Scam letter(s) from Olga Sutyagina to Stu (USA)

Letter 1

How you do?
I am very pleased to receive your answer.
It is very pleasant, that our acquaintance is advanced.
I like to read your letters. They bring to me great pleasure.
I very much would like, that we had our love together. I am pleased,
which have found such person as you.
Today I shall tell to you about my childhood.
I shall start with my youth. I tried many various hobbies.
When I have gone to school, I have been borrowed if not that (because of my parents) very much.
I have visited lessons of dances, I sang in school chorus.
Also from the childhood I go to a swimming pool.
I do not regret about idle time because it has not passed without advantage.
My parents have very correctly lifted me and wanted, that I have lifted the educated girl.
As one of my favourite hobbies - to be prepared for various new dishes.
All like my foodstuffs. I hope, that you soon estimate it.
In leisure when in the street awfully support, I take the big interest in TV and reading of books.
But basically it - novels of love.
Write to me please more about itself.
Bye my interesting.
I wait with impatience of your letter.
Yours Svetlana.
p.s. Please send your photo!!!
Letter 2

Hi my love!!!!!
I am very glad that you quickly have answered to me. I would send you a copy The foreign passport but at me it no, at me is usual The Russian passport but I learned he is not necessary. And what to make The foreign passport is necessary for me will pay for him 450 $. But at me no Such money. You can to me help with this sum? I would be very much Is grateful to you if you have helped me, I think what is it will be large The contribution to ours with you of the attitude, the mum always spoke me that if you Or you help that it very well. And I know that you the good man And you like me and I like you. I shall wait very much your letter yours
Letter 3

Hi my prince!!!!!
I am very glad to receive your letter.
At me very well and at you how? I have celebrated female day with the mum At home where did not go, in general very well. Yes I very much like to prepare At me it as my second entertainment. I well am able to prepare pies and Different soup. I shall be very glad if you to me that be will prepare,
and I I shall prepare to you. We weather have a lot of it is snowing and sometimes blows Cold wind. I would like to arrive to you to heat from this snow.
I want to have the very good serious attitudes, I want to find to myself the husband and To have from him children. Why I search through the Internet yes because My girlfriend too corresponded with American and then she has gone to To it and they on married and at them now are children and they are very glad the friend To the friend. And after that I too have decided to find to myself the husband through the Internet.
Thanks they to me very much have liked to you for your photos and you My photos like? I shall wait very much your letter yours Olga!!!!!
Letter 4

Hi my love!!!!!
I am very glad that you have written to me.
I understand that at you a lot of jobs but please warn me When you where that leave or will work long, it is good!!!!
I begin to do foreign passport and they me him will make through 4 days, but they will not give me him while I not to pay for him. I certainly I can sell mum a ring which my daddy I have presented her on their wedding Learned that such ring will cost 130 $, but other sum I not I can find. Please help to me 450 $ as soon as I to pay for him Me will give at once foreign passport and I shall send you Copy of this passport. If you agree to help that in the following letter I shall send you my data. You can to me write from USA?
I very much wait your letter yours Olga!!!!
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