family. She paid for 6 letters (3 from you and 3 from her) and for the photos also. If you are interested we can send you information concerning our service and payment. We hope for our future cooperation.
Sincerely Yours
Director "Karoline"
Eva Nechaeva.
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