Scam letter(s) from Irina Turbina to Frank (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear Frank
Where have you been? Sorry I lost your photos and leetrs. Can you remind me about yourself?
Letter 2
Hello dear Frank
Thank you for your letter very much. Yes I have no computer at home and I write you from the internet cafe and you think right that It is the translator who helps me to write letters. I don't speak English myself unfortunatly. I hope it is not the problem for you?
I don't know from what i should start. At first I want to say you thank you for your letter to me. It was very pleasant to get it. May be you want to know my likes and dislikes. May be i will start from the begining.
My name is Irina Turbina. I as born in Lugansk 1980, 29 June. I live with my aunt, ancle and causine in a house. I love them very much and we are very good friends with my cousin. you know to have good relations with your family is very important for every person and I am so happy that i have so nice relativs. Now i study at the University at the economic department. I also work as a accountant.
I am very active person and have many interests. I like to go in for sports. I like to swimm..... sea.....river.....When you swimm you feel yourself free and liek you can everything and you feel yourself like a part of nature.
I like to lay on the bich under the bright sun and to enjoy the sound of waves.....
I like to listen to the music. I prefer rock and roll and jazz... I adore to dance....I like slow and exciting dances.... but I also like quick dancers and I liek to feel myself free when I dance.
I like to read classical literature. I am very romantic woman and like love stories... I very often cry while reading about unhappy love. I always take it hard. I also like reading lirical poems and novels about history... Also i adore nature... I like to walk around the forest and enjoy bird's singing, I like to watch stars in the black night sky and to enjoy fresh air in mountains. i like mountains very much and i like sea... i like to look out of the window when it is rain and to think about my future... I like to dream and i really believe that our dreams can come true...
Besides I like flowers and I grow many flowers in my room. i have a lot of them and like whatching them and care of them. I am always happy when they are in blossom and when i am in the shop i always try to buy new flower for my room... And of course I like enimals. i like all kinds of them but most af all i like cats and dogs. It is so wonderful when you come home and there is a puffy cat on the sofa... You feel so good patting him and looking into his clever and devoted eyes... I like birds too and i think it is also good to have parroit at home.. And what about you? Do you like animals?
I have never been to other county but i have been to kiev. It is abot 15 hours far from me.
I really want to know more about you. i want to know about your job, family and dreams... Please share with me everything you want and I will be happy to know more and more about you. also you can ask me about everything you want and I will be glad to answer all your questions.
I hope to hear from you soon..
Letter 3
Hello dear Frank
Yes I didn't hear from you for so long. Were have you been? what did you do? i also missed you. Dear as to our weather. I have heard that many European countries suffer from hot weather. But for my country this summer was like early sping. All the time there were rains, winds, and cool wet weather. Only two weeks approcimatly were like in real summer and people wear summer cloths. But for the rest of time the weather was so cool that we wear sweters. It is strange for our country becauase we usualy have hot weather from May, but this year in April there was still snow. I wrote you about it I think you remember. Dear it is not normal for our country to have all the time rains and cool wind. This year is strange in everything. As usual we have summer from May as I told till the end of August. then we have autumn from early September till late November. Spring comes in March as usual and lasts till the middle of May. But this year as you remember evrything was in other way.
Yesterday one story happend to me. When i went from my work to home. i saw that near the building there are some childen who ran around the hatch that was open and there wer some girls and women there too. I came up to them and saw that deep in this manhole ( it is under the ground for the water tubes, do you understand) there is a dog. She was big enough but the hole was so deep that she couldn't come out of it and as the children told she spent there two days. I was in chock and told them how could they not tell someone of the parents or adults that the dog suffered there for some days. Children didn't think about it of course , they brought her bread and meat and thought that everything is ok. but the dog didn't drink for some days and it was terrible, because she was so exchousted and could die. We decided to take to out of *** and all the children gathered around the hatch and tried to helped us. We called for the workers who were near and they brought the stairs and then go down to the hole and tried to take the dog off. But she was scared and it was very difficult. they gave her the water at first and then a piece of bread. then one man cover her with the coat and take into this hands. The dog understood that people tried to save here and didn't move. when the man raise her and put on the ground she ran away. Everybody were glad. I thougth about this poor dog all the night. Can you imagine she sat in that hole for two days without water and whine. I pitted her so much. She was nobodie's dog and you know there are a lot of them on our streets but I love all the enimals and can't see how they suffer. So that was happened to me yestereday.
Dear write me more.
i will wait.
Yours Irina
Letter 4
Hello Dear Frank
Thank you for your letter very much. How are you How was your weekend? I had very nice holiday. i visited my grandparents and met a lot of my old friends there. I can describe you how i was happy because i saw everthing like in my childhood, met everybody i wanted to see and had very nice time tpogether. We gathered together with my friends and had a very nice picnic on the beach of the river. The weather was so wonderful and there was no rain and wind. the sun shone brightly. It was very warm and we made shashlik. Do you know wht does it mean? It is a friz meat on the fire. I adore it, we prepared a lot of slalads too. you know in vilagges everything is their own. they grow potatoes, carrots, cabages, cucumbers and other things. So my friends took it with them and we had so wonderful dinner on the open air. We remembered how we were little and walked together, how we peaked the vagiatables from the gardesns and how we went to the discos. We remembered how we went to the river and spent there all the day and our grandparentds and parents were seeking for us and worried about us and we were so little and didn't understand it and can dissapiar for the whole day. It was so nice time. you will not believe me but i liked that life. Now I don't know may be i will not be able to live in the village because I used to live i town and it is different from that life in the country. Of course there I was happy. When I came there there was so silece and you could only hear the sing of birds and sounds from different home enimals. Now when I came there somethign was in a nother way. Everthing was the same but the other. I can't explaine you it. It is like when you are little everything seems to you very big and when you grows you see that all this is very small. do you understand? So this weekends i spent wonderful. It was the nostalgy about my youths.
Dear I have no telephone at home. I write oyu from the internet cafe and if you want I can give you the num,be of it but I don't speak English and if you will call me we will not be able to speak just to hear each other voices. so what do you think. As to my adress. Ukraine
Lugansk 91021
3 Patuletka str/ 1
Tyrbina Irina Tell me more about your life there. I will wait for your letter very impatiently.
I kiss you
Yorus Irina
Letter 5
Hello dear Frank
I am happy you came back finally. I missed you too and waited for your letter very impatiently. Thank yo ufor telling me about your trip. i see you really had a nice time there in Las Vegas. You are lucky.
Our forecasts promisses coldness in some days and all people are getting prepared for this. This weekends we with my mother to sealed up windows. Do you do it in your country? You know that our windows are not very good and have a lot of big and little cracks. So the cold wind always **** through them and it is getting colder in flats. So to make our flat more warmer we will do it because soon it will be very cold. All people do it here. An every shcool pupils seal up windows, not window-panes, don't understand me wrong but frames. We usually do it with absorbent cotton or paralone or so on and then close with paper watered in soup. Does it seem terrible for you??? But it is necessary to do it in our flats.
Dear you know this weekends there was a holiday here. It is not that holiday that people always celebrate on the parks or central squares of the town with concerst. No was is the Day of Teachers. Do you have this day in your country? But as it was on the weekends all schools celebrate it on Friday . when I went to my work all teachers went to the work in so nice dresses and were so beautiful. Almost all pupils brought flowers and I think today there will be no lessons at all. You know how it happens on such holidays. I remember when I was a pupil we gathered some money from every one from our calss and bough some presents for every our teacher. They were not expensive but it was necesary because it is a tradition. We presented them with flowerrs for sure and with sweets. As to our class teacher we bought for her something more exspensive and nice. It was for example something for the calssroom, or clock, or vase or so one. And I remember that when we congratulated our teachers they became so gald and merry and it was a great please for them that their pupils thougth about them that they didn't cheak the home work and didn't ask questions and the lesson was like talk about nothing. We laught together or the teacher left us and we did what we wanted. You know that all people like when the lessons goes in this way. I think you also was a pupil some time ago and remeber this time.:) Do you?
I think of you and very glad you are back. I kiss oyu and wait for your letter very impatiently
yours Irina
Letter 6
Hello Frank
Thank you or your letter very very much. Well, actually there is a thing I want you to know..., all people surrounding me , my friends, my parents, say , that I am rather old-fashioned girl like you may be, that I believe in true love too much, all my friends say that it does not really exist, that I can not enjoy my life, because I do not really like loud pplaces, like disco, night clubs a lot, but to tell you franckly when I read the book, or listen to the music, or go to the picnic with my friends, where we just sit arround the fire and listen someone playing guitar.. I find that to be very nice, interesting and pleasent, and I would better sit somewhere on the bank of the river next to the person I love, and talk to him, and tell him how much I love him, than being somewhere in the loud place, with many poeple. But that does not mean at all of course, that I am borring and dull person, may be I just too romanic for modern time.
Dear I can't give you the number of my work because I have no my room there and my telephone af to use the telephone of our boss we can't. As for the internet cafe. It has no name. It s just internet cafe. The adress is Sovetskaj 66.
How did you spent your weekends? I want to tell you now that I had so nice weekends. I went to my friend's duaghter birthday party. Her name if i didn't tell you is Katja. She liked my present so much. I bought her a very teddy dog and clothers. Of course clothers liked her mother more then a duaghter because she doesn't understood it but as to her duaghter she was so glad to have this big dog. She laughted and called the toy "dog" but on her childne langaage that it is very difficult to undertand. It was funny. I came to my frien'd home in the morning at 10 o'cklock and we cooked a lot for different dishes. We boughts meat and made shashlik in the house. It was interesting. You know that shashlik should me be maid on the real fire but we made it in the oven. But it was very very delitious and tasty. Everyone enjoied it. There were more people then we expected. there were my friend and her husband, their parents, me, some of her friends and the girl with her little son. She is two years old. As i told we decorated all the rooms with the colored ballons, ribons and other colored things. My friend baked a very very big cake with apples and cream and we put 1 candle into it. you know that it is a tradition to put the candelse to the cake according top the age of a person. I think it is the same in your country too? YES? so we did it and Katja like this cake and candle very much. We explained here that she has to **** on this candle to light it down. Then we had a very nice dinner. There were a lot of different tasty dinners and sweets. Children liked cakes most of all and as for us we enjoed meat, akroshka, salads and so on. We had a very nice time there and also we went for a walk after the dinner because children has to walk you know. We went to the marry-go-rounds and children enhjoy them very much and soo they were very tired because they are children and we came back home. after this they were put into the beds and we celebrated the holidays without them. My friend's parents also didn't sit with us for a long and so soon only me, my frined and her husband , some other girls staed. Those who have children speaked about them and I understaood how it is difficult to have a hcild. It is the time, patience, unsleepless nights, tired body, busy day and so on and so on. The drean of those who have little children is to sleep a little. It is difficult. so we had good time there. Then I helped my friend to clean the house and to wash up. We didn't stay for a long, because she was tired and need the rest and the children slept so we had to sit very calm. But any way it was a nice party. And how did you spend your weekend?
O kiss you and will wait for your letter impatiently
Letter 7
Hello dear Frank
You can't even imagine how it was pleasant for me to get your wonderful letter. I am sorry, but I want to be honest with you. My problem is that I write you from the internet cafe and this is not for free . I have to pay for the translation service and internet. This is not cheap for me. I can't pay for this by myself. Is it possible for you to help me to pay for our correspondence? Of course only if oyu want and can. I realise that it is my problem. I do not feel myself comfortable to ask you about this. I realized that some letters are not enough for knowing each other but I can't pay for many letters. and at the same time I do not want to lose you because I've just found you. And i feel that you are that man i need. you are so inteligent, kind and so don't want to lose you. I want to be honest with you from the very beginning and do not have any problems.
Dear if you can Please help me. I understand you if you don't want but I need your letters and I need you. dear i will wait for your letter impatiently.
I am sending all my kisses to you.
Letter 8
Hello My Dear Frank
Thank you for your letter. I need to pay here about 70$. But can you send me them not htough regular post but thorug WESTERN UNION??? Please because it is very safe and quick way and I was told to send money. So will you help me Dear????
I will wait for your answer very impatiently.
Yours Irina
Letter 9
Hello Dear Frank
Thank you for letter. Dear 1 letter cost 3$ to transalte it from you and 4 to translate my letter to you. Do you unersatand? So it is expensive here because English is very well payed here. Dear my adress is: Ukraine
Lugansk 91021
3 Patuletka str/ 1
Turbina Irina Yes i know that I will need to show my passport. Dear I feel that you just don't trust me because you ask me the copy of passport and tie the time. I will understand if you don't want to help me. I know it is only my problem but tell me this honestly. Because I cant' write you many letters and finally find out that you will tell me no I will not help you. So tell me pelase for sure will you help me or not and thats' all. I will eccept every your answer.
With kisses
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