Scam Letter(s) from Alena Kozlova to John (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hi John,
My name is Alena 21 y.o. from Ukraine.
This leter is short, if you will answer me, my next letter will be longer.
Best wishes, Alena

Letter 2

Hi John,
Thanks for your answer,
Now I go to my work so have no so much time to answer you.
But soon will write longer letter, My town Lugansk is near Kiev 700 kilometers , but by train come here no problem , Ok , best wishes to you, Alena.

Letter 3

Dear John,
Thanks for your letter. now little about my life , I was bor In Lugansk region , finished skhool, after studed in University( economic) but for this need some money and I stop this , now work as manager in some trade company.
I have two sister -they older than me , also I have mother, father, now I live in Lugansk (capital of our region) it is east of Ukraine (near frontier of Russia). here live about 700000 people, also here in Lugansk live my cousin Andrew with her wife -Irina some time I will come to them and we spend many time together, I like many things- travel, books, enimals,so on so on.
I am 21 y. old now so I would like to meet serious , honest man for future together( marriage).I would be nice wife because for me is pleasure to have own family, to cook, to have own children, I belive in God , is you belive? my English is not good my cousin Andrew help me to learn. If you can come to me I will be very glad to meet you here , but I contact with you now through marriage agency , I come to this agency , write letter to you ( they can help me with English) so if you really serious man and want meet me ,you must pay to this agency 500$ for our contact . Ok I must go to my job(before job I come to appartment of agency to look letter for me) , hope meet you here soon.
warmly, Alena.

Letter 4

Dear John,
Thanks for your answer, Now I come to appartment of agency and get your letter , Ok I will ask about this western union .
it is nice that you can come to me , I never was contact with some one from other country, I will ask holiday in my job when you will come , and will go to Kiev (air port ) to meet you, tell me more about you ( your interests, job, belive you in God so on...?)
Ok Now I must go to my job ,
warmly, Alena.

Letter 5

Dear John,
I asked about western union, I must send to you my name, surname, address,after you will send code of transfering money but agency tell that cannot send to you my address because you can contact with me , if you know my address, so I can send to you only my name , date of birthday it is Kozlova Elena , was born 1 september 1983y. or will send money to to manager of agency it is Boytsov Andriy , was born 9 october 1964 y. address - Lugansk reg. Sverdlovsk, Lenina 79.after geting of money agency immediately will give me your e-meil and we can contact without problem.
Ok Hope that all will be right,
Warmly, Alena



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