Scam letter(s) from Julia Trofimovskaya to Frank (USA)

Letter 1
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Julia. I’m 21 years old. I was born in the 14th of September. I’m the Virgo according to the signs of the zodiac. I’m a student. I’m study at the Kharkov institute of economy trade relationship and management. I’m a future economist, but I want to be a jurist.
I was born in Lugansk in a friendly family. I have a younger sister, which I love. She is not only my sister; first of all she is my friend. I can trust you in everything. I really love my family, because they gave me the life and did and still doing many good for me.
I have a beautiful hobby. I like to travel by car with my friends and I don’t like to travel by train or by plane. Because when you take a journey by car, you can feast your eyes on the nature. If you see an unrivalled nature, you can stop and make some photos.
I’m a romantic person. I like romantic films such as “Gone with the wind”. I like all kinds of music. It depends of my mood.
I like my friends, because they are such people, whom I can trust, upon whom I can relay, they are honest and kind. We like to sit together and just talk about everything. They say that I’m kind, communicative, sympathetic, friendly.
I like presents, flowers. Spatially I like black rose. I think that the rose can be compare with a woman, because it’s so exquisite and beautiful, and at the same time prickly as she.
Our life is so difficult, that we need someone whom we can trust, with whom we easy can over come any difficulties. So I want to find my another half. I’m looking for a kind, honest, loving, faithful and responsive man, who can understand me. If you are this man, please write me.
I have a favor to ask you about sending your photo, because it’s so hard to correspond with somebody, who I can’t see. I think you quite understand me. And if you have any questions for me just ask and I’ll try to give you full and honest answers. You can do it by sending to my e-mail
I’m waiting for your answer impatiently.
Sincerely yours,
Letter 2
Hallo my dear Frank!
I was very happy when I received your letter. I thought you forgot about me. I miss you and I have a huge request for you. Can you write me more frequently? I am waiting for your letter every day.
Thank you for your kind and warm letter. I completely agree with you. Everyone had bad experience and all of us made many mistakes. But we must live and look for a better future. We must learn by our own mistakes.
I see that you are interesting in Ukrainian women. Yes, I completely agree with you that Ukrainian women are hard working and do everything to make their family happy. But they are still women. They want to love and be loved, to live and enjoy living, to rest and to have fun. Woman was created for happiness. And I think that everyone deserves for better.
You wrote in your letter that our meeting would be in nearest future can you say when and where can we meet? Do you want to meet me in Lugansk? As for me I really want to meet you.
You asked me how often I visit my capital Kiev. I must tell that I never visit this city. My friends told me that Kiev is a very beautiful city. I saw some pictures of it. I want to visit Kiev but I haven’t such opportunity.
You are wrong. I am studying not in school. I was studying in University. I wrote about it. I learn the enterprise’s economy.
This year I already finished my studying in this University but I want to continue. I want to be a jurist. This is my dream. Now I am free and I have time to prepare myself for this step.
I must to make a point here. I have some questions for you too. What is you favorite hobby? How do you like to spend your free time?
What do you usually do on your weekends?
If you have any questions for me – just ask. I like when Person has questions. It means that you really want to know me better.
I am waiting for your letter.
Thinking of you.
Your Julia.
P.S My last name is Trofimovskaj. I send you my photo. I hope you’ll like it like my others. I also want to see your photos. Can you do it for me?
Letter 3
Hello my dear Frank!
How are you? I hope you are well. Why do you write so rarely? Do you have problems? Please, be honest with me? I really hope that it is all right with you.
What a pleasure it I is to be able to read your letter. Have it is the day, which I lived through with you or without you. Yes, that is it you are not near me, but I constantly feel your presence. You are in my dreams even in my doings. Just, before to make a decision or to do something, I think, what you would do if you were I or how you like this. Thank you, that you exist in my love, it seems to me that the world becomes kinder and cleaner. I want to believe, that people, no matter what they are, bring a spark of hope, love and beauty, I want to open my heart, full of love and nigh feelings to share them with you and maybe in this moment the wars will stop and all the women of the world begin to present to women flowers and bring them in men’s arms, old men begin to smile, because their children and grandchildren will take care of them, and it will never be like babies have no parents.
See, my dear, what kind of thoughts and feeling are born in me, thanks of your presents in my destiny. I want to believe so that I found in you my happiness. You mean fro me very much. I understood that lucky person must try to happy other people and sharing their happiness; he will share the happiness of other people and become twice happier.
In my childhood I dreamt of a man that would make me smile and laugh, someone I could trust, someone who would never hurt me. I dreamt of someone who would hold me close when we danced, someone I could be myself with. I really hope that this person will be you.
You far away, yet ghost love gives me the power, hope, warmness and happiness. Thank you that you are in my destiny.
My Sweetheart, I imagine my family life. I want to hear laugh in our house, when we get up; we kiss each other and smile. To make little surprises for each other, to have children near us, who love us? As you I appreciate in people honesty, love, trust, and care.
Only one thing that could makes me very angry is lie, lie and one more time lie. Actually I am not get angry easily. I can suffer and suffer. But my patience has a boundary.
Your letter makes me happy. I am happy when all my nearest and dearest are healthy. I am happy when I receive presents and flowers. I am happy when all people around me are also happy.
I am so happy to see your photos. You look great and I am also happy to met such person like you. At the end of your letter your wrote that there is some problems with your computer and you ask me to give my postal address and phone number. Actually I can give it to you but you know, when we’ll correspond with each other by post it will take much time. So I would like to ask you to write me with a help of Internet.
My address is
Flat 50, house 38,
The 16th Line, St.,
My phone number is 38- 0642-533-441.
If you don’t mind, I would ask you some questions in order to know you better.
How do you like to see your house? What things irritate you in woman? Who are 10 people in your life who played a big role in your life?
I’ll really hope to hear from you soon.
With love and huge kisses,
Your Julia.
Letter 4
My dearest Frank!
You know today I received 2 plesant surprises from you. First of all when I go to the internet cafe today I saw in my postal box the small piece of paper. First of all I couldn't understand what it was. I opened it and I saw a beautiful card in it with such wonderful flower. You wrote that you just want to put a smile om my face. Darling, you did it. I miss you too. But what a big surprice was waiting for me in Internet cafe. Oh, my God your letter. I am glad that you had a wonderful time with you friends. It is good when you have such time for resting expecially with your friends. I with my friends spent our weekend in not very big Aqua- Park. There is a beautiful, big, deep lake outside Lugansk. And on the beach of it some aqua-hills were put. One of my friends decided to go for a drive. The hill was high and almost straight. You need lie on back, cross your legs and put your arms behind a head. And this hill is called KAMIKADZE. But about this we got to know later. My friend Olga did it at first and when she asked worker of life-saving service what to do with legs. He answered her to take them into the teeth. Such joker. But she didn't know that legs must be crossed and went. The speed was rabid. And her legs turned out very high and widely stood apart. As a conclusion she came into the water not by her legs forwards, but I hope you surmise which part of body. Then we were waiting for her return rather long. And when she came back, there was only one her answer all our questions. It's such enema. And then we realized why she didn 't come back so long. And we are still laughing. Such funny weekend I had. But all this time I am thinking of you.
I'll be waiting for your next letter with a great desire and with a big hope to receive it as quickly as possible.
I am thinking of you.
Your Julia.
Letter 5
My dearest Frank,
I am really sorry that I didn't reply on your letter immediately. I am missing you and be sure I remember you. But because of some difficulties in my family I couldn't answer you immediately. I would like to explain what happened. My sister now is in the hospital. She has very serious disease. There is something wrong with her eye. The doctor said that might be it will be cataract. She must have some detailed analysis. That's why I went with her to Kiev and stayed there from the 16th till 27th of August. All this time I was with her in the Investigation Hospital in Kiev. The analysis showed that she has really cataract but only on the first stage. Thanks God that there will be not operation. Doctor advised to treat it with the help of some medicaments. Now she feels quite all right and she must stay in our hospital may be during a month or more. I must be with her and my dear, don' t worry if you couldn't see my letters so frequently. I am her sister, I love her and I must be with her all the time. I really hope that you could understand me and forgive me so long silence.
So as you I want serious relations. I'm looking not for a boy friend; I'm looking for a husband for me and for father for our future children. You know that my intentions are really very serious. I absolutely don't like when people can't trust each other and I hate when they lie. I think nobody can tell the truth all the time, because sometimes you can hurt someone if you tell the truth, there are situations when you tell lie you'll save person's life or maybe his feelings, but it's also very important. But I want to tell you that I always TRY to tell the truth only. I also want to hear only the truth in answer. I think that it's very important, because every relation friendship and love also has to be built on trust. I think that it's a very good foundation. I also want to create my own family with children, of course. You know I think that children are the best we can have in the life. They are the flowers of our life and our happiness. They are the only we need to live for. So I want to have a whole family, a husband I can trust in everything and he also can trust me and our children.
I'll be waiting for your letter with a great desire and a big hope.
Do you have some more photos for me?
Fondly yours
P.S Dear Frank, don't worry when you receive this letter from another address. I changed it, because I had some problems with it. Please, write me on my new e-mail address
Letter 6
My darling and lovely Frank,
Thank you so much for your letter. When I received it I felt support and careness from your side. I am so happy that I have you in my life. My sister feels better but she needs a completely treatment. She always feel my support and help. I visited her every day and I always try to bring some pleasant presents for her. Oh, how long I didn't see a smile on her face. I bought her a small present yesterday. It was a nice and beautiful monkey. She is smiling and I saw a smile on my sister's face. I was very happy.
You know, darling, that I am using the services of Internet Cafe and the interpret's services for write you letters and you know that there are such difficult days for me, because of my sister. You know that I must collect money for her treatment and I am really sorry that I must ask you about it. Please, forgive me but I don't want to lose you because of this problem. I am really sorry but can you help me for paying for the Internet Cafe and for the Interpreter? I always be honest with you and I don't want to lie. Tell me please, can I relay upon your help in this question? If for you our relations are important as for me. If I really mean something for you, if you treat seriously to me and you are not consider me only as amusement, if you love me as you told, so you can help both of us to be together. It will be enough for me $50 for paying for the interpreter and for the Internet Cafe's services. I also will try to pay for it as soon as possible.
I'll be waiting for your letter.
With all my heart and with all my soul
Your princess Julia.
Letter 7
My darling Frank!
Thank you for your letter and I am really happy that you can help me. The name of the Internet cafe is "Seal" and in this internet cafe I an using my own e-mail address
The phone number of this internet cafe is 38-(0642)-596506. I pay $2 per hour for the using an Internet and $5 for the translation letter to you. But I don't understand why you need this information?
My dearest, You know we humans are very funny creatures with one (invisible) wing. Unfortunately none can fly with one wing only. But if one finds his better half and they hug each other, they will soar together like the two happiest people who can fly. First of all I want to say that I treasure the value of family, want to create my own strong family and fill it with interesting life, music, laughing, harmony, love and happiness. I think that i already found this person with another wing. This person is you, dear.
I wish you to have good time in Las Vegas and I'll be waiting for your letter with a gread desire.
Your Julia.
Letter 8
My darling Frank!
How I was happy to receive your letter. I was so busy his week. I hadn’t a reat during a week and I was so tired at the end. My weekened was very good, because I sent it with my friends. One of my best frinds Sasha had her birthday and she invited all her friends to celebrete her birthday on her dacha. The weather was so warm and sunny. We were near the river and burned a fire and made shashlik. We were dancing and sang songs. But today it is agin my study. I just came back from the academy and went to the Internet cafe and what I saw there it was your sweet letter. How were your weekends?
Yes, darling, “Seal” is the name of the Internet cafe that I use to correspondence with you. The manager of the Internet cafe was so surprised to hear that I want to know her mailing address, because all users are using their own mailing addresses as I do. But any way she gave it to me it is Her name is Sandra. I think it will be enough $200 for 2 month. It will be enough if I’ll write you 3 letters per week. I haven’t y own bank account. There is only one way to transfer money through the Western Union. You need my full name Julia Trofimovskaya.
I need you to be with me right now. I miss you so much.
I’ll be waiting for your letter.
Your Julia.
Letter 9
Dear Frank,
Thank you for your letter. Of course, I could give you the postal addres of the Internet cafe that I am using. This nternet cafe is in the so called in our town „The house of manners“. It is on the 1st floor. The address is:
The Sovetskaya St., 73
Please, forgive me this question but why do you need thi information?
I have my own acount in bank. If you want to could send me $200 there or you also can use the Western Union.
The informationof my account is inthis table. BENEFICIARY
(the number of currency account)
One Wall st.
New York, N. Y., 10286,USA
CHIPS 332357
I’ll be waiting for your letter.
Your Julia.
Letter 10
Dear Frank,
Thank you so much for your letter and for your proposition to use an internet agencies that could help us to correspond. I must be honest with you. I don’t like it and I could try to explain why.
You know that in May, when first I placed my profile in Internet I met a person who as I thought I could fall in love and as he said he also loved me. He also suggested me to use such way of correspondence, but when I found out that this agency used my photos in order to extort money from foreigners and they wrote the letters instead of me. It was really terrible. I wrote my letters in Russian, they, as they guarantee me, translated them but it was not so. They rewrote them as they wanted and I found out that they received big money by using my photos. I don’t want be in such situation again. I completely trust my interpreter and I trust myself. I am sure that my interpreter translates what I am writing in Russian and I am sure that I can easily go then to the Internet cafe and write you this letter in English. This agency also made copies of my photos and just used them without my agreement. That’s way I don’t agree with you to use this way of correspondence. Please, send me the address of this agency that you suggest me to use, because I am quite sure that it is the agency that I already used.
I don’t want to loose you, because you are really special person for me and I want to be with you and to create something more then relations through the Internet. I think the best way in this situation is to write you letters by myself. But there is a big problem. I don’t know English. And this is a real problem. But together we could solve this problem. I suggest you instead of spending money to scammer agencies, to spend this money for my studying English. In nearest future I’ll not use any interpreters, just an Internet cafe. What do you think?
I’ll be waiting for your letter with a great hope that you could understand me and support my idea.
Your Julia.
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