Romance scam letter(s) from Irina Pirovskih to Michael (Canada)
Letter 1
Hello Michael!
It was really surprise for me to get letter from you today. You make me my day, really!
I was not sure that you will reply me, but i really hoped last days that you will reply me. I was not sure if you will have interest to begin corresponding with me. Anyway i glad that you write me back.
Let me tell you more about me. My name is Irina, i am 27 years old. I live in Russia, in town Cheboksary, it is my native town. I was born here and live here. I live with my mother and grandmother. My father died when i was 15 year old. I am working as architector in small firm, i am also good designer. I like my job very much, because my work is make life of people better, beautifull, modern.
I never was marriage and have not children. My hobbies are camping, swimming in summer, going to nature, spending my free time with my friends. I like cinema and theatre.
What else to tell you... You know it is very difficult to explain my thoughts on the screen of monitor in foreign language. My native language is Russian, but i know English good. When i studied in the University, we had good theacher and i liked to study Engish. I think that my English is really bad than yours.
You can see at my picture, that i have athletic type of body, i always try to be in good shape, because i think that woman must be always beautifull. One time per week i go to gym. My hair is not very long and brown, my eyes are green. My religion is christian, and every Saturday i go to the church. I think that you want to ask me why such beautifull woman like me can not find man in her native town. I will try to explain you. Of course, i had men in my life, but i had not really serious and long relationship with them, because some of them just lied me, some of them played with me. And i decided that may be i will be be lucky in my search in the dating agency in the internet. I really believe that i can find my lovely man. I want to find good man, who want to create strong and lovely family, who will love children and whom i can give all my love all my future life. I am looking for honest, kind, lovely man with open heart, who never will play with me and who never will lie to me.
I am not good user of Internet, but i know computer. I have not computer at home, but i have computer at my work. At my work we have not internet connection. But my friend have computer at home and she allow me to use it. We live with her in one house, our apartments is very close to each other.
Oh, i typed so much already, and i think that you may be tired of my letter. I am sending you my picture and i hope that you will like it. If you can send me your picture also, ok?
Well, i will go for now, and will wait to hear from you. It was really great that you write me today! Have a nice day!
Your new friend Irina.
Letter 2
Hello Michael!
How are you today?
I am fine and really glad to get letter from you!
Today all my day i thought about if i will get letter from you and was really happy to see e-mail from you in mail-box. Your letter liked me very much, you told me much about you, and i see that you very open man.
I am glad that you liked my picture. To tell you true many men in my town told me that i beautifull woman, but i think that i am usual woman, who want happy love life.
I would like to tell you something more about me if you do not mind Michael.
I have many friends and like to spend my time with my friend. I already wrote to you that i like going to nature, to the forest, i like camping, going theatre. My favotire music is modern and classical music. Sometimes evening i listen to classical music and my body and soul had really great rest. This music relax very good. My fovorite color is blue, white and sometimes black (or grey). I like to wear all kinds of clothes.
I do not smoke and do not drink. I think you know that drink is big problem for Russia. Many men drink too much and do not care at all of family.
My goals in life for now is to find man, kind, honest with open heart.
Who can understand me at all, and care of me. I want to create strong family, have children and see how beautifull are they. I want to share all my ups and downs with my lovely man. Oh, you can say that i am dreamer, yes i like to dream. But i think that when we dream very often about something, it will happen very soon, am i right Michael? You know, difference of our ages does not mean too much for me. I know that you older me, you are good man and that is first thing for me.
I think that all ages are obedient by love, do you agree with me? Do not worry very much about difference of our ages. I think that if two people have good and strong relationship nothing can prevent them to continue it. Who knows may be our relationship will lead to somethings? Time will show us, do you agree with me?
Thank you very much for your picture, i really liked it, and find you very attractive man.
I will wait to hear from you very soon Michael,
have a nice day!
Your Irina
Letter 3
Hello my dear Michael,
how are you?
how are you spending your weekend?
I hope that you are just fine today and enjoying spending your weekend.
My day is going fine today, but very boring and lonely for me. So, today was lonely day for me and my mum. yesterday my mum and me could not sleep for long time, we watched tv and talked, my mum remember many pleasant thoughts about time when i was child, and i told her what i feel in my heart to you dear Michael, she was really happy for me. And today i sleep for long time, i got up today about 10 am, i did not sleep for so long time many days. Weather was not good today, it is not so cold, but it was cloudy today. Yesterday it was so sunny and evening it was rain.
My mum told me that when in my childhood i was like a boy, i run and played with boys, i liked to play footbal with them, i could not believe that i was like a boy in childhood. I think that that i why i like different kinds of sports, like camping and other things. But i am also romantic woman, and that is why i dream very often. You know Michael every time when i came back from the shop or market, i went through park, there is very nice park in our town, and it is not very dirty and not snow in the park, i saw that many couples are walking now there, it is so nice to look at them, i can see from their eyes how they happy and how deep are their feelings. I would like to walk hand in hand with you too dear Michael. It is so wonderfull that we have so strong feelings and love each other, but i feel really sad that i can not prrove my love in person to you, i would like to hug as deep and soft i can, i want to kiss you very tender. Yes, our dreams are wonderfull about each other, every day i pray God to help us meet soon, i ask him not destroy our feelings and love.
here is my picture for you, it is special picture and it is only for you dear Michael, i hope that you will like it.
I see that you like to work on your car. You know Michael, i never drive car and i think it is difficult to drive car , am i right? May be someday when i will be with you, you will teach me how to drive car.
Well, i will end now and will wait to hear from you dear Michael, Kissing you! Mmmm-mmmmm--mmmmmmm--mmmmmm--mmmm!!!
Your love forever Irina
Letter 4
Hi dear Michael,
how are you? How is your weekend going?
I just hope that you having good rest now relaxing and thinking about me.
Yesterday i spent evening with my mum, she asked me to stay with her and i was at home whole evening. It was really cold weathedr yesterday and that is why it seems to me that winter come to my town agian. I really want to have spring now, to see to green grown, listen to the birds singing, see how everyone glad that spring come. Today is sunny days, but it is still cold, about -12`C. When i listen to radio today, they told that it will be warmer next days, i really hope.
Yesterday evening, i went to the shop for medical drugs to my mum, she had headache again and i went there and bought some for her. She got up today in really great mood and asked me to tell you sorry that because of she i could not write you yesterday. I just had smile on my face, i know that you understand me dear Michael. You are very special man for me and i know that everyday without my letters you miss me very much, you want to get many letters from me and i would like to send as much as can, but sometimes for some reason i can not. I think that without understanding can not be real love, do you agree with me?
So, everyting fine with me and my family. But my mum have problem at her work now, she did not get pay for her work about 3 month. It is terribly dear Michael, she work 3 month without money. And some people told her to go to lawyer and fill some papers and she can get this money back soon. My mum asked me to go with her to the lawyer Monday.
I do not want to have secret from you dear Michael, but i also do not want to write you about my problem. I care very much about you and love you with all my heart my love!
I think that you heard that many people in russia do not get their salary in time. at my work i get my salary every month, and i really like it.
That is enough about problems now, i am happy that i have chance to write you now, my friend Elena is at home now too and washing now. So i have many time to write you something.
I am sitting in the Elena`s chair and typing now my letter with thoughts about us together, there is sunny day today and it warm me because i sit infront of the window. But your letters full of warm words warm me more than sun, when i checking my mail-box, and there is letter from your, my heart is ready to jump from my body because of happiness, every your letter i read few times and after it imagine what you wrote me.
I dream how we walking with you this sunny days, meeting with our friends together, smiling together, spending wonderfull time together.
Today ony of co-worker invite me to her sauna, she live with his husband and have good sauna near their home, and my friend Elena and me will go to her today in few hours to go to sauna and relax. I see that find way how to wire money. You wrote me that will do it through Western Union, and i asked my friend Elena about it, she told me that we have Western Union in out town, so it is good way for us for wiring money i think.
I am so happy that we begin to planning my trip to you dear Michael, i did some reseach too and i can tell you that it is not so difficult for me to get all papers i need for my trip you. They told me that i must get visa, foreign passport and ticket. And it will take about 2 weeks to get it or less. And this type of visa they told me about, will allow me to stay ther with you about 90 days. Since i found this information i begin to think about our meeting more and more, i thinkk that it will be most happiest day for us when you will meet in in the airport, am i right Michael?
I will miss you very much today dear Michael, i wish to go there with you and have some rest together,
Kiss you My love! MMMMM-MMMMM-MMMMM! I so want to feel your sweet kiss and your honey lips!
Missing you always, because i am not with you now Michael,
Your forever Irina
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