Scam letter(s) from Alla Tikhonova to Dieter (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Dieter!
Hello dear My New Hope!!!!!!
Yes , I said my new hope and I was not mistaken at all , because I have a real hope in my heart, in my wish , in my personality which never leaves me-----the hope to be happy with my beloved, to make hime happy also and to I want the whole life all its piculiarities to open arond us to breath it with the whole lungs the two of us..........
I'm gald that you respond to me, thank you for telling abouy yourself.I appreciate this very much.....even being so far we can tell everything they want, maybe we can sit at the same time before the computer and write our letters, we can think about each other, we can imagine the way we look, the way we behave ourselves in different situation, but NOTHING can subsitute a real meetin, espcually when it's atttainable for both people. Do you aggre with me??????????
For me it's difficult to tell about my self to a person whom I'm giving my hopes, first , because I'm afraid of lost them, i'm afirad to make a mistake, to consider the really righ tman for me the wrong on and vicer vercer but to stay calm i say to myself that this is life and ti live without mistake it's impossible.We can't knwo whether this person is good or bad untill we get to know him, we can't say this is good and this is bad untill we experienced it, right?????? Nobody is perfect and i'm not looking for that type one, because i'm not perfect as well..........I just want to find the one for me, the right man for me, who will love me and who will cherish me because i exist on this planet and I will be happy to wake up in his embrace, to tell him "I love you" isn't it wonderful??????!!!!!!!!!! Different people perceive the world in different ways.. some like to see, some like to hear... and you can see the person in life. If you hear the person, and then imagine his appearance you will most likely be closer to his inner self, and not the outer appearance.
You don't have to try to think about why you love someone or not, ... the answer is actually very simple. There is no why... with true love there only "is". Doesn't have to have reason. Love is a real feeling. It is also simple to know when really. Love is when you care for another more than you care about yourself. All you want to do is please the other person, and make them happy, more so than making yourself happy. It's not something you have to work at either. Relationships are something you have to work at... communication, etc... but love... love is something that happens. Sometimes it takes time, sometimes... it's like being struck by lightning.
Life... hmmm. What is the meaning of life?
Philosophers have pondered that one for years and years... and all they got was older and a headache.
:) What life gives us is more given to chance than anyone will ever admit, almost like throwing dice. What matters most is what we do with the time that we are given... and how we influence and care for others. I once heard a wise man say.... if a pebble is thrown into a pond... eventually the ripples will reach every shore. It is up to you whether those ripples are good or bad... :).
So, I hope that you are not get bored yet and that you had a chance to know my inner world better........
I want you to tell me what do you think about all this, what are you looking for in woman, what do you want from your life, what are your dreams??????? tell me everything becasue i want to know you..........
I will finish now, because it seems to me I can't stop....................Stop me please!!!!!!!
Waiting for your answer........
Sincerely................ Yulasha.
PS Now I'm not corresponding with many andyou are not th eone of many, you are the only one, because i used to correspond with many but nobody was serious and now I feel with my intuition what kind of a man is writting to me, so I guess you passed my test and hope you won't faile later on.
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