Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Narkomova to K. B. (USA)

Letter 1

Hello honey. How are you my dear Kenneth? I missing you and hope you are ok. I have got some news for today. There are good and not very good. I'll start with the pleasant news. I was in the department today and they told me that my visa is almost ready, and I booked ticket to the US. So I'm ready to fly out in the nearest days. I'm so happy,
everything is arranged so quick. I'm happy that we have a chance to meet. But I also got an unpleasant news in the department. They informed me that there is a problem with my credit payment found. The reason is that couples years ago I took a little credit in the bank to help my parents with buying new house. I paid fees when I was in Russia and it is my last payment left to the bank, but I delayed the payment being in the US and now bank demands to make this payment and pay all fees for delay. It is not large sum of money but they told me in the department that bank could resist about my depart to the US. So I have to make this payment if I want to fly out. I have money it is not a problem. But I have spend almost everything I had with me to buy a ticket and pay for visa. I know that I still have my salary in America and I can rely on it. I need just $630 to do my last payment to the bank. And I want to do it as soon as possible and fly to the US. So I thought that I can ask you to help me in this situation. I want to get my salary in the US to make this payment, and that's why I have a question for you. Can you lend me that money now, so I will give it back to you when I will be in US. I don't want to insist, but I'm sure that you would like to help me. I know it is a question of trust and support. I think that I will not be able to get that sum here in Russia, because unfortunatly it is big money here. Look, if you can send me that sum today I will be able to make this payment and fly out next day. I have everything ready for that. If you will not help me I cann?t be able to leave Russia. And also it means that I will not be able to celebrate the the fifth anniversary of our center in America as I dreamed, and it makes me sad:( But now I want to believe that you will help me and understand my situation. I want you to know that I don't insist on my request. I don't know your situation with money right now. I can trust you my trouble otherwise I wouldn't ask you to help. And I know that you can trust me enough to help me,
you know, I can't disappoint you. So here it is, the problem is not very huge but I need to solve it now. I will wait for your answer and if you decided to send money right now, please do it through Western Union, using this info my name and address: My first name(name): Svetlana
My last name (surname): Narkomova
My country: Russia
My town: Kazan
My postcode: 420078
My adress: Biruzovaya str. house 23 appartment 38 It will be very fast and easy for me to get the money. I already used Western Union, when sent money to the parents from US and it is very easy. When you send the money I will need to know MTCN number and your full name and address which you filled in the Western Unioin papers.
Dear, I want you to know that I don't insist on your help, I just want to be in time for the fifth anniversary of our center, and I wanted to trust you my little problem. If you can't help me now please, inform me anyway. So I will wait letter, sorry for that urgent news, hope I don't bother you much. XOXOXO. I will try to call you, I want to hear your voice now. Missing you much. Kissing, Svetik!
Letter 2

Hello Kenneth! My dear I have good news. My parents give to me 300 $ and my girlfriend Olga from which I wrote to you letters has given me 100$. My dear I need in 230$. My dear I understand your situation but I do not know where I must search help. Can you help me? I shall give this money to you in a week. After my returning in the USA. I shall borrow money at Jenny. Unfortunately I cannot call on her phone. My dear I has made all that I could to receive 400 $. Please help me still 230$. I kiss you! Svetik
Letter 3

Dear Sir, Neither the Consular Section in Moscow nor any other U.S. consular post has issued a visa to the person indicated in your e-mail. It appears that you have been targeted by a very common Russian Internet scam being used to defraud American men. The perpetrators usually mislead the victim about travel expenses that do not exist and/or they inflate the cost of expenses that do exist. They lure the American in with e-mails, pictures, phone calls, fake visas, and even e-mails from fake travel agencies in an attempt to prove their good intentions. I encourage you to visit our website at which provides detailed answers to frequently asked questions regarding internet dating scams. Since we are a diplomatic mission and not a law enforcement mission, you will need to go through the appropriate law enforcement channels should you find you have been defrauded. I suggest that you contact your local police authorities or your local FBI office. Please feel free to visit the Internet Fraud Complaint Center hosted by the FBI at in order to file a complaint. We hope this information is helpful, Consular Fraud Prevention Unit
Moscow, Russia
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